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PostSubject: Specialties    Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:40 am


Specialties are areas of expertise that characters train in and use to augment their skills. Specialties are what you strive to become expert. Specialties are the foundation for skills, as all your skills will reflect your expertise defines by your specialties. It defines a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field. This site has specialties already created for you, so you would only need to choose two(3 if you are human). You can only gain skills that reflect on your specialties.

Physical Prowess-You're physical machine built to last you can run faster, hit harder, and take a blow head on, etc when compared to everyone else. If you are focused on hand to hand combat, or you just wanna run like hell, this specialty is calling your name. This is for all the close ranged fighters who want to dominate their opposition.

Weapons Expert-Guns, knives, melee or ranged whatever weapons floats your boat this specialty is for you. Under this specialty skills may only cover one specific weapon group at a time(swords, knives,handguns, etc) though you can use different skills to cover different areas. If you want to hit your target dead on or wield a katana like a samurai this specialty is what you are looking for. This not only for wielding weapons but needed in order for your character to make and patent weapons also.

Techno Savvy-Anything and everything that has to do with modern day technology you have a grip on it. From hot wiring a vehicle, disarming an alarm, to hacking into an encrypted database. This covers computer knowledge, engineering, and operation of vehicles of all kinds all in one. If you are looking to get those skills to let you get higher tech levels then you need this specialty for sure. This skill is needed to patent many inventions the character may have.

Witty-The art of the sly! You are a slick slippery individual and you know how to wheel ,deal and slip your way out or in situations. You know when and how to bluff and when and how to convince someone to do what you need done. This specialty is ranged from thievery, manipulation, bluffing and and all forms of dirty deeds. If you want to be a trickster, thief, or have a way with words this is the specialty you want.

Leadership-Team tactics and group strategies. You are a natural born leader. Many of your skills are in the field of cohesion with a team. You know how to lead your party through the trenches and back. You are comfortable being in charge and have the desire and willpower to be an effective leader. Those who wish to lead a team and want to focus on bringing down the bad guys or good guys with your fellow specials you will enjoy this. However this specialty is also for individual tactics and strategies that do not fall under any of the other skills.

Projection-For those who wish to focus on their abilities this specialty is strictly for those with powers. Want to augment your abilities to give it that extra push then this is the specialty to get. It focuses on making your powers last longer, extend farther, and grow more fierce and destructive. This can be applied to all types of abilities and meant truly for those who wish to hone their power. Humans may not have this specialty.

Hunter-Do you want to be the perfect hunter? Wanna be able to track a man traveling through any terrain, or sneak past armed guards without raising suspicion. You want to be able to train a pet bird or wolf. Or survive in the jungle with only your wits? Hunting is the skill for you. Stealth, Tracking, scouting, and natures lore is a few of the things this specialty covers.

Professor-Is your character planning to be a mad scientist or a genius in a field of study. A genetic guru bent on helping mutant kind or a mad doctor who brews potions that turns men into monsters. This is for all you evil genius's and future Mr. Fantastics or Dr. Xaviers out there. When selecting this specialty you must also list the field of study in which it applies. You may get this specialty multiple times in order to cover different fields.

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