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 Social Thread System [Template Inside]

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Social Thread System [Template Inside] Empty
PostSubject: Social Thread System [Template Inside]   Social Thread System [Template Inside] EmptyThu Apr 17, 2014 7:23 pm

An Introduction

As our Founding Father is fond of stating, there tends to be two different points on a continuum that represent the majority of people who attend these online boards. Role players, and Roll Players. You can ask him for the proper explanation if you want to, but if you've got a rough grounding in a role playing education you'll understand that Roll players come from a D&D/tabletop RPG background which largely translates into combat. For these folks, we have missions, events and other bits and pieces for those folks.

I'm here to give the people who prefer a social experience to a combative one a little more leeway then perhaps they have been in the past because we understand that combat isn't everyone's favorite cup of tea. Or even one they like to drink from at all. Now then, its likely that everyone will vary between the two extremes- so I doubt that anyone will just use this system exclusively. But if you do, then your character will go through just as much development as someone who follows a more combat oriented pathway.

The Basic Details  

So if a topic isn't mission related, then you may apply these rules to it. Plot Events are governed separately to this system, and well have their own mention later on in the program. For now, keeping it basic. So for the most part, you receive a fixed amount of SP per thread with various modifiers that will raise your score. Each thread needs to have a minimum of five[5] posts and at least two participants. Being 'social' means interacting with the site as you'd expect. So each thread you have nets in 10 Social Points - SP for short.

There are a number of milestones that can be reached that will increase your payout as a reward for activity and to compensate for the variation in rewards that higher ranking missions will provide. These follow the family of ten, so for each 10 social topics you successfully complete, the rewards goes up by 10SP.

A Little Closer

So what are Social Points, you might ask. A question that is perhaps, a trifle obvious given the context but here is the brief definition: Social Points are the total accumulated score of your fraternizing efforts (by which we mean socializing). Again, just so that there is no confusion about what actually constitutes the difference between a social thread and any other we'll provide another quick definition. A thread with two or more people, which mainly focuses around the interaction between the characters within the thread. Combat may feature but only in a  premeditated form (friendly sparring for example) to advance the interaction(s).

Now that that's done, lets take a look at what your social points can purchase you.

  1. 50/100/150 SP --- Career Advancement || As the titles describes, it pushes your chosen career pathway up to its next tier. Simple.
  2. 30/80/150 SP --- Local/National/Global Spy Network || There are several categories of this, and and it is a skill attained by those who have achieved a certain amount of social influence within their community, and even those extending all the way across the world. They have their fingers on the constant beat of the modern- ultra connected world and will often receive news before any others without this ability. Within the realm of their influence, they will be able to intercept communications if transmitted via the proper channels (phone calls, etc). Local is defined to be a city within the laws of the site. National governs a single geographic landmass. So either South or North America, not both. International governs all nations within the world. [/code]
  3. 60/180/300 SP --- Local/National/Global Connections || Fingers in pies, friends in high places - things of that nature. Either via blackmail, or social elbow rubbing, you have the ears of the people who do the real decision making. This is essentially the opposite skill of Spy Network which is purely reactionary. This is an action based one, having them both allows a massive amount of influence and information potential. The same definitions of the area of effect each rank in this trait has are in the Spy Network skill. Sometimes these connections will require favors, and by this we mean bribes. Depending on the situation, if it is some wealthy business man he might accept money, or maybe not. Whatever the case, be prepared to have some marker of you left there - even if it is not necessarily you personally. This is a minor incentive for people to be smart about to encourage some detective skills in the site's characters.
  4. 120 SP --- Political Career || Being recognized by their local community, the bequeathment of this provides a number of tangible benefits. They can influence the process of parliament, attain diplomatic immunity in other countries as an Ambassador, re-direct funds within the Treasury, gain access to the military weaponry stockpile and many more. Requires political connections to have been purchased first. Each respective 'pathway' i.e, Treasurer, Minister of Defense, etc requires a separate 120 SP cost on its own and a new one cannot be bought until 3 IRL months after the first purchase, at which point the original one becomes null and void.
  5. 50 SP --- Obtainable Sobriquets || Funny word isn't it? Sobriquet. Wonder who'd ever try and say it in an English speaking country aside from an English professor. Eugh. It means nickname but superheros quite often already establish a moniker of their own at creation - so what good would this be? Well, you can be referred to by name with the normal connotations. Or you can be referred to as the LIVING DEATH OF MARSHMALLOWS. Sounded better in my head, but you get the gist. This is more then a title, it is a way of living and who you are to others bound up within a phrase. It  means something to nearly everyone and obtains you International Recognition for who you are and what you do. Anyone who ranks up to S-rank naturally automatically achieves this as recognition of their dedication. You can of course, refuse it - but why would you refuse our love like that huh? q_q
  6. 50 SP --- Site Plot Passes || Now then, on MU Plots will routinely feature some important rewards and being able to obtain a role inside one is not only a powerful boost for your character, but a feature for the site as well. Some passes will be worth more then others, which is an important point to take into consideration. If we liken a site plot to a movie theatre, then there are regular seats down with the masses. Then you have VIP lounges with cocktails and skimpy waiters, in essence this will establish various roles and tasks within the Plot.
    Having enough to be able to purchase one of these plot passes should be a factor in every writer's mind - albeit we do give you some warning beforehand. Staff will also moderate these VIP slots, if you had one in the previous plots, then you shouldn't go for it again unless it makes sense or no one else wants it.

The Last Stretch

This is the last little bit, thanks for sticking with us 'til now. Keeping this brief, the site would like to acknowledge that some topics are more important then others. Socials are included within this definition, so we have the presence of positive modifiers that will increase the payout you get from these topics. Naturally, these will come with their own requirements- so stacking them is possible but not easy.

  1. Personal Plot Advancement --- Abbreviated to PPP or P3 for easy access and site jargon, this is the most effective increase and will require PROOF within the post itself to display how the user is going through change and how their own story is being progressed. This gives the highest payout of all the modifiers at 25% of the original.
  2. Site Plot Advancement --- No nifty name for this one I'm afraid. Occasionally there will be site plots, actually getting together with people and doing the dirty work of teaming up IC will be recognized and rewarded. This cannot stack with P3 Modifier, for balance reasons(To be confirmed of verified by staff) and clocks in at a 25% bonus.
  3. New Relationship --- To incentive people getting together and RPing in general, this covers the basic groundwork of that formula. Doing something together and developing a friendship, rivalry, whatever. That person needs to have become something meaningful to you, not just another face on the site. Get to know your fellow site members, we only bite when asked. Applying this to your score gives you a 10% bonus.


Social Thread Grading Template

Topic Link: Self-explanatory
Participants: The exact names of all characters who participated in the topic, their names being exactly how they are found within the Prestige Account Book
Basic Overview: What was the topic about? Why do you think it is a social thread?
Modifiers: Does anyone in the topic have any modifiers? Is this topic worth more due to the Last Stretch section above?
SP Amount: How much SP do you believe you and the others in the topic get? This will be checked as well but this is for you to make sure the staff gives you the proper amount of SP

[b]Topic Link:[/b]
[b]Basic Overview:[/b]
[b]SP Amount:[/b]

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Social Thread System [Template Inside]
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