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A Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)". It can also pertain to an occupation or a profession that usually involves special training or formal education, and is considered to be a person’s lifework. In Marvel the career system is what your character does when they are not fighting crime or causing worldwide mayhem. You can choose one main career path and one “hobby” career path. If there is a career on here you would like to see added feel free to PM it to me.

Missions give their own Prestige bonuses so prestige here deals with interacting with other PC's ONLY unless otherwise stated

The Path of the Artist

Artist/Photographer-On Marvel these particular people paint portraits or take photos. This is done by creating graphics for others on the site for prestige. Unlike most of the other careers these particular jobs are more freelance.

Level 1-Artist/Photographers assistant-The Bottom of the totem pole these are aspiring artists/Photographers looking to break into the business. In order to move up to level two one must sell at least 3 GFX to three different people or 6 GFX in all. GFX can go for no more than 5 prestige each.

Level 2-Local Artist/Photographers- Artists/Photographers who have finally come into their own and ready to make their mark on the world. They are not as lowly as an assistant though no one really knows who they are. In order to move up to level three one must sell at least 6 GFX to six different people or 12 GFX in all. GFX can go for no more than 15 prestige each.

Level 3-Famous Artist/Photographers- Artists/Photographers who are a cut above the rest. They are famous for their art or pictures and many seek them out. GFX have no limit on price and may be sold at the seller’s leisure.

The Art of Business

Shop Owner/CEO-In Marvel this means that your character makes/sells items for a profit. Whether you are contracted to build a world destroying canon or you own a company that sells state the art smart phones if you wish to build things for others to make prestige this is for you.

Level 1-Executive Assistant/Inventors apprentice-You are just scratching the surface of your potential. You are a goldfish in the pool full of sharks where you are just entering the field of Item creation and selling. In order to move up to level two one must sell at least 3 items they have created to three different people or 6 items in all. Items can go for no more than 10 prestige each.

Level 2-Jr. Executive/Up and coming Inventor-You are respected in your field but not entirely known for it. You hold some sway and your work and opinions on the area are respected but you are not yet considered the elite. Created items for three different people or 6 items in all. Items can go for no more than 30 prestige each. At this level all inventions are considered automatically patented.

Level 3-CEO/Famous Inventor-You are famous for your work. You are world renowned, highly respected, and often sought out for the creation of things. Criminals, heroes, and agencies all over clamor to get their hands on your latest inventions. You may charge up to 45 prestige for an item invention. At this level all inventions are considered automatically patented.

Getting Rich off Others

Professional Criminal- In Marvel this means that you are a villain of sorts who steals to make a profit, for reasons like funding a doomsday machine or personal gain. You can be hired by others to steal items from people in game or acts such as this.

Level 1-Cat burglar/Cut purse-You can be contracted to steal items no more than C rank, and for no more than ten prestige as a fee. You can also make a thread of you robbing a bank/store/safe, however you must treat that as a mission and allow any hero that wishes to sign up for the mission join, you can also have fellow Criminals sign up with you(no more than 2 heroes per criminal). To rank up you must successfully complete two jobs, and three missions.

Level 2-Thief/Sneak-Now you can be contracted to steal items up to A rank, and charge up to twenty five prestige per job.You can also rob locations however now only one hero per criminal may attempt to stop you. To rank up you must successfully complete three jobs, and five missions.

Level 3-Shadow Master-You can now steal items at an S rank level, and charge whatever you like, you can now steal from enemy bases(the enemy can attempt to detect you if they are at the base) and rob their group prestige. You can rob from NPC places for no more than 10 prestige per two weeks by only making a four hundred word solo topic. To rank up you must successfully complete five jobs, and eight missions.

Justice is Served with Rewards

Bounty Hunter/Law Enforcement- In Marvel this means either signing up to stop criminals or bringing villains to jail. This is a more free form job and you will get bonuses instead based of the tasks preformed.

Beat Cop/Rookie- A beat cop or rookie bounty hunter is the lowest on the totem pole. She/He is a law enforcement officer who walks, rides, cycles, or drives in a specific neighborhood that becomes known as his or her “beat.” The officer routinely patrols in the same area, and as such he or she often becomes well known in the community and is well-positioned to prevent crime and respond quickly when things go awry. Ideally, neighborhood residents will feel comfortable approaching the beat cop to talk about local issues and concerns. They may also be more inclined to report problems when they feel like they have a personal connection with the department. They gain 10 prestige per rank of a criminal or suspect they bring in. C=10, B=20, A=30, S=40. They gain a promotion by bringing in 5 C-ranks/3 B-ranks/1 A-rank.

Detective/Veteran-To have responsible charge of police/bounty hunter field operations on an assigned shift. They also supervise and personally perform investigation duties. This is the first level of supervision for these respective careers. They gain 15 prestige per rank of a criminal or suspect they bring in. C=15, B=30, A=45, S=60. They gain a promotion by bringing in 10 C-ranks/6 B-ranks/3 A-ranks/ 1 S-rank.

Police Chief/Big Fish-is the title typically given to the top official in the chain of command of a police/bounty hunter department. The police Chief/Big Fish or head of the police commission/BHA is the leader of the police and holds a position analogous or similar to the one described here, in this case, he or she is referred to as Commissioner. There can only be one in each city. They gain 15 prestige per rank of a criminal or suspect they bring in. C=15, B=30, A=45, S=60. Plus 10% of the total prestige of every capture in their city.

Every job has a Price

Mercenary- In Marvel this means selling your services to a group or person. Whether it be joining them on a mission, protecting them, assaulting a base, etc. They are people who takes part in an armed conflict, who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is "motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party.

Level 1-GreenPaw- Your group is not well known and probably have not come in to your own yet. You have not earned any respect as a soldier of fortune and not expected to be sent on any huge missions. You gain the ability to be hired by a certain fraction for a cut of the profits in any given scenario, the length of your contract can depend, but you may demand a slice of the money in any situation. This cut of the profits maxes out at 15%.

Level 2-Grizzled- By now, there is a stirring in the Black Market about your group. The people to go to if you want something done, maybe no silently, maybe not explosively, but you are now renown for getting the job done after taking on and successfully completing 5 contracts. You can now be hired to either assist or take the place of someone on a mission, and can demand 30% of the total profits from the completion of the mission.

Level 3-A-Team- Who else to go to? You have fought your way up to the selective niche, and achieved a nearly legendary status in those of the shadier circles, having successfully completed 10 contracts. If there is a mission that is considered practically suicidal or the odds are stacked so impossibly high that lesser men and women would cringe and turn away, your group is called in. Now able to demand 60% of the profits from any mission you assist or otherwise take part in on the behest of your employer.

The Quest for Knowledge

Education Field- In Marvel this means teaching in the Academy for Gifted Youngsters. Whether you teach your abilities, skills, or just writing skills and training. You will fall under this category, to sign up your character must at least be recognized as non-villain.

Level 1-Teacher's Aide- Your presence in the facility has been recognized as a positive impact on the overall student's growth. While you have not achieved much in the way of progress, you have promise, and can charge 5 Prestige for every ability you teach.

Level 2-Teacher- The next step up, by now your very name is associated with growth and the foundations of new learning. Very few can compare to your resume in this area, having successfully passed on a total of 15 abilities to a variety of students. By now, you can do more then you originally could. You can assist with the training of abilities that you do not directly posses, and can knock off 10% of the original word count required. You can also charge 10 Prestige for every ability you teach.

Level 3-Head master/Mistress- If there are others who can compare to your standards of instruction, they are fewer and far between then ever before, you are now the Headmaster of your own respective school and hence are benefited by a select few privileges that few will ever see. You can now employ both Teacher's and Aides to assist both you and the others in your endeavors, having taught a total of 25 abilities to a multitude of students. By paying an additional 5 Prestige you can use them to increase your word count discount.
Initially you can reduce the word count by 20% of a word count, but with the assistance of a teacher or a aide you can increase it to 25% and 30% respectively.

The Path of Intel

Reporter/News Anchor-On Marvel these particular people have the job of recording events that may occur and then informing the masses of their findings. This is done by writing "articles" in the Newsletter section pertaining to a topic that has happened on the boards. You may summarize the events of the topic with your own touch, and have it 'published' in the newspaper.

Level 1-Rookie Reporter-The Bottom of the totem pole these are aspiring Reporters looking to break into the business. In order to move up to level two one must write at least 5 1000 word articles based on 5 separate events that happen around the boards. These articles can contain a summary of what happened, personal opinion, and interviews from those who may have been involved. Each article has a net worth of 5 prestige.

Level 2-Rising Reporter- Reporters who have finally come into their own and ready to make their mark on the world. They are not as lowly as an assistant though no one really knows who they are. In order to move up to level three one must write at least 10, 2000 word articles on 10 different events. Each article will net the user 15 prestige.

Level 3-Famous Reporter- Reporters who are a cut above the rest. They are famous for their highly detailed articles and information retrieval. This famous streak gives them the credentials to get in exclusive areas and interview the most famous people in the world. Articles can range from 1000 - 3000 words+. 1000 words nets 10 prestige. 2000 words nets 20 prestige. 3000 words nets 30 prestige.

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