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 Experimentation [Training]

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Experimentation [Training]   Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:54 pm

The Superior Spider would once again be spending a night in a warehouse this night. The cold December air was enough to almost force the young female into breaking into a hotel and staying there for a night. Having no connection to a singular place had its advantages but at the same time it was troublesome. Lifting her arms up to her head, the young woman would pull her mask down to reveal her youthful face. There was no expression, making her look almost like an android parading around in human skin as if it was one. Lifting her fingers up to her face, she'd begin to feel her soft skin. Through all her late night excursions she hadn't been taking much damage and bruises. It seemed like she truly was becoming Superior to the world around her. She was becoming the best. Pulling her mask back up over her face, the Superior Spider would fire a few web shots up towards the corner of the room to create a nest of webbing. Launching up, the Spider would tangle herself into the webbing and would begin to use it as a makeshift bed. If only the silk from her webbing could keep her warm. That would be much better than what she was dealing with at the moment. Perhaps it'd be smart for her to once again join the modern world, and maybe get a job dealing with technology. With connections such as that, she'd be able to build devices to help with her crime fighting spree and deal with her living expenses. The Spider would consider it, as she'd lay down in her nest and stare towards the ceiling above her. Superior never remembered dozing off, but she did remember waking up the next day in an odd place. She had fallen asleep in her spider nest, but when she woke up she was out of costume and sitting in some building. What the hell had happened since the time she went to sleep and the current? Did she sleep walk? Was this a side effect of her mutation, or something? Sitting in this chair, the young female's eyes would begin to scan the room. Apparently she was in some sort of police station. Was she taken in while she was asleep? No, if that was the case she'd be in cuffs. The Superior Spider felt it was best for her to stand and leave the room before any unneeded attention came upon her. The moment she stood, a man came from the back office and looked at her specifically. "Ms. Wallace? Ah yes, we're ready for you in the back. It's about time we met face to face." The man came to the young woman and held out his hand for a shake. Nadia would give a blink before agreeing and shaking the man's hand. Suddenly, a buzz came into her ear. "Alright, I pulled some connections." Prophet's voice was loud and clear. "If you work alittle pheromone goodness during the interview, the job should be yours easy. And once you have a connection with the police force, it'll be much easier for me to get access to their files and documents. Good luck balancing cop work and vigilante work. If they wise up and notice you disappear whenever the Superior Spider shows up, we may have some trouble.." Nadia almost wanted to scoff out loud. Someone with superior intellect, like the Superior Spider, could foresee any suspicions and avoid them altogether. These officers were nothing but tools. In a few months she figured she could be running the place, if not taking all their information for herself before quitting. When the two finally made it to the back room, the interview began almost immediately. The man asked her a series of questions about her past and why she would want such a job. He asked about references and previous jobs, and the Superior Spider gave short and sweet answers in response. She had read several books when it came to taking an interview, and with that knowledge she acquired it was quite easy to say all the right words. Of course, even without her genius intellect, the pheromones she excreted from her pours was enough to make the man fall madly in love with her, and thus wish to hire her under biased notion. The interview didn't last more than several minutes before the man hired her on the spot, and even asked her out to dinner after even though he was married. She had to politely decline and cut the supply of pheromones she was feeding him. Things were getting weird when a man who looked to be in his later thirties to older forties was asking a girl who was truly four years old, but looked eighteen, to dinner. Prophet surely had a laugh about it.

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Experimentation [Training]   Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:37 pm

The Superior Spider made the decision not to join the police force, but she did make sure she got some use out of them before her sudden disappearance. The next day after she was 'hired' she was to go on a patrol with a veteran officer who patrolled the same neighbourhood every single day. That information by itself was enough to detail how exciting the day was to become. Sitting in the passenger's seat, the young female would be focused on the window to her right side. The man she rode with spoke alot about the line of work, but she was hardly listening at this point. The Superior Spider only wished to get the hell out of the car and go about her way. She would get the chance, as an alarm would be heard not so far away, and being a cop, the man would have to respond to it. Pulling up outside the small store, the cop would tell the girl to lay low as he'd go in. Opening the door, he'd head out the car and head towards the front doors. The Superior Spider took orders from no one, so instead of waiting, she'd remove herself from the car and take off in a sprint towards a nearby alley. It only took a second for the girl to go within the alley, and then to reappear out the other side web swinging in her vigilante costume. The people that did see her swing from the alley seemed to duck their heads and run. Probably because mutants were so feared these days. Superior didn't blame the people for fearing them, seeing the amount of destruction they could cause with a flick of the hand. Before coming across power himself, Daniel Strong would look upon the people from his high tower and see them as insects. The mutants were above them on the food chain, and out of fear of being replaced as the dominant species, humanity took up arms against them. Shooting a web towards a street lamp, she'd swing around the corner and make her way towards the scene of the crime. Landing on the side of the building, the sound of gunfire would be heard from inside the store, and screams followed soon after. Even if she was a mutant, the Superior Spider knew taking a bullet to the head was death. Using her superior intellect, she would process the situation and make a decision. Holding her breath, she'd slowly vanish. In reality, she was activating her camouflage mode which would allow her to continue on invisibly. This, combined with her ability of inaudibility, allowed her to wall crawl on the wall and enter the entrance of the market without being seen. Crawling on the ceiling of the market, the Spider would look upon the scene of the crime. The cop she was riding with had been shot, and was hiding behind a stack of cans while the two gunman were holding the cashier hostage. Apparently this was a basic stick up, and they simply were going for the money in the register. Crawling to their backsides, the Superior Spider would lower herself down from the ceiling with a single line of webbing and flip onto the ground. Sneaking up behind them, she'd grasp both of their heads and slam them together to knock them out. Once doing this, she'd deactivate her camouflage mode and reveal herself to the worker and the wounded cop. The cop, being on orders, would attempt to raise his gun and told the mutant heroine to freeze. Lifting her hands, the Superior Spider would shoot a web and hit his hand, knocking the gun to a wall. Walking up on the wounded man, he cowered, almost expecting her to kill him. Instead, the Superior Spider would shoot a web on his wound to close it. Well, atleast slow down the bleeding so he didn't die. With this done, she'd take off outside the building, shooting a web towards the rooftop on the other side of the street. Once doing this, the acrobatic spider would web zip up into the air and flip around to leave the scene of the crime. Landing on the rooftop, the Superior Spider would begin to make long strides to make it to the other side. However, a sharp head pain would seemingly come out of nowhere, causing the Superior Spider to grasp her head and let out a pain filled grunt. Prophet would signal to her partner, attempting to see what was wrong with the female Spider. Nadia..Daniel..What ever the Superior Spider preferred to be called, would press herself to her feet while holding their head. "Egad..Some sort of cranial dysfunction so soon? The body is already rejecting the mind. Impressive little girl."

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Experimentation [Training]   Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:46 pm

"Did you hear?" A student ran to his locker and placed a hand on his head. "Dude, did you hear or what?" The young dark skinned boy would speak to his friend with an excited expression. His friend, being completely confused, would raise a brow towards the boy. "What are you talking about man?" Pulling a cellphone out his pocket, the boy would show a video from the previous day. On this video was a female in a costume fighting criminals inside the super market and leaving the scene with finesse. "Dude, New York has its very own super freak man!" The boy's friend seemed uninterested by this. "Dude, you must be new around here. New York is crawling with freaks like that dude. Haven't you heard the news of the mutant attacks happening at the rallies recently? This world is covered with these freaks man. My aunt got cinched cause of one." At that moment the conversation got awkward. It got even more awkward when the bell run and the two students found themselves late to class. Running down the hallway, the two teenagers wouldn't expect what would happen next. Coming through the opposite wall, across the hall, would be the body of the Superior Spider. Like a rag doll, she went sliding through the hallway, bouncing off lockers and finally skidding to a stop a few inches infront of the two. The two boys looked towards one another, and then down towards the motionless mutant beneath them. "What the hell? Is this a dream?" The dark skinned boy said this to himself, as his classmate would reach out and pinch his arm. This warranted and painful expression and a loud "Ouch!" His friend would kneel down towards the female while looking at his friend. "Guess it's not a dream." Reaching out, he'd go straight for the female's mask to remove it. The dark skinned boy would cover his mouth and shake his head. "Dude, what are you doing?!" The boy promptly replied. "I want to see who it is..(and if she's hot).." Too bad that boy wouldn't get the chance, as the female's arm moved fast and knocked his hand away. On instinct, the two boys screamed, as the mutant would press herself to her feet. Not even looking towards them, she'd remain focused towards the wall she was sent through. Almost like she was waiting for something. Suddenly the sound of rushing water became apparent. Something was getting closer. It was fast..Close and fast. And suddenly, through out the wall the woman was sent through, a wave of water would begin to rush down the hallway towards the three. "WHAT THE HELL?!" One of the boy's screamed as they tried to turn and run. Now the Superior Spider could have done two things here. She could have done the Superior thing, and left the two to drown while making her way through a vent shaft and heading to the next level. Instead, she would turn, grab the two by their shirts, and physically dragged them with her. Taking a turn towards the stairway, she would throw the two boys up and shot some webbing behind them. The webbing would slam into them both, and stick them to the corner of the ceiling where they'd be safe from the rushing water. By doing this, however, she allowed the rushing water to slam into her from behind. Wasn't this lovely? Being forced through the underbelly of the school and out the front door, the Superior Spider would be grasped in a hydro made hand that would lift her up and slam her hard into the ground. The water would begin to draw back from her, and form together to shape a humanoid figure that towered over her. It was literally a man made of water. This was going to be more than just alittle troublesome.

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PostSubject: Re: Experimentation [Training]   

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Experimentation [Training]
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