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 Unlimited System

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PostSubject: Unlimited System    Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:47 pm

The Unlimited System

The Unlimited system is a new system we are using in order to better customize each character as well as offer staff better efficiency. If you were an old member you are used to the stacking system that we had. Well we are going to be abolishing that system as it made apps messy and couldn’t quite meet our expectations. So in order to solve this problem we are going give the Unlimited system a go! You will find that it is easy and offers great customizable options as well as give a distinct difference between having a power as a major and a sub. Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the system.

What Are Tiers?

Tiers are the evolutionary stages of one’s abilities skills here. The higher the tier level the more potent your powers will become. Keep in mind that some tier level upgrades do stack up. Opening a new tier means breaking the boundaries on what your powers can and cannot do. You can only use the upgrades that you have purchased under the tiers you have activated.

Main Power Ability Tiers

Abilities that spawn from a Main power have 4 tiers each tier has 4 upgradable slots. Tier one is often called the break out tier. It is for those who have just discovered their powers and are still learning to use them properly. Tier 2 is usually the adept tier, you are more familiar with your abilities but far from mastering them. Tier 3 is the Champion tier, you are seasoned with your abilities and comfortable with your powers. Tier 4 is the mastery tier, your powers come as natural as breathing and are as much a part of you as your own heart.

Tier 1-Break out

Tier 2- Adept

Tier 3- Champion

Tier 4- Master

Sub Power Ability Tiers

Abilities that spawn from a sub power have 2 tiers each tier has 3 upgradable slots. Sub powers though useful do not have the evolutionary potential that main powers do. For instance, though Captain America is much stronger than your average man he will never be stronger than the Hulk. Though not as potent sub powers are still a very valuable asset and should held in high regard.

Tier 1-Break out

Tier 2- Adept

Direct Powers versus Multi functional Powers

Direct powers are those that consist of a singular element or attribute such as Ice manipulation/control, fire manipulation/control, flight, super strength, super endurance, super speed.  While Multi-functional powers enable heroes to control several elements and attributes through a singular power such as Thermal manipulation, Enhanced condition, and nature manipulation. Multi-functional power Abilities take a -1 upgrade slot to ALL tiers. This includes sub and Main power abilities.

Physiology Powers

All Physiology powers are stand alone powers, meaning if you choose one of these powers, you can't ever earn or buy another power, outside of RARE plots that give away powers. This means you get all of the strengths and weaknesses of the power, and these abilities will be at a natural -1 upgrade slot to all tiers, much like multi-functional powers. This is because of the amount of powers that is the umbrella Physiology Power. Let's take Dragon Physiology as an example.

Dragon Physiology Powers:

Holy Cow! That's a lot of powers that you have access to, which is why we limit a physiology in this way. In these cases, when you choose a physiology that simply comes with too much, or perhaps has things that are too powerful for the power, we may ask you to remove a few aspects of the physiology, or put restrictions on it. Such as the above, the Dragons give access to Elemental Breath, but the staff will expect you to pick 1 element to breathe and be affiliated with.

ALL Physiology powers will have a staff assigned weakness and/or flaw at creation, related to your Physiology. How intense these are will be based on how powerful your physiology is. In this dragon's case, you would most likely be helpless against the opposite element of the one you chose, as well as have some type of Bane to a certain metal to be assigned by staff.

Branched Abilities

These are not to be confused with Multi-functional power abilities. Branched abilities are those that manipulate your base power to mimic those of another. For instance Super Heal Guy has spontaneous regeneration and can heal damage very quickly. Super Speed Guy wants to do the same so he makes an ability stating his body uses his super speed to heal quickly. This is called a branch power and a big gray area for most Marvel sites. A person using wind currents to fly will not and should not have an advantage over a person who has flight. Thus when making a branch ability you suffer -2 upgrade slots to ALL Tiers. This include sub and main power abilities.


Skills are not as potent as powers but are mostly passive and unlike powers have no cool down time. Thus they have one tier with 3 upgrade slots. Skill upgrades you will find are far less substantial than those of powers yet unlike powers can be utilized at anytime.

Unlimited Abilities

Unlimited abilities are trump cards of sorts. They are powers that can be used a very limited amount of times before it can cause exhaustion of even death. An unlimited ability gains +2 upgrade slots to all tiers but can only be used with MAIN POWER abilities. Remember that Unlimited powers are risky and should be used with extreme caution.


Upgrades are the bread and butter of the Unlimited system. They are the branches to the tier tree so to speak. Each upgrade allows you to customize your ability/Skill how you see fit. There are a number of upgrades offered per tier depending upon if you have a Main power,Sub power, Branch Power, Multi, or skills.Upgrades include the following;

Damage and Defense increase
Range increase
Numerical Increase
Add Effect/Status effects
Add Damage type
Effect Per post(not to include damage over time)

Beginning Abilities

When first gaining a ability there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first being that the Ability/skill should be no more than 20 meters(if an area effect 10 meters, if a Unlimited power 40 meters). If this ability/skill damage it should be moderate at best and include 1 effect. Upon creation you may forfeit damage for a second effect but never sacrifice an effect for higher damage.


Quote :
Name: Ice Blast
Range:20 Meters
Tier Level:1 Outbreak
Power TypeMain
Power:Ice Generation
Description:The user is able to manipulate energy that can manifest as ice or freezing cold in their lungs in a way that allows them to shape the exhaling of the frosty substance. These shapes can include bursts, streams, spheres, or a cloud of it from the mouth. The intended constructs does moderate damage as well as freezes whatever it touches(can freeze an opponent for one post in the area hit).

This is a classic Tier 1 power adhering to all the beginning power rules. This is how a tier one beginning power should look like.

Example 2

Quote :
Name: Ice Blast
Range:35 Meters
Tier Level:1 Outbreak
Power TypeMain
Upgrades Duration Increase Lvl 1, Range increase Lvl 1
Power:Ice Generation
Description:The user is able to manipulate energy that can manifest as ice or freezing cold in their lungs in a way that allows them to shape the exhaling of the frosty substance. These shapes can include bursts, streams, spheres, or a cloud of it from the mouth. The intended constructs does moderate damage as well as freezes whatever it touches(can freeze an opponent for 2 posts in the area hit).

This is a Tier 1 power with 2 upgrades. One in duration and the other in range. Notice the difference in power between the two and how upgrades effect them.

Unlocking Tiers

Moving on to the next tier is an important step in evolving your powers but it is not free by any means. The following lists prices for moving on to the next tier of a power.

Tier one-Free
Tier Two- 50 Prestige
Tier three- 70 Prestige
Tier four-100 Prestige

Human Skill Tier cost

Tier one-10 Prestige
Tier two-20 Prestige


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Unlimited System
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