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 Flaw System

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Flaw System  Empty
PostSubject: Flaw System    Flaw System  EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 3:42 am

Flaw System

Those who take on a flaw to make their characters more interesting may take on extra benefits that normal characters are not accessible to. One of the following can be gained through taking flaws.

1 Flaw

1 free Power slot(not a free power but the slot)
1 free sub power(if the slots are available)
2 free skill upgrades
500 Prestige
1 Free A-Rank tech item
1 Free A-Rank ability

2 Flaws

1 Mid sized Adamantium weapon
1 free Main power
1000 Prestige
1 free tech upgrade
1 Free S-Rank Ability

Prolonged Use Flaw- The user possesses great skill and power, but prolonged usage of it may come at a cost. Overuse or misuse of said power/Speciality may result in, among other things, insanity and physical damage to the user's body. This means that the user can only use their abilities 5/7/10/15 posts (consecutive or not) before negative effects occur to the body. The negative effects cannot be counter acted and should greatly hinder the user.

Recharge Flaw- The user posses abilities that must be recharged by a rare item or substance after 10/15/20/25 uses. If the power is all exhausted then the user dies though if severely low(10% of total uses) then the character should show signs of fatigue and physical attributed should decrease. The item has to be something that does not have abundance so no being recharged by the sun or BS like that. One post equals two uses of the ability. Of course this cannot be counter acted and even the source that charged your abilities should deplete over a reasonable amount of time. This stacks with the cooldown rule.

Transformation Flaw-The user is an average person with no skills or abilities until they transform. The transformation takes 5/4/3/2/1 posts making it dangerous to do so in combat situations. The user cannot come into topics or carry over to topics already transformed. This cannot be counteracted.

Support System Flaw-The user of this flaw relies on some type of machinery, item, or device in order to function. Whether the item is needed to use the ability or not is up to the user however, the item being damaged or destroyed should greatly hinder( to a colossal degree) or kill the user. The item should be on the exterior of the person and is not able to be covered or concealed in any way. This cannot be counteracted.

Bane Flaw- The user is highly susceptible to a certain factor. For instance werewolves are vulnerable to silver, vampires to sunlight etc. The user of this flaw is weakened or hurt severely by something that is common to the world. It has to be something that is in abundance and used in everyday life or easily accessible. This cannot be counteracted.

Conditional Power Flaw-This means that the users powers can only be used if certain conditions are met. The conditions need to be moderately challenging like Ghost Rider who can use his abilities when in the presence of evil. It should not be something like anger or sadness makes you use your ability as this is too sketchy in the land of rp. This cannot be counteracted.

Deformed Ability Flaw- the user has an ability that cannot be shut off or only works every 3-4 posts. The user for whatever reason has very little control over their powers and due to it's nature cannot gain control of it naturally. Some form of equipment must always be used in order to keep the ability in check. The item should meet the same requirements as the Support system Flaw. This flaw can only be taken by those who have powers that can be a major hindrance if constantly on( the variation that sets the power in constant use). This cannot be counteracted.

Lost something I needed Flaw- The user has lost a limb or their eyesight. Something that helps them function in everyday society. While the user can create abilities to help them cope with the loss nothing can counteract the actual loss. Synthetic limbs or the sort may not be used if this flaw is taken. Whatever disability given must be embraced and cannot be fixed or treated. (This can also be extended to illnesses though they must be terminal or extremely hindering)

Upgrading Flaws: This may seem strange, but any flaw that has a number value(Prolonged Use, Recharge, Transform) can be upgraded to jump to the next number. As an example, the prolonged use flaw starts out only allowing you to use your power for 5 posts before it shuts off. By spending 50 prestige, this can be increase to 7, and by spending 50 more, to 10. This indicates a mastery over your power, and getting used to the flaw.

*Note* Taking on flaws are also good leverage in gaining restricted abilities though you will not gain the above benefits. Posts used to transform, recharge etc cannot be used for anything except for what it is intended. Meaning full concentration is needed and the person may not attack, defend(in the sense of blocking or parrying) ,move more than 10ft,  or use their powers.

Flaw Template

[b]Flaw Name:[/b]
[b]Flaw Type:[/b]
[b]Flaw Description: [/b]

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Flaw System  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Flaw System    Flaw System  EmptyMon May 19, 2014 12:39 pm

Re-worked to fit new system.

Flaw System  Tumblr_mfw3haAv8M1ro8cnpo1_500_zps19c7c4b4

Flaw System  Tumblr_m9f6w29h0k1qg582mo1_500_zps20eee4de
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Flaw System
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