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 Jackson Dynasty - The Comeback Kid

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PostSubject: Jackson Dynasty - The Comeback Kid   Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:15 pm

So here we go, we're walking on
Side by side and arm in arm.
I stand and count the disappearing dreams,
but through the fog my friends are what I see.

You're on the path that you seem to know,
but you don't know where to go.
And in the darkness there seems to be
that there's another me.

Just let it out, your blood thirsty shout.
They stab my heart when you let out those awful cries.
Stay with me, I want you to show me the world through your eyes.
(Come along with me.)

The answer that you wish to seek,
I have discovered that it is lying inside of me.
Learn the tactics and reach the aim.
You must learn to fly a higher game!

The Biography

Birth Name: Jackson Dynasty
Aliases: Comeback Kid
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birth Date: September 17th
Class: Human Elite

Jack is an African American male so he has dark skin and has hazel eyes, with a athletic body due to his training in martial arts and due to him overall being an athletic kid. He isn't very tall, as he's only five foot ten inches but he is also one hundred and fifty pounds. He usually keeps his hair in "spider style". Jack while outside of his persona is also known for wearing white t-shirts or t-less shirts while out with friends or enjoying the sights, also wearing sweat dark blue pants and black combat boots. He also wears a necklace given to him by his mother while he was still young and is always seen wearing this normally. He wears "fake" glasses as well in order to keep his disguise.

As Comeback Kid, Jack wears wraps around his arms and legs. He wears a black bandanna which has eye holes in it so he can see outside of them and hide his secret identity. He also wears a black vest with no sleeves as he wears a white t-shirt. He wears “long” shorts that go towards his knees, placing a belt around it so that he can make sure to keep his pants up (though they aren’t too baggy just in case). The reason why his clothes are so “normal” is because he is on a tight budget and can buy these items easily from a store.

Usually his mannerisms are calm and collected he stands up straight and is usually one not to let things get to his head, obviously he doesn’t let his guard down easily due to how dangerous his “profession” is. He stands at about 5 foot 8 inches and weights 160 something pounds.

Jackson is someone who tries to be by himself and keeps to himself as he is often incredibly serious and is the loner type. He has a sort of cynical streak, like while in battle he will usually have some sort of sarcastic comment for the situation. He takes most if not all situations seriously though sometimes he smiles and tries to have fun. He has a neutral standing with most people he meets, and knows not to get too serious in relationships until he is more involved with those people. Though once he does get to know them and understand them as allies and friends he has a great deal of loyalty to them.

Jackson is an inquisitive thinker and someone although not a genius actually is intelligent enough to think through situations and provide lay-out knowledge due to creative potential. He is also blunt with what he says, and isn't one to sugar-coat situations with people. His acts of heroism can also get him into a good deal of trouble creating situations that seem bad for him due to his "spunk". He isn't afraid to fight if it is to protect an innocent person, using the memory of his father's death and his resolve to avoid their deaths.

Although seemingly "juvenile" due to where he is from, Jackson is actually quite poetic and understands philosophy which matches with his quietness and calm, and rational thought process. One of his best subject in school was actually philosophy. In this case, he doesn't see the world in black and white and understands how the "streets" work. This and his father's death are the reasons he started this dangerous yet seemingly worthwhile crusade.

He is not one to think that "anything" is possible though through willpower, as it's just not a realistic stance to him but he has a great deal of willpower even so as he knows that he's only human and he needs to stay "strong". His bluntness stretches towards seemingly bleak situations as well, with great sarcasm accompanying what is needed to be said. He can sometimes be a pain in the ass when situations turn for the negative and his sarcasm can go "too far" but he has a good heart and won't stop fighting because of it. He is extremely prideful in his ability to fight and box and due to his tenacity has "mastered" it due to his determination.

Due to living where he does within "deeply" urban situations, he is someone that knows something about striving to stay alive as he has had to go without things before. He also knows a thing or two about survival and in seriousness has no problem with fighting in order to solve his problems. He is usually a loner, likes to sort out his problems on his own instead of with a group and thus isn't seen with large amounts of groups. He places up a "front" of friendliness while in crowds. He's not one to show off in battle even if its a practice fight.

He gets angry at people who talk about his family in a bad way, and will show great anger. If he says he will do something he usually isn't someone to say it without backing it up. Although he fears "death" he became a superhero because there are others without powers that work to protect the innocent so he should use his to help them as well. He can be quite head-strong, though he isn't prone to reckless behavior as he was taught better than that. He also doesn't take "hand-outs" preferring not to owe anyone anything.

When fighting, he is completely serious and is in the "zone" in focus whether against an enemy or an ally. This is because he is taught to always focus on things and don't leave himself out to dry. Through use of this he is capable of judging the small discrepancies of an opponent such as habits and will take advantage of them if he sees fit. If he can stop an opponents attack, he shall also allow himself to get hurt and even die if they are a big enough threat.

Jackson is thankful for what he has, and is often shown to be grateful for the smallest things such as a kids smile or a word of thanks for something small. It's these little things that make him a good yet "to himself" hero a she is not out for himself. He will also drop what he's doing to help people if he can. Jack is also not afraid to be a combat pragmatist and will fight with weapons or dirty attacks if against a dangerous enemy.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Weapon Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Leadership


    Name: Boxing Mastery
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: C
    Description: His most skillful approach to hand-to-hand combat is the world's most underrated sport of boxing. He has placed a great deal of his time and effort into polishing his skills as a fighter as he wishes to use them to combat the threats on his home without the use of guns. Since he was a child after dealing with bullying at school and seeing how the world works it has become his main fighting style for dealing with thugs and criminals. Thanks to this focus, he is a hybrid boxer; he can be an inside boxer someone who faces off against an opponent from close quarters and attacks with a rush of powerful blows, an outside boxer a person who attacks from a range with counter attacks and feints, and a brawler in which he can also street-box in which he utilizes whatever means to fight against an opponent with extreme force and the bodies natural fighting power. To put it simply, he's a prodigious boxer.

    Name: Combat Perception
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: C, B, A, S
    Description: Due to being a prodigious boxer he can effectively utilize an opponents weaknesses and rhythm against them in combat. By focusing and fighting against them for a period of time (depending on their rank it takes more time to) he can create counter effective strategies after learning about their combat styles. At C-Rank it takes four posts to understand an opponents fighting style. At B-Rank it takes three posts to understand an opponents fighting style. At A-Rank it takes two posts to understand an opponents fighting style. At S-Rank it takes one post to understand an opponents fighting style.

    Name: Bloody Knuckles
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: C, B, A, S
    Description: His punches have a great deal of force due to using the science of boxing in order to maximize the damage potential in his blows. Due to his effectiveness in boxing, his punches gain a powerful increase in force specifically when he uses a straight, hook and uppercut. When he does this, his punches gain an increase in force depending on his rank. At C-Rank his punches gain 10% their normal force. At B-Rank his punches gain 20% their normal force. At A-Rank his punches gain 40% their normal force. At S-Rank his punches gain 75% their normal force.

    Name: Perfect Stance
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: C, B, A, S
    Description: Thanks to tirelessly training and planting the seed into his body about how to properly fight as a boxer, due to this he has gained a second-nature sense of how to plant his feet firmly on the ground to endure attacks without being knocked around. The perfect stance is basically what this is considered in boxing. When he is within his stance, he gains bonuses to his defense thanks to his stance. At C-Rank he gains 10% of an increase to his defensive effectiveness giving him the ability to block and withstand against an opponents attack. At B-Rank he gains 20% defensive effectiveness giving him the ability to block and withstand against an opponents attack. At A-Rank he gains 40% defensive effectiveness giving him the ability to block and withstand against an opponents attack. At S-Rank he gains 75% effectiveness giving him the ability to block and withstand against an opponents attack.

    Name: Ambidextrous
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: Due to his training in stances he has figured out a way to counter with both his right and left and can switch from orthodox to southpaw when in battle. Basically, he can use both stances without much problem. This also means that he can use the full-power of both his left and right hands.

    Name: Parkour
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: He can effectively traverse over the urban streets or whatever situations needs to be properly traversed over as long as their is something that can be used in order to use his parkour.

Weapons/Devices: (2 C-levels with weaponry Spec, 2 D-levels without it)

    Item Name: Brass Knuckles
    Item Rank: C
    Item Description: Some high-grade knuckle dusters that he bought in order to defend himself against weapons.
    Patent: -
    Item Image: -
    Item Power: They give more force to his blows, they can defend against weapons on a same or lower rank though have the possibility of breaking for anything higher.

    Item Name: Keys
    Item Rank: D
    Item Description: They are keys... he uses discarded keys as weapons in order to compensate if he ever loses his Brass Knuckles (they aren't his house or personal keys).
    Patent: -
    Item Image: -
    Item Power: They can stab whatever they hit due to the sharp points, and are effective weapons in the right hands. They have the possibility of breaking or bending when placed against weapons higher than their rank.

The Background

Jack was born in the slums of Jump City, some of the worst parts considering the other side of the city, and thus he has become a slave to threshold of “urban ghetto living”. Jack would always have to be careful, and watch-out for things that could potentially kill him within his urban life, and didn’t have the option of “doing what the other kids do” because his parents wanted him to be better. Unlike a great deal of kids in urban areas he actually had a father to teach him and discipline him if he did something bad.

Jack often got into trouble at school because he was a really smart kid, getting beaten up and ganged on just because he wanted to learn and do as his parents said. After so many cases, Jack had gotten sick of such a thing, and told his parents after breaking down and crying. His father had decided to enter him into boxing in order to learn how to properly defend himself. What his father took notice of was his incredible willpower, as even though he was getting hit over and over and being knocked down he always picked himself back up. His fathers close friend (who was a veteran of the Gulf War and a contender in boxing in another life) was his gym instructor usually and taught him all he knew. He even practiced outside of the gym often at least an hour a day. Due to this he understood the implication of the four regular punches quite well (his jab, straight, hook and uppercut).

After a few weeks in the gym, it had seemed that Jack had learned much and after being messed with once more by the same bullies, he showed his ability to fight by beating them all up by himself though not without his own bruising. But, due to his willpower he pushed through that. He was suspended from school and although his mother wanted to place him on punishment his father looked out for him and said that he had to show that he was strong and then no one would ever mess with him again. He learned and lived off those words, deciding to stay in the gym and constantly train through advanced techniques and applications.

His fourteenth year had passed and during a shootout (his father was a policeman) he’d experienced the death of his father in a hospital room after cardiac arrest after a bullet pierced a valve to his heart. This was after some gang wars, which his father was trying to protect an innocent kid from being shot. This left him distraught for months in which he didn’t even go into the gym due to he himself still mourning his father’s death. His mother and his aunt however, would tell him to stop moping, that his father wouldn’t allow him to just go on moping and feeling sad. A week after this conversation, he decided to intensify his training and learn some “dirty boxing” from his gym instructor (who he by now considered his uncle). During this he had also taught him how to disarm people if he got into close enough vicinity of their weapons and a few takedown maneuvers as well.

A few years had passed since this; Jack was asked if he wanted to turn into a contending boxer, in which he said no, as he would go another route. Instead he decided he’d become a “Hero” and fight with his boxing prowess in order to take down those who were the “scum” of the urban area. He never told anyone this, creating his own “costume and identity” called the “Comeback Kid”. He wanted to clean up the streets and used his fathers “mentality” to justify his means.

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Jackson Dynasty - The Comeback Kid
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