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 Weapon/Item/Vehicle System

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PostSubject: Weapon/Item/Vehicle System    Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:48 pm

Hello everyone! I know every once in a while, your super powers could be complemented with a bit of gadgetry or maybe you're just a human that wants a gun to defend himself. Well, you've come to the right place!

First and foremost, the weapon and item system will very closely mimic the Unlimited System, using Tiers as a base. This guide will cover weapons, items, and consumables(whether that be poisons, potions, steroids and the like).

Weapons and Items:

Alright, to start off is the weapons and items, everyone loves them, but not everyone will have access to the same technology. Whether your character makes them them self, or they buy them from a legitimate business, or the black market, they will all follow a simple system.

Quote :
Tier 1-Basic

Tier 2- Upgraded

Tier 3- Masterwork

Tier 4- Future Tech

So, you might be wondering what this means. Well, the Tiers are the power levels of the weapons/items. In each Tier, you are able to upgrade a weapon/item 4 times before you must 'Level it Up' to a new Tier.

All of the upgrade info can be found here:

You might be thinking that this is quite expensive. Well, that depends. If you are a human, you get a 20% discount off of your weapons, upgrades, and level ups. Hurray for humanity!

If you are one of those people who have powers, well, you are a bit more limited. For every Main Power your race starts with, you get a stacking 10% increase in price for your weapon, making weapons and items a lot more expensive to those who use super powers, and you might just want to buy some powers.

The final thing! For those of you who are super smart and take the Professor specialty, you may choose to give your weapon/item 2 additional upgrade slots before you upgrade it to the next tier! This only applies to weapons/items that deal with your Professor specialty specifically(a Chemist's flash bang, for instance)

Now, let's get into what the Tiers are even talking about.

Tier 1 - Basic: Your run of the mill items and weapons. Your basic 9 milimeter pistol, katana, 4 pack of radio transceivers, grappling hook, etc.

Tier 2 - Upgraded: This is your military grade wares. Explosives, snipers and automatic weapons start here, as well as things like poisons. Item examples could be scanners that can detect certain races, or jet boots.

Tier 3 - Masterwork: For most, this is the best of the best. Your ironman suits, your ray guns, your teleporters, your super serums, etc.

Tier 4 - Future Tech: The most feared things in the galaxy, Anti-matter rays, Nuclear warheads, things that can instantly effect an entire city or even a small country belongs here.

The upgrades are fairly simple, most weapons/items start with a range of 20 meters, unless it is a ranged weapon, such as a gun, then this is increased to an Effective Range of 30 meters.

The upgrades are once again, in the upgrades topic, linked up there a bit ^



Fuel, battery life, charges, or number of items plays a huge factor into your weapons, and you must take this into consideration. This is completely dependent on Tiers, and you may also upgrade this.

Tier 1 - 10 uses. Upgrading Duration will increase this by 5
Tier 2 - 7 uses. Duration increases by 3
Tier 3 - 5 uses. Duration increases by 2
Tier 4 - 3 uses. Duration increases by 1

Tier 1 - 20 prestige

Tier 2 - 30 prestige

Tier 3 - 40 prestige

Tier 4 - 60 prestige


Poisons and other Consumables:

Poisons, steroids, and anything consumable that gives a benefit or a hindrance to yourself or others, shall be handled similarly, with Tier groups, however, the upgrade amount and type will be different. All of these must have a post count, and in the case of poisons, what the effects are per post. All consumables will be a single dose.

Quote :
Tier 1-Basic

Tier 2- Advanced

Tier 3- Master

Tier 1 - This Tier is simple poisons or consumables, that can't cause direct damage or increases in stats, but can have supplementary effects. This can be things like tear gas, inhibitors, drug-like effects, and things that increase focus or reflexes.

Tier 2 - This Tier are the more serious effects. Poisons that can completely paralyze, and drugs that can give slight to moderate increases to stats such as strength and speed, as well as stronger supplementary effects. Poisons at this point need at least 5 posts to take full effect.

Tier 3 - The extreme danger Tier, in which poisons can kill, and drugs can greatly increase the stats of the consumer at the cost of health. Poisons at this point that don't kill must take 3 posts to take full effect, while a poison that kills must take at least 5.

Poison and Consumable Upgrades
Duration(can increase effect by 2 posts)
Reduced Duration(can take effect 1 post faster)
Potency(can increase effect by 25%)
Extra Effect(can add 1 extra effect)

Tier 1 - 30 prestige
Upgrades - 20 prestige each

Tier 2 - 50 prestige
Upgrades - 30 prestige each

Tier 3 - 100 prestige
Upgrades - 60 prestige each

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Ford Perfect

Ford Perfect

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PostSubject: Re: Weapon/Item/Vehicle System    Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:43 pm

Not all of can fly, run fast, and do things that perhaps we'd like to be able to do. However, technology is one of the best crunches (aside from a stiff shot of vodka) that Earth has ever seen. It allows us (wee humans) to compete with the mightiest, but it can also be employed by us to compete with the monsters beyond the stars. And those within our shores.

Aircraft and Vehicles of Transport  

These are considered separate from typical handheld weapons for several reasons. Firstly, it would be reasonably silly to have say, a small ultralight aeroplane costed in the same region as a handgun. So they have separate costings and definitions.

For the most part, the system stays the same as before- the general template being quoted here incase you didn't feel like scrolling up.  

Now, there are a few differences between aircraft and vehicles on top of everything else. They interact differently with other classes, so on top of the typical slots for such a creation- with the appropriate specialities (Professor / Tech Savvy / Weapons Expert) may add an additional related upgrade slot to any tier they wish - without influencing the rank up process of the item in question. This reflects the particular effort that character has put into obtaining the knowledge of the relevant speciality and how it impacts their involvement with such a build.

Now then, examples of each will probably be reasonably easy but for clarities sake- here we go.

Tier one--- this incorporates your basic armoured cars, civilian aeroplanes and the like. They can be outfitted with weaponry, but are nowhere near military capacity.

Tier two --- this is the next step up. Military capacity. Blackbirds, Apache Helicopters. I don't know the names of any tanks, leave me alone. All this is within the purview of the second tier. Space travel (althou it still takes a while) becomes possible within this tier.

Tier three --- the future is here! Or not, but it sounds cool to say, but its not really accurate since there is another tier above this one. Interplanetary travel becomes possible within an easy timeframe and you can start looking further afield. Quantum computing is commonplace and any military potential starts to look at laser beams, mass micro-bombing.

Tier FOOOUURRR --- yes, well done, well done. You're here. If you want some piece of technology, be it teleportation, cloning, whatever. Its probably doable. Within reason. Yeah.


Because of the invariably higher skill levels and sheer quantities of material used to create these items, all aircraft and vehicles are costed at two times the normal tier. Upgrades are included in this defition, so an example of the update costing sheet would look like

    • Tier One - 60 Prestige.
    • Upgrade - 40 Prestige

And that is essentially a wrap. We're done here. Or whatever that fellow in Portal Two says.
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Weapon/Item/Vehicle System
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