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A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 The Sinister War pt.1

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PostSubject: The Sinister War pt.1   Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:37 pm

"..And thus the end of peace had come."

The son was always told he would one day bury his parents. That was how the cycle of the world worked. Your child would bury you, and then you would be buried by your own children. However, he hadn't expected this cycle of life to come so soon. He hadn't expected his parents to expire when he had just became a teen. The death of his parents couldn't have been avoided. What was made to appear to be an accident, surely was not. Left home alone, the child's parents had left on a business trip to the states. They frequently traveled, and left him alone with the butler of the household for the majority of his life. Though one would think the child would grow to resent his parents for such isolation, he grew even fonder of them. Their dedication, their ambition, and their drive were the main points to why he respected them so. Infact, he saw them as superior homo-sapiens compared to the wretched others in London. To gain their approval, the boy was always hard at work. His grades were the top of his class, he was the class president, he even was voted to be the most successful in thirty years. All these accomplishments fell ill to the ears of his parents, who never took the time to congratulate their son. Still, he respected them. That fateful day when he heard of the accident. The day when he stood out in the rain over their graves..That day, was when that small child became self aware. That was when his authentic impulse was triggered..and he had no one's expectation to live up too.

"As I look at the creation, I understand how Leonardo felt when he finished the Mona Lisa. How Michelangelo felt when David was complete."

The Faceless man stood upon a high rise, looking down upon his cultist that worked feverishly on the energy emitter. The Sinister Six had been working behind the scenes for quite some time, but everything needed to come to the light soon. With the energy emitter in their possession, they had the means to weaponize it; thus making a bomb for their employer to start World War III with. Faceless, himself, had no interest in a World War, but it would act as a useful distraction to his own "Sinister" agenda. Continuing to watch the scene below him, playful footsteps made their way from his rear. They belonged to none other than Jesteria, or so she called herself, and of course she was as bored as ever. With a Popsicle in hand, the pale faced woman would fall onto the man's right arm. "Faceless, why are we held up in this nasty underground bunker thingy? When are we gonna start killing and blowing things up! Boom Boom! You pwomised meee!" The masked man would not look towards the whining woman, as he continued to stare towards the creation of the bomb. "Did the other three return with the high frequency ores?" Straight to business like usual. Jesteria placed the popsicle in her mouth and began to play with it suggestively, as if she was trying to seduce the man behind the mask. However he continued to ignore her until she was forced to respond. "Ugh, they're arriving now. You're totally no fun sometimes." Jesteria would bite the popsicle and take the whole thing in her mouth before leaving. As she walked to the door of the high rise, it would open to reveal the Dark String leading the remaining members of the Sinister Six into the room. This had suddenly turned into a group meeting of some sort.

Faceless, would look towards the Dark Sting, and his expression to her arrival would not need to be noted. "Where are they?" The main spoke in a whisper as the woman covered in a full body suit would toss him a small burlap satchel. "I wasn't aware it was under a stronghold of that magnitude. We could have died out there, you know?" Dark Sting was never the type to hold her tongue when it came to missions, which made her speak to Nameless abit more freely than the rest of the group, no matter how risky that was. However, the man would throw the burlap sack down to the men and women working on the bomb, without looking back towards the Dark Sting. "Yet you are here, alive. I chose you specifically for that mission because of your skill set. The possibility of you failing fell into the negatives. Now come and watch our creation's final stage." The man folded his arms behind his back as the five others would line the high rise by his side. The scientist below would slowly remove the core of the energy emitter and begin to pour the pure frequency ores directly into it. The sound it made from the initial fusion would cause a sonic screech to disorient the members of the room. However, it was only for a second so there would be no permanent damage done. Once the ores were placed within the core, the same core would once again be placed within the emitter itself. It took a few seconds, but notable differences began to surface. The energy the device emitted were now based on intense sound waves with enough power to literally rip a person apart from the seems; and that was only one a small scale. If this emitter were to explode, it could single handedly wipe out an entire city, and leave nothing in its wake. It was the perfect weapon to deliver a message with. Luckily it wasn't a message the Sinister Six was trying to send, but instead the government they worked for.

"Tell the f├╝hrer his weapon is active and available to be mobile. Tell him the Dawn of War has come."

Pt.1 complete. Pt.2 and further on will be topics where PCs of the site can easily get involved seeing how it is dealing with their entire country.
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The Sinister War pt.1
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