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 Devon Cooper (Latch)

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PostSubject: Devon Cooper (Latch)    Fri May 16, 2014 3:45 pm

Cause I'm a hero God dammit!!!

The Biography

Birth Name: Devon Cooper
Aliases: Latch
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth Date: August 24
Class:  Human

Appearance:Devon is 5'8, with a slim built, much like his parents. he rarely does any exercise, nor physical activity, aside from tossing the football around with his dad, which he seems to possess natural talent for. With this, Devon does have the potential to excel in sports, but as of right now, he has no interest. His skin is olive, and has dark brown bladed hair which later turned black for some odd reason, his eyes are light brown as well. When he was small, his mother used to call him dusty, due to these qualities. He has no tattoos of the sort, and doesn't have any muscular appearance due to his life style. Also, has rather large hands, which he got from his dad. These hand help him a lot with his work with his dad, he is a locksmith.

Devon normally wears a white V-neck to school, with a black leather jacket that his father used to wear all the time. He wears regular blue jeans, and all black converse. Devon is really old school when it comes to his appearance and hobbies, rather him doing a lot of things the old fashion way. Devon wears no jewelry, he does wear glass from time to time, and on some days he will wear contacts.

Personality: ]Devon is someone who always wants to take control of the situation, even when he is not sure how to handle it. The true behind this, is that he really has no control over his impulses. Devon is a adrenalin junky, meaning once he gets riled up, there is no telling what he will do. This is probably the reason why he normally cant control himself, which is ironic how he has such a tendency to act like this, when he is rarely active in any sports at all. This tendency has also gotten him into trouble at school, acting out of line, to even doing crazy things such as venturing into forbidden areas of the school.

Devon also tends to believe himself as an actual hero sometimes, which he uses a lot to justify his means. This tying into his unstable impulses, has lead him into doing many many oddly things. As a boy, he had read plenty of his father's comics, thus developing a love for the heroic life.

The Capability


Main Specialty: Weapons Expert
Sub Specialty: Techno Savvy
Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess


Skill Name: Hot-wiring Capabilities
Skill Specialty: Techno Savvy
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: Devon, has only managed to successfully hotwire a car once, due to watching his dad perform the feat once. Though he has no knowledge of cars in general to how they function entirely, he knows the basics on how to do it. Devon's dad is really jack of trade, knowing all the old fashion tricks that most people seem to forget.

Skill Name: An Arm of an Athlete
Skill Specialty: Physical Prowess
Skill Range: 65 meters
Skill Description: Devon can throw a foot ball at an incredible distance, with years of practice with his dad. This skill can range from a baseball, to knives, disc, etc.

Skill Name: Steady Hands
Skill Specialty: Weapons Expert
Skill Range: None
Skill Description: Devon can hold a gun as still as stone, meaning he can hit a target much more accurate in theory. Though Jesse has never held a gun before, he developed his steady hands in many years of playing pool down in the pool hall with his dad. This trait is required for those who wished to become an Ace at pool, Jesse was just that.

Skill Name:Lock Picking
Skill Specialty: Techno Savvy
Skill Range: None
Skill Description: Due to Devon's dad working as a locksmith, Jesse was taught many ways how to pick a lock, incase he was ever locked out of the house, or locked his keys in the car. Jesse can picklock any lock with a key hole, this also ranging from certain combination safes as well. This skill also prompts Jesse to keep up to date with different types of locks that are begin released from time to time, since he knows how locks work and such.

Item Name: Mini Led Flashlight
Item Range: 30 meters
Item Rank: C
Item Description:
A small 5 inch LED flash light, that Devon keeps in his other jacket pocket. He always carries two.
Item Power:Allows Devon to see in the dark, up to 30 meters.

Item Name: Lock Picking Set
Item Range: None
Item Rank: C
Item Description:
A small leather satchel, that Devon keeps within his leather jacket pocket at all times. It contains the tools needed to pick a lock.
Item Power: Allows one to pick a lock, if they have the knowledge and skill to use it.

The Background

History:Devon was born in Detroit, Michigan, his father Gabriel Cooper, and his mother Martha Cooper. As a boy, he spent a lot of time with his dad, picking up a lot of his habits. Such as reading car magazines, messing around with pad locks, and even learning a thing or two about football. Nevertheless, the boy grew up on the age of technology, so instead of the mature copy his father had wished for, Devon developed into a social geek who loved comics. Along with the car magazines, Devon also read plenty of his father's old comic books, and with the growing popularity of heroes today, Devon was bound to fall into the hype.

When Devon turned 12, the family moved to the ever active New York City. Which was too Devon's liking, since many of today's heroes are active there. When Devon got old enough, and started to go to Manhattan Prep High School , he made a few new friends, and loved to talk about super heroes among them. He mostly talks with Jett and Lexia about superheroes, since they were the first friends he made in school. It was his love of life, living the life of a hero, if possible. Later on in his current grade, 11, he met Aeron, Noir, and Chad, who seemed to be a alright bunch.  

His dad however never liked his addiction to comics, and regretted that fact that he never threw them away. So every now and then after work , as a locksmith, he would take the older Devon down to the pool hall, or toss the football around to try and shape him into a  mini him. The only thing Devon managed to develop that makes him and his dad similar, was their thirst for action. This was displayed in high school countless times, like breaking into the teacher's office to, or even pick locking students lockers to get the homework that he missed.

So for now, Devon, the 17 year old, goes to school, which still hearing many news reports about heroes in New York.  

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Ford Perfect

Ford Perfect

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PostSubject: Re: Devon Cooper (Latch)    Wed May 21, 2014 10:24 am

Approved with two free Skills to come.
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PostSubject: Re: Devon Cooper (Latch)    Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:10 pm

unapproved for template change, bump when you're done
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PostSubject: Re: Devon Cooper (Latch)    Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:54 pm

Ok, I updated the Page with the correct template, also..
Keita wrote:
Hello! there has been a change to the character template and skill rules(I warned everyone), and now we need you to change your character app to the new template.

You also get 30 prestige for making a character during the first month and a half of the site's re-opening.

your app has been moved to the unapproved section

Keita said I got 30 points free, so I should have..

2 free skills
30 Prestige points
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PostSubject: Re: Devon Cooper (Latch)    Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:07 pm

Sounds good, approved
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PostSubject: Re: Devon Cooper (Latch)    

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Devon Cooper (Latch)
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