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PostSubject: concepts o' me   Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:48 am


—Main Power: Magic||School: Sympathy*
—Sub Specialty: -

*Sympathy is a system of energy manipulation that requires extreme skill and concentration. Sympathy requires a user to create a sympathetic link between two objects. What is done to one object will affect the other. For example, if a sympathist creates a sympathetic link between two coins, he may move both coins equal distances by exerting force on only one. The coin that is not directly acted on by the sympathist will move with the same force and direction as the coin acted on by the sympathist. With such a sympathetic link, however, moving one of the coins will weigh as much as moving both of the coins. However, sympathy is not perfect, and some energy is always lost. Therefore, to move both coins, the symphathist will have to use more force then it would usally take to move two coins.The transfer of energy between sympathetically bound objects is not limited only to motion, however.
The energy for these actions can either be taken from the sympathist's body or from a nearby energy source (usually a fire). The sympathetic link between two objects can either be strong or weak, depending on the similarity between the two objects. The weaker the link, the more energy goes to waste in performing any action. The strength of the sympathetic link depends upon similarities in shape, size and material. For living objects, strength can be increased by using a portion of the body (e.g., hair, blood).


—Name: Sympathetic Connection [Novice]
—Rank: C+
—Power: Sympathy
—Description: By delving their mind into the fabrications of the world, the user can produce a binding effect between two items. The severity of this bind is dependant upon the similarity of the object, with even the smallest differences producing holes in the pipe that constitutes the binding. A perfect copy of the bound objects would naturally produce a perfect link, with one unit of energy being transferred without any loss. Compounding differences further reduce the effectiveness of the link, and more effort is required to achieve the work required. As such, there are a series of doctrines that constitute this ability, the first of these having already been discussed. The Principle of Consanguinity: A piece of a thing can represent the whole of a thing, one slice of steel taken from a larger frame can be used to effect the whole, at the price of a perfect sympathetic connection. The Law of Conservation: Energy cannot be destroyed nor created. Despite the title of 'magic' these series of arts are not the exception to the rule of the universe, and are in fact the bones of the flesh that modern physicists chew at. The use of this ability requires the user to have three things arranged in their mind. A energy source, a transfer link and a target. The degree of mastery over this ability has one last additional effect, as it limits the number of bindings that can be made simultaneously. At the lowest standard of complexity, a series of five bindings can be made at once. If bindings are doubled up, they can reduce the lost energy from a imperfect sympathetic link by half each time, while they will never rectify the situation, they can make it significantly more usable.
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concepts o' me
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