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 Friday Night Lights

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PostSubject: Friday Night Lights   Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:07 pm

    Music boomed in the night air. Most people would have most likely complained but this was not the rural part of town. This in fact was not a good part of the city as well. In fact this was the more sinful part. Ran down with hookers, drug dealers, drunkies, crack whores, you name it. The buildings were not well kept. and the sounds of chatter, laughing, fighting and music all mingled together. Both misery and joy co-existed. This place; many people with half a brain would stay clear from this type of place. However, some people seemed drawn to places like this...

    tap tap tap tap
    The woman walked in, un-phased by any other person that would look or stare at her. Her strides were with confidence, her smile was devious; scarlet hair bounced up and down with each step. A katana was strapped upon her back, sheathed securely. Green eyes locked on each person she passed. A place like this was not a place to have ones guard down. You never know when you could get jumped or raped. That sort of thing. Though the woman didn't seem like a stranger to this place. No, in a way she seemed to fit in. Though she was far different then the girls around here, Her attire wasn't trashy and baring all for everyone to see like the whores strutting down each block. No, she wore a suit that appeared to be made out of leather atoned with various straps around her wrists and thighs. This woman caught the eyes of some potential preys, considering her figure was curvy and desirably. Though... Many of these men knew not to lay a finger on this woman. Around here, she was Cacia Herz, better known as the Bloody Rose.

    Pacing her way into the bar after a full days of work The bloody rose took a seat upon a stood near the wall of the bar. The bartender, a big, mean looking guy, kinda like a bear of a man glanced over at her and gave her a smile. Cacia rested her head on the palm of her hand, her elbows resting upon the table.
    "Usual?" He asked her, getting a simple nod in return. It was a fact, she was a usual to this bar and always had a drink that shared her street title. The mixture of coca-cola, chocolate, white rum with raspberry juicy made its way to The Bloody Rose herself, mixed together by a lollipop that she pulled out and immediately licked the liquid off before taking a sip from the drink. The bartender began polishing the glasses her had before striking up a conversation with the 'untouchable woman'.

    "Busy Day today?" He questioned her.
    "Yea, some guy had come back with an old Cold double barrel shot gun, thing had the barrel bent almost at a 90 degree angle.. He expected me to fix it but wasn't happy to find out that it wasn't an antique anymore with a new barrel. 'Nother just came in with a bolt action rifle wanting me to turn it semiautomatic. Those were the dumbies today, other then that I was doing the same ol repairs. Came across a nice rifle though. Was tempted to take it but we all know that wouldn't end well. Plus; he pays VERY well." Cacia smirked as she sipped on her drink, letting the alcohol warm her throat as she drank it; he always made her drinks strong; just like how she loved them.
    "You seem to be having steady work now'adays." He commented
    Cacia nodded "Yea, more people keep needing repairs and cleaning."
    "Ever mind yourself a man? Seems like you're ready to settle down girly." He said with a hint of sarcasm
    A burst of laughter left those scarlet lips.
    "HA! Fuck that, you know how I roll." She giggled to herself. She was to cold of a person to fall down that cliche path of love.

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Lights   Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:49 am

A young woman sat at a round table towards the darker corner of the bar. The light that hung over head seemed to flicker into black whenever it threatened to illuminate her face. A hand was placed loosely around a glass as she slowly lifted it to her black stained lips and took a fulfilling gulp of liquid. The burn that went down her chest was welcomed in her current condition. This day was nothing but troublesome..From dealing with basic thugs, boxing Gods, and keeping the symbiote from taking full control of her mind, Tara's mood wasn't exactly flowery like usual. Placing the glass back down upon the table, her green hues would shift to steal a glance at a woman entering through the doors. The men seemed to have a 'look don't touch' expression on their face as she shifted those hips of hers straight to the bar. Tara's eyes remained glued to the woman, as she lifted a hand and brushed her silver lined hair over one shoulder. "She looks interesting enough..Let's eat her." The symbiote's voice rang through Tara's head, and with a slight wince of the eye, she turn her glass bottom's up and down the rest of the liquid. For some reason alcohol was always enough to drown out the murderous alien's voice in her head. The pale skinned woman would continue to watch the beauty at the bar. Apparently she was a regular there, as the Bartender greeted her, asking if she wanted the usual. The woman must have had some kind of reputation for the men of the bar to not hoot and holler at her every move. Though she couldn't blame them either. The woman did have a katana sheathed on her back like she was ready for combat.

Being slightly more bold than usual, probably because of the symbiote's influence, Tara would press her hands against the table and raise to her feet. Walking into the light her features would finally be revealed. Her eyes were green, her hair was silver, and her lips were painted black. Tara's attire was a black sleeveless top, with a mid drift, and black bottoms that were accompanied by chucks. It was a very gothic themed look, which was something she wasn't really into. But with the symbiote controlling her body, it was like a second nature to her. Placing a hand on her hip, she'd begin her confident stride up to the bar. The pigs that sat at their tables would be watching her with lust filled eyes. Being overly confident, Tara would take a seat directly beside the other woman: sitting with her back towards the bar and her elbows placed on its edges. With a sly smile, and narrowed eyes, the silver haired woman would finally begin to speak.

"Nice looking blade you got there. Ever get the chance to use it on a real opponent yet, or is it just for show?" Not the best way to start the conversation..but it was a start no less.

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Lights   Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:16 am

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Lights   

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Friday Night Lights
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