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 Drake Archer

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PostSubject: Drake Archer   Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:32 pm

Drake Archer

The Biography

Birth Name: Drake Archer
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Physical Age: 18
Actual Age: 50
Birth Date: 12/1
Class: Experiment


As far as appearances go, Drake is an average looking guy when he's not using his powers. He has the physique of a man that engages in ritualistic exercise. The pigment of his skin varies depending on his body temperature, but at a normal temp, it's light in tone. His hair is glossy black, because of excessive use of gels, and his eyes are the same deep color. Usual attire for Drake consist of a simple t-shirt with a leather jacket on top that always hangs open, combined with jeans and expensive sneakers. The jacket stands out, with a strip of racing stripes going across his shoulders, hinting towards his fascination with cars and racing. He's tall, standing at 5"10, and weights 145 lbs.

Personality: Drake is driven by the desire to seek thrills—many of his decisions will be influenced by whatever the most exciting option. He is an excitable guy that wants to live life to the fullest. He thinks most things will turn out okay and he tries to see the best in people. Most of the time he sticks to doing the right thing. He can be highly impulsive depending on his mood. In the face of danger, he's very daring, willing to take risks as long as theres a small chance in his favor. He's very open-minded and tolerant to others, even though he loves to do things his way, he has an adaptable way of thinking.

To those close to him, he's warm and supportive, contrary to his uninviting cold vibe around him. Socially, he tends to be charming, friendly, and might make an attempt at being humorous sometimes when the mood is sour. He is actually very closed about his internal world and background, and he always finds a slippery way to change that subject. His usual topics of conversation are racing, current events, and traveling. Cultural norms don't play an important role for him, except that he enjoys breaking them—not because he enjoys chaos, but simply because he thinks most rules are uselessly restrictive. This is one reason why he frequently engages in pranks and practical jokes, to shake things up and "punish" people who are too serious.

He has a habit of collects odd things that stand out to him, calling them his souvenirs. As a thrill-seeker, Drake loves fast cars and danger, which is why he does street racing. Another hobby of his is playing the piano. He loves to travel to far places, and he likes high places above all else.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Techno Savvy


    Main Power

    Sub-Zero Energy Emission - The power to radiate and project energy that slows kinetic motion to the point where all movement stops, from molecular to atomic, to generate temperatures capable of reaching absolute zero. Ice manipulation and freezing becomes possible. The body of this power user has adapted to survive in sub-zero temperatures, able to reach a internal temperature of -100 degrees in a matter of a second, and below that, his flesh literally transmutes to ice. Thus, a form of 100% organic ice is possible for limited spans of time, or simple external armor of dense ice layers. The power derives from the nucleus of each of the cells fused with experimental radiated particles, which carry information that allows for the cells to revert back into flesh once they turn to ice.

    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until B-Level)
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)


    Name: Ice Armor
    Rank: C
    Power: Sub-Zero Energy Emission
    Description: As Drake's body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture in the air that is in contact with him is similarly lowered. Just as condensed moisture forms frost, this moisture forms an icy covering which encompasses his entire body. It protects him from moderate bludgeoning and melee.


    Name: Temperature Supreme
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: C
    Description: Drake has an edge over other users of temperature based powers. When they clash with the powers of another at the same rank, Drake will have a greater chance of overpowering them.

    Name: Molecular Supreme
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: C
    Description: Drake's power to slow kinetic motion in molecules has a greater chance of beating those with the power to speed them up at the same rank.

    Name: Skilled Driver
    Specialty: Techno Savvy
    Rank: D
    Description: Drake is a skilled driver. Making sharp turns at high speeds is easy for him, along with drifting, and other text-book driving maneuvers.



The Background


Drake was born in 1963 with an disease that doctors deemed incurable. His father, the scientist Stratton Archer, who's field of work was cryogenics. After numerous resources were wasted in attempts to cure Drake, his father did what he could to try and save him. At the age of twelve, Drake was put into cryogenic sleep, to be preserved until medical science advanced far enough to cure him. The freezing process required a special particle to be engineered. To create them, it cost money Stratton didn't have, so using his expertise in cryogenics, he staged numerous robberies to earn large sums of money quickly. Using a 'Freeze Gun' of his own invention.

Before he was apprehended, his father managed to create the particle. Dubbed the Zero-particle, as it held the capability to instantaneously drop temperatures to nearly absolute zero, but it was highly unstable. Stratton died in prison, but left his research and remaining funds behind to his daughter, May Archer. Years later, after earning her degree and graduating from school, she took over the cryogenics experiment to save her older brother Drake.

Time passed, and May met a boy who studied to become a scientist of the medical field called Thomas Ralson, claiming he was on the verge of making a breakthrough for the very sickness Drake had. Thomas's mother had the disease and she died. So when he heard of May's story, he felt compelled to help her, and that eventually turned into motivation to get closer to her. By saving Drake would mean he would get the girl. Over time, Thomas became jealous of Drake, because May would devote all of her time to Drake's condition, regulating the Zero particles, keeping day by day progression logs on video for him to watch when he woke up. Instead of trying to save him, one day, Thomas tried to kill him. He sneaked into the lab and detached the feed of Zero particles. That resulted in a huge explosion, thanks to how unstable they were, encasing the whole lab in ice. Killing everyone, from Drake's sister May to Thomas.

Drake woke from his sleep because of this event. The year was 2007. Taken to a hospital, he discovered his body was ridiculously cold, and the corrupted cell progressing in his body began to regress. Days later, he showed the first signs of his powers, when he froze over his hospital bed. After that, Drake ran away, because he was scared of what people would think, and scared of what he had become. Years passed, and he gained control over his powers, and learned enough about the future to blend into society. Searching for a purpose. Currently, he does street racing for money.

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PostSubject: Re: Drake Archer   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:40 pm

Beautiful character mate. Approved.

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Drake Archer
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