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PostSubject: General Advice   General Advice EmptyThu May 24, 2012 9:35 pm

So, I was making the rules, and though it wasn't on the check list of things that needed done, I felt like giving some advice for a few situations. I detered it didn't really fit the rules topic, I I deleted it and making a separate topic. This is a topic for various good staff advice, how to deal with certain situations. So, here is some all around general advice for various situations, more may be added.


I want to be a mod, what is the best way to become one? What should I do or how long should I wait? Or are there any things I should do or avoid?

Yes, here is some advice I can give you, and it comes in multiple parts.

1} Behave nicely, be polite, forgiving, and use common sense. Don't gain a name for being a big MG/GM/OP person who refuses to correct themselves, etc. This is the last thing you want. If you ask to be a mod and have a record of such things, turn over a new leaf first. Improve your relations as it were. Admins are not going to promote members to mods if they are known for causing problems on the site. (a few mistakes is fine, but be co-operative, and polite.) If you have had disagreements with other members or mods, make sure that you have done them politely. Make your case, back it up with evidence, and say nothing rude. In disagreements, be as unbiased as you can, and avoid making all rude comments.

2} If you are a new member, wait a few weeks at least, especially if you have had disagreements that caused big stirs, etc. Admins don't promote members they don't know.

3} Be known for helping new members. Be that person that even though it's in the rules, that explains anyway, accepting that sometimes rules are a lot to read all at once, and new members miss things. If they break a rule, kindly correct them and be polite. No need to cause a stir. Be the guy that says "Well, here is the link to the character template, and here is the link to the topic where what you need was addressed in." or "That power is banned, here is a link to the banned powers, weapons, etc. topic, I suggest tweaking it like this: _____." Trust me, if you are that member, staff and admins will take notice. It makes it easier for you if when the admins ask for opinions about you in the staff room/skype/etc., asking if staff thinks you should be made a mod, if the mods can say. "He/She is really nice, been helping other members and new members, doesn't get into fights much, and seems to be active. He/She is amazing with the new members." That will build a good case for you.

4} Prove you are good with applications. If someone makes a very problematic looking, or OP power, perhaps kindly say in chat: "I really think you might want to tweak ___ here are a few ideas for that power that are more likely to get approved." Or if your opinion is asked about their character, kindly help them. "I would think about adding another paragraph to the personality, and you are much mroe likely to get that power, if you describe it more. I think a skill along ____ lines would really help the character!" trust me, you do things like this, and other staff members can say you seem good with applications. It is such a blessing to your request to be a mod, if the mods can say when asked by the admins "I saw that member helping someone with an applications. When asked, they gave some good advice, I think they have what it takes to be a mod, they certainly knew what would help get the character/etc. done, and gave great advice." That comment, is what you want the mods to make.

I am having a problem with a member who refuses to co-operate with me! He is MG/GM my character, or ____, or trying to flame me, etc. and I am going to report it. What should I do to make my issue get done quickly, without causing problems? / I need a battle mod to mod my fight with ___ because he is causing a lot of problems.

Well, this is something many people need help with, often not even knowing they need some advice in this area. Don't make drama. Don't call someone out, declaring them a ___ or a god modder, or just a huge meta gamer, who isn't worth ___. If you can't be polite, mods will delay your issue. Why? Because no mod wants to deal with a 2 page topic of flaming, etc. etc. Mods are repeled by drama that is going around like a wildfire. Trust me, I have been the mod who put of the topic for days hoping another mod would take it before I finally did what needed done. I regretted putting it off, but trying to filter facts and evidence from drama was a pain in the butt. If they have to carefully decode the facts and evidence from the 60-90% drama in your posts...well, aside from making you look bad, the ruling is not likely to go your way. Be someone, even if you are the only one, who gives their arguements and evidence, without taking it personally, flamming, etc. Even if everyone else is a drama hound. It just makes your polite, easy to read points all the more impressive.

A mod really is causing problems, but how do I stop it? I mean, if I report it they will just side with the mod right?

Well, not really. It depends on how you resent it partially. So many allegations get made that are rude, biased, drama filled, and such that they might not be addressed as they should, or are dismissed. Here is what you should do.

1} As always, keep the drama out of your report. If an admin has to decipher your evidence and points from the ton of drama, you are greatly hurting your own case.

2} Provide firm evidence, and back that evidence up. Be it a screen shot of a skype log in which a mod is harrassing you, or of a mod being too rude in chat. Bring quotes from their posts, etc. Make your case as iron tight as you can. If you make claims without much evidence, yes, it might get dismissed far easier.

3} If you don't have much evidence, wait. Truly bad staff can't hide it forever. Biased staff members can only hide it for so long, and they will very likely leave you a trail of evidence and a lot of proof if you just delay submitting the case a little.

I am a mod, and the topic I need to mod/make a ruling on a topic, and there is a lot of drama going on, what should I do?

Well, here is a big problem for many mods. It is just so easy to put it off and hope someone else will do it. All mods do this at some point, often multiple times. But don't do that! I regret it. And so will you. Here is some advice.

1} Put your foot down. If you need to make a post that very bluntly says they they need to cut the drama, do it. Trust me, if you have to threaten not to grade any applications for a while of anyone who continues the drama (assuming you are active enough that this is actually something that might hurt their approval time) then do it. Give warnings, etc. If need be report to an admin and they may get banned.

2} Require them to politely make their point and back it up with evidence. If they say ___ or ___ but bring no proof, simply say you will ignore it, if they can't prove it to you or give evidence other than saying "common sense says this:" or some other crap. If need be, simply ignore anything not backed up with some evidence, and stated politely, without being rude in any way. If later it turns out they had solid evidence, then simply tell the to avtualy make a good case next time, and use evidence.

3} Accept, as I had to recently, that you can't keep everyone happy. But at the same time, be as unbiased as you can. No mod is loved by everyone. But you can, in the long run, earn most peoples respect. Liking someone and respecting them are different. You might hate a snake, but you darn sure want to respect them and leave them be. Stand your ground and be as neutral as you can, eventually, you will earn the respect of many, often other staff members for saying what they were afraid to.

I have a character or two under my belt, and want to have more fun with the next one, what should I do?

If on any forum you could make a really fun character, it is on this forum. Relax, and take the seriousness away. You don't need an epic hero or villain to play with. In fact, try and make one very un-epic. Make a comedic relief type character if you want.

Here are a few examples I personally have had pop into my head.

1} A bald professor who is very angry that he has no hair, and vows to take revenge on all humans who still have hair. He is a professor and master of technology and weaponry. He has a rifle that, when someone gets shot, sintead of getting hurt, causes their hair to grow 10 feet long. and other things like "Nose hair growing grenades!" and other weird equipment to take his revenge ont he world of people who still have hair.

2} "Captain Hygiene" and his array of super gadjets to fight mold, dust, messy animals and foul violaters who date to make messes, throw things like cans from cars, and whatnot. He uses a variety of things like "anti-mud grenages" which causes mud to fall off anyone in it's blast radius, leaving them mud free, or his famous "bath bazooka" which ejects a massive amount of soap and water that isntantly cleans and makes them look freshly bathed. He has a sidekick called "The freshener" Who uses fould-scent-erasing weaponry, on a missions to help captain hygiene and make all stinky people smell good.

3} "The Mad Dentist" is an alien that came from a far away planet on his mission to take over earth by causing all humans to have bad teeth, therefore making them busy fixing their teeth when the alien invasion lands. He uses cavity-related powers to cause teeth to rot and fall out, and is a chief arch-nemesis of Captain Hygiene.

There are all kinds of hilarious and yet fun to RP ideas if you just think for a minute, and maybe watch a cartoon or two. Heck, feel free to use these ones!
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