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 Rules & Useful Information

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PostSubject: Rules & Useful Information    Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:39 am

These rules are basic common sense. It's obvious, and that is why they will be upheld. Use your common sense before reading the below rules, and you are sure to predict 9/10 of them.

1} Respect the staff. There is no need for flaming, or getting angry. Members of staff have lives. They have RL issues, like tests, classes, sicknesses, and other such things. Never forget that if a staff member poofs for a day or two, that you should not critize them. In addition, no whining and complaining about the staff. There is no need to call the entire staff lazy and doing nothing, there is simply no reason to do this, any legitimate issues can be taken up with the admins. Please respect the staff, and let them do their jobs in peace. Failure to do so may result in warnings, temporary baning, and later permanent banning. In addition, never bump a topic unless 24 hours bare minimum has passed without anyone looking at it.

2} Respect other members. Flaming, spamming, and otherwise pointless arguing will not be tolerated. If someone has had issues, has cheated, god modded, or broken a rule, contact a staff member, mods for normal members, and admins for a mod problem. There is no need to acuse, simply let the staff sort it out, it is their job. Untill then, be peacefull and don't stir more things up.

3} Members not related to an application have no business posting on them, please refrain from doing so. If they are using something of yours, fine you may post giving them permission, or asking that they remove it, short of such things, no non staff member is ever to post on an application, unless said application is their own. In addition, please comply with staff members and edits they ask you to make. If you make a character with an OP ability and they try to nerf it, respect their opinions, and politely object, siting logically reasons for your cause.

4} This forum is, by Forumotion rules, PG-13 as it's base. If you are going to get vulgar, cussing every other word, obscenely bloody, gorey, etc. you MUST say so in the topic title. (when creating the topic not later) If you fail to do so, it may get voided, and warnings and other punishments will be issued. Keep these topics to a minimum. There is no need for half the topics to be rated mature, R, whatever.

5} Do not spam, there is a time and a place for spamming, but all over the place, and in any thread, is not the time. This will be punished. In addition, spam PM advertising, etc. will result in a bann, no questions asked. If you want to advertise, ask the head admin, without proof of permission, you will be banned. In addition, do not endlessly rant or spam on the cbox, mods may kick or ban you from the chat if you do so, be wary and use common sense.

6} Please keep a decent standard of PM. There is NEVER an appropriate situation for 1 or 2 liners. You must be able to post bare minimum of a decent paragraph. 3 lines, won't cut it. In addition, please use the forums spell checking function to get rid of some mistakes, and try to use correct grammar. It isn't much to ask, and it gives people more to go off of. Ever try posting 600 words minimum Rping with a person who does 3-4 lines? It's near impossible, they give too little to go off of. In addition, in fights and such, be as specific as you can. In addition, always roleplay in the third person. For example "I walk into the kitchen and pour myself a simple glass of milk, my shirt fluttering a bit in a breeze coming from an open window, the milk tastes sour, so I spit it out" is not acceptable. It should be "Kaira walked into the kitchen and poured herself a class of milk, her clothing fluttering from a light breeze issuing from the window. Upon tasting the milk and realizing it was sour, she pat it into the garbage and threw the jug away." This is easier to respond to, and gives more details. So, no "I" in roleplaying please. He, She, etc. are all good.

7} In the event, in a fight, someone has failed to post in 48 hours, after being attacked, the attacker may determing the attack as a success, and post realistic results. Throwing a dagger, is not going to decapitate someone, so be realistic. However, in the even they have an away topic, or have notified staff, of their absence prior to leaving, or can explain a serious issue preventing them from notifying staff or posting an away topic, the auto hit will be ignored and they will be allowed to post their response as normal.

8} There may be no auto hitting. That means no attack can automatically hit someone, without giving them a chance to dodge. Any such attack will be made to be edited, and a warning issued. Do not even make things that can auto hit, they will be denied, there is no debating this rule.

9} No one may god mod. God modding is the act of determining someone other than your characters actions. If you post saying you threw a dagger and that it hit their neck and they bled to death, expect staff to jump down your throat and make you change it. This stuff will not be allowed, there is always an IF that allows for someone to dodge, avoid, etc. Similarly, Meta Gaming, is strictly banned. Meta gaming is the use of Out Of Character, OOC, knowledge in an In Character, IC, setting. For example hearing about the location of a secret base on the chatbox, and going their IC, when your char has nor eason to know it exists, etc.

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Rules & Useful Information
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