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 Super Durable (Wip)

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PostSubject: Super Durable (Wip)   Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:05 pm

Name: Skin Tight
Rank: C
Power: Durability
Description: This allows for him to take the harshness at intense speeds without dieing or being injured. This makes him capable of traveling at high speeds without dieing.

Name: PSI
Rank: C
Power: Durability
Description: This allows him to take intense PSI, levels such as from c4 explosions. He can only take the amount of PSI generated by one brick of C4 currently. This isn't limited ot just from explosion in any situation where intense psi is generated this ability is effective.

Name: Unbreakable Bones
Rank: C
Power: Durability
Description: This makes it possible for him to absorb large amounts of shock, he can lift what his maximum strength is without breaking anything. This allows is helpful when he throws a punch or any attack with his body at maximum possibility he won't break his own bones. This easily creates a thicket of protection for himself.

Name: Deep Tissue
Rank: C
Power: Durability
Description: The man can punch at anything with his full capability and not be bruised or bloodied by his own punch. This is caused by his tissue and blood vessels being tightened up on his body creating a nice ring of protection for himself when trying to knock the wholly crap outta someone. This also makes his outer skin extremely tough and durable.

Name: Space Age
Rank: C
Power: Kryptonian Physiology
Description: This makes it capable for him to travel into space and by using the sun he is capable of surving in the space for 3 post or any other location similar to space.

Name: Structural Sound (N.S.)
Rank: C
Power: Durability
Description: He is now capable of his insides being just as tough as his outside, making them just as durable.

Name: Falling for you!
Rank: C
Power: Durability
Description: The Hulk can now be slung into walls and various other objects without being harmed. He is capable of taking huge blows from being dropped at high speeds or being 9.8 m/s squared and land into the ground unharmed or be slung into a wall.
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Super Durable (Wip)
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