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 Skill Guide

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PostSubject: Skill Guide    Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:41 am

A Skill is pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing being typical or distinctive. These range from distinguished features to contributing attributes. Within the realm of the Marvel Universe the skill is a way to show unique qualities even within those in same class. It is the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well. Though not as potent or as flashy as powers skills are passive and require no energy from the user. Someone with a wide array of skills can be deadly in combat.

The abilities of these skills can range from mundane qualities to unique enhancements that takes years to perfect. Seeing as these abilities are generally passive and can greatly enhance the in-game play of a character there has been a need to distinguish and monitor these drastic enhancements. Thus the system created will determine the rank of your skill and how they may be applied to your character upon creation or advancement.

Keep in mind that skills are treated as all other ranked abilities in regards to character development and should be listed only if applicable to your characters current rank and status unless otherwise stated. It is understood that different mod/admin have varied styles and opinions when grading applications thus the skills phase shall give a general yet detailed outlook that will leave little to the imagination so that all are judged fairly. The structure for skills is as follows:

Skill Rank Guidelines

D-Level: At this level, a skill is usually a special quirk, unique talent, or special knowledge. They have almost no effect in battle whatsoever, with the exception of a few physical quirks. No combat-related boosts at this level.
Examples: Quick-Witted, Ambidextrious, Specialized Knowledge, Good Lier, Musician, Light Sleeper.

C-Level: These skills have a greater impact on general roleplay that can gain major advantages in game but have little to no effect on the battlefield. They are usually placed in the application as a means to acquire things that the average person cannot throughout everyday life. However, this is the lowest level in which battle boosts may be required.
Examples: Spy Network, Photographic Memory, Silver tongue, Combat Boost up to 10%.

B-Level: These skills can give a larger boost on the battlefield, and also include improved versions of previous traits or abilities. They can represent minor skills that the character has gained through training in some form or another.
Examples: Tracker, Improved accuracy, Combat Boost up to 20%.

A-Level: These skills can give a larger boost on the battlefield. They are represented as major skills that the character has gained through extensive training, and further enhanced traits.
Examples: Improved intelligence, Super Fast Thinking, Area expert,Weapon expert (Specific weapons only), Combat Boost up to 40%.

S-Level: These skills can give a major boost on the battlefield. They are represented as superior skills that the character has gained through a lifetime of training or simple genetics.
Examples: Area Genius, Wealthy(Increase in patent income), Combat Boost up to 75%.

Skills Limits Chart
Elite Humans- Starts with 6 skill slots(4 C-Level Skills, 2 D-Level Skills). May learn an unlimited amount of skills.
Mutants-Starts with 4 Skill slots(2 C-Level, 2 D-Level). Gains an extra skill slot at A-level.
The Accident/Experiment-Starts with 3 skill slots(2 C-level, 1 D-Level). Gains no extra skill slot.
Blessed/Damned-Starts with 2 Skills slots(2 D-level). Gains an extra skill slot at at A-level
Otherworldly-Starts with one Skill slot(C-Level) and can gain no more.

Skill Notes
-Skills must be leveled up. One can not start with an A rank skill, nor have a C rank skill and then create an A ranked one next. Instead, once you have a C ranked skill, you need to train for a B ranked one. Then once having B ranked you train for an A ranked one. Building the tier up from the bottom up.

-You may not stack multiple attribute boosting skills with the same ability, and cost reductions for powers and abilities are banned.

-Any enhancement skill aimed at advancing a characters tech knowledge such as "Engineering genius" or something of the sort has to be at the class's Capped Rank(I.e. If the class can only have up to B-level tech then the skill must be at B-level).

-Any skill that increases the money you get from a patent is based off the percentile chart same as attributes listed above.

Skills training is listed below for word count/Prestige points;
C Level= 500 words/10 Points
B Level= 750 words/15 Points
A Level= 1000 words/25 points
S Level= 1600 words/40 points

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Skill Guide
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