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A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 The Body of a God?

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PostSubject: The Body of a God?   Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:07 pm

The full moon caught Artan's attention as he continued making his way through the over populated streets of this earthen metropolis. His gaze moved around quite often during his travels, analyzing every detail he could notice about this absurd species and their absurd ways. Some of them were akin with the malicious messiah, creatures of the night bent on nothing but tormenting others in order to feed of off their misery. They obviously didn't compare to the Prince of Shrieks, but at least they weren't too embarrassed to try, and who knows, maybe in some time Artan might recognize them as entities capable of doing his dirty work. Maybe. Others though, well, the others really pissed him off, all courteous and a complete bore, I mean, what did these people have to live for? They spent all their time either serving the whims of others in exchange for currency, or for nothing more then gratitude! Clearly this planet had issues, allowing their mentally deranged to roam the streets as they see fit.

Fed up with the humans and their ridiculousness, Artan decided to once again, veer off into a dark little alleyway, this time in hopes of giving his powers a test run in this new environment. Once he was away from the public eye, he smirked, flicking his wrists as black flames swarmed his arms, commandeering them from his control. The flames consumed both limbs, and before long they were replaced by a ghastly sight, organic arms with a ominous appearance to them, implying an aura which was out of this world. Just as his new arms set in, a hobo decided to make his way into the his presence, and what was even worse then that was that this human reeked with odors Artan wished he'd had never been acquainted with. His rage could be contained no more as he gripped the feeble wanderer firmly, hand squeezing the life from his neck. Before Artan shook the last couple of drops, he decided to see if he was in control of yet another one of his otherworldly abilities. With a quick wind up, he launched the man several hundred feet into the air, stomping his foot on the floor right after in order to call forth the only legs capable of catching such a slippery target.

Though to his surprise, his legs remained just the same, unedited by his physical cues. It would seem the journey had left Artan rather neutered in terms of power, so without a second thought he turned in the other direction, looking for a set of exterior stairs which would lead him to the nearest rooftop. He made his way there without any sense of urgency, using his right hand to grip the stairway firmly. Then, in a show of animalistic strength, Artan launched himself with the same power with which he launched the jelly bag, soaring high above the city lights. His hair blew back, hugging his skull tightly as his eyes looked about for any sign of the man who should be making his return to earth right about now. A scream of pure terror marked his location as he almost flew by Artan, right before he managed to grip his collar, effectively saving the life he endangered. Man, he was feeling good today wasn't he? Well he'd have to take something from the man in order to compensate for his good will. With that, Artan put his right palm up to the man's sound hole, absorbing the screams which poured out as sweet nectar to his system. They spun around in midair, right before Artan's momentum gave out, bringing both of them back to earth as the Demonic Prince howled with a sense of newly invigorated power.A couple of minutes later, he landed atop of a four story building, cracking the cement beneath him profusely. He set down the man, who seemed to have passed out from horror, normally he would have just allowed him to die but this man wasn't worth the effort, so without laying to rest any excess time, Artan was on the move again, jumping from building to building attempting to manifest his energy into his legs. Over time, black flames slowly began to consume them, from his waist to his feet, making the man appear even more demonic then before.

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PostSubject: Re: The Body of a God?   Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:09 pm

He had regained some measure of his original power, but this wretched planet still left Arten devoid of his full Demonic Physiology, a problem he thought to remedy as quickly as possible. The Dark Prince ran high above the overcrowded streets of New York City, ears intent on the sounds all about him. So far he had met a few squishy and pathetic souls along with one female who actually seemed somewhat, well, superior compared to the other inhabitants. But what his eyes had yet to feast upon was a sight of genuine evil, men pillaging the town and setting ablaze the path they left in their wake. Men who instigated war and all other "social problems" just to further their own agenda, he sure hoped the evil here wasn't a microorganism admist a sea of titans. Then, irony struck, as Artan heard loud sounds akin to some sort of miniature explosions coming from down below. His eyes moved to intercept the source with haste, coming across the image of multiple men dressed in all black get ups, with one who appeared to be the leader commanding some silver artifact.

Havek made his way down to the roof of a nearby two story building, examining the situation as it unfolded. The men stormed into some sort of shack, with pumps surrounding it along with odd vehicles hooked into the pumps. From what logic could piece together, Artan came to the conclusion that this was some sort of refueling station for the transportation used by jelly bags. though what truly ensnared his attention was the sight of a motionless human on the floor, dressed in an all blue outfit which was utterly tainted by the red flowing from his veins. Murder, robbery, and now Artan, it seemed like things were now picking up as a wicked smirk graced the mans features. Artan dropped down to street level, limbs returning to their original state as he walked casually toward the entrance of the establishment which was currently being raped for its goods.

With Artan merely a few feet away, the gang burst out the same way they had come in, paranoia and adrenaline flowing side by side through their systems. Catching sight of the Dark Prince was an unwelcome surprise for the group, who all froze in place before their boss decided to make the first move, aiming the silver gadget toward Artan "Get the fuck out of here man, what the fuck are you trying to be a god damn hero? I kill motherfuckers who try and be heros when in reality they are just some punk ass motherfuckers" Such a colorful vocabulary the man had, Artan condensed a smirk as he uttered a rebuttal to the mans petty savagery " No need,the only thing I serve and protect are my own whims, avarice, lust, and mayhem. Maybe you can help inform me as to where I can find some more people like you, tough guy" In all honesty, Artan was not attempting to be sarcastic, but the man took his admission as something completely different, looking confused at the ideas he so smoothly displayed in his opening statement." What are you a undercover? your gonna regret wasting my time pig!" And just like that, Artan could notice the hostilities boiling over amongst his features. In turn, he began chanting words in the language of his people, producing simple yet horrifying illusions of ghastly spirits entrenched in darkness. The two associates of the man brandishing the strange gadget were effected, losing all touch with reality as they gazed upon images so terrifying it forced them to flee after a few seconds, screaming their heads off as they did so.

" Tony! Mike! Where the hell are you two going?" said the boss, turning back to try and plea with his former comrades. But, when he turned back to face Artan, he was already making his way towards him, both hands outstretched in order for his body to form a cross as he absorbed the sound vibrations caused by the two through the pores on his palms. The man could offer no words at this disturbing sight, and instead began firing a round toward the Dark Prince's torso. One bullet managed to skim his right shoulder, provoking a dormant anger which had rarely shown itself truly during his time on the planet. Using his new found energy and emotional motivation, Artan's whole body from the neck down was enveloped in black flames, replaced by another ghastly sight. The man attempted to fire more bullets but was at his end on ammo, not very prepared to meet Artan it seemed, but instead he armed himself with a bat he had sheathed across his back. Artan Simply charged forth as the bat wielding burglar took a swipe at his body, rendered utterly ineffective by Alastor's new hardened shell. His moves were fast, and with one enhanced punch, he sent the thief spiraling towards a building on the other side of the street, splattering his body against the wall. "Your kind of people would be too weak to serve as company for me anyways, tough guy" He murmured as he made his escape shortly after.

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The Body of a God?
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