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 Damage Levels and Types

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PostSubject: Damage Levels and Types    Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:30 am

Legion wrote:
Damage, as part of the Unlimited Universe, is a source of potential or actual bodily harm. Weapons and other sources of injury, including poisons, diseases and natural hazards, are rated with a certain level and type of damage. Depending on the effectiveness of an attack or danger of a source, some or all of these damage levels may cause wounds to an affected character.

Damage Types

Bashing damage is the least severe, and represents bludgeoning damage and anything can can cause blunt force trauma, but which humans can naturally recover from and they rarely causes death. Examples: being hit by a car, getting into a fist fight, slipping and falling on your arse.

Trauma damage is serious trauma which may cause death, and generally requires medical attention. Trauma damage is probably the most common, certainly in combat. Essentially everything not supernatural and not Bashing damage falls under this category. Examples: being shot or stabbed, burned by a fire, major electrocution.

Aggravated damage is damage that is normally supernaturally caused. It can either not be healed at all or is extremely slow in the process. Examples are bites from supernatural creatures, sunlight to vampires, Silver to werewolves. Aggravated damage bypasses resistances of a specific type.

Damage Levels

Light- Light wounds are like stubbing your toe. They are most bruises, all but the deepest of them, as well as most scratches, shallow cuts, and minor sprains. These are relatively easy to shrug off, and entirely non lethal. As a result these wounds can be easily ignored, and the victim can fight on without being weakened. A light bashing would is like a punch from an average man to a non sensitive area. Bruising and some good pain, but not greatly so, and fairly easy to recover from. Light Trauma damage might be, in it's weakest, cutting yourself while shaving, or being stabbed by a pencil with a shallow wound. For aggravated damage, I would imagine a vampire exposing half his hand to light, then quickly jerking it back.

Moderate- This is when wounds Start to get bothersome. Very deep bruises, into the muscles even, and minor bone cracks or fractures. Bad sprains and deep cuts and gashes. These start to get inhibiting and cause some problems in battles, Often being distracting and painful. But unless you fight for ages with tons of these, they are not fatal at all. Moderate bashing damage might be a strong hit from a professional boxer, very deep bruising, some cracks in the bone(s). For Trauma damage, think of being burned to the point of getting blisters. It'll heal, but it really hurts, it's distracting, but isn't something that will (in most cases) give permanent damage or scarring. Or else picture a werewolf holding a silver kitchen utensil in his hand for several seconds before dropping it. Burning pain, it won't heal slowly, but it's not very problematic in battle other than being a distraction with the constant pain or somewhat reduced hand strength/grip. That's a good indicator of moderate aggressive damage.

Heavy- These are the worst of the not fatal wounds. Things like limb or digit removal. Wounds to the non vital inner organs, and heavy bleeding. Broken bones and compound breaks are examples of this type of damage. Seek treatment right away, as bleeding to death is now a real threat with such wounds, especially with multiple wounds of this level. Heavy bashing damage is like a strong person taking a sledgehammer to your leg. It's broken, perhaps in several places, and highly debilitating in combat or out of it. Heavy trauma damage is a burn that melts skin, or having a limb cut off. For aggravated damage, Perhaps imagine a vampire's arm being exposed to sunlight and turning into a largely useless husk.

Fatal- Fatal wounds are wounds that either kill instantly, or deal tremendous damage that will kill quickly, or are a near sure death. Fatal wounds are things like being shot in the head, being stabbed in the heart, kidney, etc. Also among these are very slow kills, think being gut-shot in the civil war era, slow painful death. Fatal Bashing damage is like the same strong man taking the sledgehammer to your head or neck. Death is inevitable, and if you dodge it, your terribly disabled forever. Fatal Trauma damage is being stabbed in the heart, or taking a shotgun blast to the head. Fatal aggressive damage is like stabbing a werewolf in the head with a silver knife.
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Damage Levels and Types
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