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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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PostSubject: Pick Your Class   Thu May 15, 2014 5:24 pm

The Marvel Universe is renowned for the presence of fantastic superhuman beings, the supernatural, and the cosmic. Some have claimed it is the “prime reality” in which events of universal significance occur (and, indeed, megaversal and/or Omniversal significance), though other cross-dimensional entities state it is no more significant than any other reality in the overall scheme of things. Regardless of whose claims are right, this reality is designated as number 6177 (thus, “Earth-6177” or The Unlimited Verse) to differentiate it among the infinite numbers of alternate realities. Within this Universe filled with super beings there are several types of characters in which you can build.

"The Elite Human"
Humans are the dominant species (and are believed to be the only significant sentient species) on the planet Earth. While technologically backward compared to many of the other sentient species in the Universe, they are prominent nonetheless because of the disproportionately large number of super-powered beings their planet has produced. The superhuman however is the cream of the crop among their species. Though they do not have powers they are incredibly resourceful and can adapt very quickly. Humans have more skills than any other class. Humans have 6 skills to start with and have access up to top tier tech without having to have a skill/Power to do so. Humans may train a new skill of at any time and have no limit on how many they can have. Humans may have 3 specialties while all other classes have 2. Examples are Iron Man, Hawk Eye and S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

Open Slots-Unlimited

"The Mutant"
Mutants  also known as "homo superior" are an offshoot sub-species of humanity who are born with genetic abnormalities which grants them abilities, an appearance, or powers beyond the normal variation expressed in the human genome. While their appearance, abilities, and attitude towards their evolutionary cohorts varies widely, all Mutants possess the so-called "X-Gene" which expresses itself around puberty and causes the individual mutant's powers to emerge. While records of Mutants on Earth appear as early as 5,000 years ago (with the emergence of Apocalypse in Egypt) the Mutant population did not grow to significant numbers until the early 20th century. Mutant births, however, began to increase throughout the 20th century (presumably due to environmental factors related to industrialization). Mutants may start with one primary power and gain another Sub power at half the cost. Mutants may have a maximum of one Main power and one Secondary power. Mutants also have 4 Skills and can gain 1 more after gaining tier 3 with at least 3 powers. Mutants can only gain up to tier 2 tech unless they have a power or skill that allows a higher level. Each skill or power which bolsters intelligence or the ability to build weapons/Items(such as Forge's ability)raises the tech tier level. If a secondary power or skill it raises it by one and if a main power it raises it by 2 tiers. Mutants being outcasts in society thrive off of each other. Therefore when in a topic with another mutant they gain +10% more SP or prestige(whichever is applicable) per each mutant in the topic(IC mutants that is). Examples are "The X-men", "The Brotherhood", and "The Hellfire Club".

Open Slots-Unlimited

"The Accident/Experiment"
Unlike mutant's these heroes were not born with any specific genes or abilities. Instead their abilities were gained through some form of freak accident or controlled experiment that altered their genetic structure. This can come through various circumstances such as radiation, cosmic rays, or genetic splicing. The accident/Experiment is the medium of all the classes. They start with a primary power and one sub power and can purchase the next sub power at half price. Accident Experiments can gain a total of 1 Main power and 3 Sub powers. They start with 3 skills and can gain no more. Unlike mutants they have access to tier 1 technology. Each two skills or powers (or a combination of the two) which bolsters intelligence or the ability to build weapons/Items raises tech by one level, however a main power in this area still raises tech by 2 tiers. "The Accident/Experiment" class gets a reduction in Prestige and word counts by 20%. Examples are "The Hulk", Spiderman and Captain America.

Open Slots-Unlimited

"The Blessed/Damned"
The user has either has some form of celestial or fiendish blood or granted powers by a deity of some form of higher power. These beings rely more on their powers than they do their natural instincts and thus they tip the scale of balance that "The Accident/Experiment" class provides.  Members of this class gain their abilities through some form of deity be it by inheritance or by some form of special construct. Members of this class start with two primary powers and can purchase the next two sub powers at half cost. The Blessed/Damned can have a maximum of 5 powers total. They have 2 skill slots and can gain one more at upon maxing out tiers of both previous skills. They have access to tier one(common technology) but cannot increase their tech levels through skills only powers. Sub powers and main powers only increase tech tiers by one. Examples are Juggernaut, Ghost Rider, and Thor. However “The blessed/Damned” can choose to have a weapon bonded to them. This weapon is considered upgradable to tier 4. This weapon does not need any proficiency or added skills to be used at an expert level this may be any weapon. The weapon instead of gaining tech upgrade slots gets one sub power per tier. Each sub power these artifacts are granted gets 3 free abilities (sub power abilities that are maxed out in upgrades). To bless a weapon one must write a post of doing so containing 15,000 words(this is not supposed to be done in a day but over the course of your characters life span). Or purchase it for 3,000 Prestige. Keep in mind that if the weapon gets destroyed or taken it is gone and another may never be made. The weapon changes as the user grows more powerful and develops its own energy based off the user’s alignment. Though these items are bound they can be “Willed over” voluntarily by the owner. Examples are Juggernaut, Ghost Rider, and Thor.

Open Slots-5

"The Otherworldly"
The Otherworldly is a class for those who are not from Earth. This includes those from another plane, reality, planet ,galaxy etc that does not fit any of the above criteria. Otherworldly beings are usually very powerful. So much so that rely on their abilities almost entirely. Such beings usually have their own agenda's and saving, destroying, or conquering the planet is usually a key factor. One may also qualify for this class if they were given their abilities by one of these powerful beings or one of their items. Members of this class start with two primary powers and can gain one more primary power at half price. Every power thereafter has a cost reduction of 20%. Otherworldly have a maximum of 10 powers.  They have one skill and can gain no more. Otherworldly have access to Tier 4 (advanced) technology but they cost double the prestige on all Tiers. Examples are Silver Surfer, Venom and Galactus.
Open Slots-3

"The Machine"
Coming soon

*NOTE*Powers and skills that can raise tech are those such as "Intuitive aptitude" or "Technopath" and some skills are "Mechanical Genius" Or "Weapons Producer". - The Machine class is permission only, as it is in the works atm. Meaning this is just a test run for the class and things may change.


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Pick Your Class
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