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Create your own Super hero or Super villain. Save the universe or conquer it. The choice is yours in Marvel Unlimited.
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Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Member and Staff Offenses

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Member and Staff Offenses  Empty
PostSubject: Member and Staff Offenses    Member and Staff Offenses  EmptyThu May 24, 2012 7:04 am

This is the area where members may report any problems that they have with staff/members. Staff power abuse or problems is If a member of the mod staff is found to be deleting/editing posts or topics that have not broken any rules to merit such actions. If a member of the staff is found to be tampering with the site in any destructive fashion(this will merit a IM if it is a hack or deletion attempt). If a staff/member has used any racist, bias, or blatantly respectful remark or actions. If a member of staff has used there powers to ban you with no just cause. Note that tampering with logs or evidence of any kind is an automatic IP Ban for a time limit of admin choosing. DO NOT post here because you have a personal vendetta or because staff has not graded something your way unless you can prove it is because of biased actions with hard evidence.

Rules for submission
-Members or fellow staff must have an untampered log or screen shot of the incident in question.
-The offense must be turned in to this area within 72 hours of it occurring.
-If member mod wishes to remain anonymous the template must be pmed to at least two members of the administration with the words "ANONYMOUS REVIEW" written as the header.
-Please allow 48-72 hours for a response, time limit on investigation is dependent upon offense and review.
-please fill out the correct template below.

Name of Offended:
Name of Accused:
Do you wish to remain Anonymous?:
Date of offense:
Witnesses to offense:
What evidence do you have?:
Log or Screen shot here:
All other evidence:

[b]Name of Offended[/b]:
[b]Name of Accused[/b]:
[b]Do you wish to remain Anonymous?[/b]:
[b]Date of offense[/b]:
[b]Witnesses to offense[/b]:
[b]What evidence do you have?[/b]:
[b]Log or Screen shot here[/b]:
[b]All other evidence[/b]:
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Member and Staff Offenses
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