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 Supers in Wonderland

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PostSubject: Supers in Wonderland   Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:00 pm

Caelus could find himself anywhere on the globe and it still wouldn't be far away enough to run away from everything. He wasn't exactly a big fan of the densely populated cities, he preferred a more laid back community so he had been glad to be here. At this point in life, he was constantly wandering the entire globe, and not staying in one destination for more than a week. He had been trying to find solace in something, and so far it hadn't been going very well. So he chose to come to this small town, but his intentions were even unknown to himself. He was like a lifeless satellite, drifting...

The guy was just finishing up his breakfast at a local restaurant, wearing a simple attire, his favorite black shirt, black pants, black hooded jacket and black boots, and as usual the entire time he ate everyone stared. Everyone had been dumbfounded to see the superpowered alien in their small town eating breakfast amongst them, but no one had the guts to say anything to him. Despite saving a couple people and preserving order, people still feared Caelus, and that was never going to change. It didn't really bug him too much anymore, but at times it still got to him. What was so bad about him? He payed the check and left a generous tip before standing up and walking out with out even glancing at anyone. He kept his eyes closed, dug his hands into his pockets, and walked with what some would consider poor posture out of the restaurant.

He could barely feel the cool winter air brush against him, his sleek black hair gusting about in the wind, but his skin numb to the sensation. He had always longed for the ability to feel things, since nearly everything he did was numb, it made life difficult to enjoy at times. Not one to whine or say his powers were a curse, but he still always wondered what it'd be like to feel things to the fullest again. The town had drifted out of sight, and now Caelus had found himself nearing a wild life reserve, a big open field of grass. He saw quite a few signs that made it very clear that no one was supposed to be here, but why the hell would that stop him? He didn't even bother to read them! Only person he ever listened to was himself, and he wasn't about to walk away cause some sign said so. Still, something did seem a bit off about this place...

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PostSubject: Re: Supers in Wonderland   Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:13 am

He was still unsure as to what he was doing there. Blake, an individual who pride himself on his lack of interest towards matters beyond that of regular life found himself in a small remote town, sitting at a personal booth in preparation for his first really exploration of this mutant life. Rumors had it that casualties had been increasing tenfold within radius of the isolated city. An independent something-or-another had been outsourcing their Intel to heroes capable of completing these tasks in return for paid compensation. The entire thing seemed a little skeptical; however, he found himself unable to withstand the temptations of delving deeper into his mutant psyche. Information regarding the specifics of the mission was scarce: find your objective and terminate. Blake had never been one for “termination”, nor did he plan on even confronting the situation with force, yet his intuition still yearned for his pursuit. The only other piece of information that he was supplied with was that another individual would be accompanying him. Their race, gender, physical appearance, name: all a mystery. As he placed his gaze across the establishment in search of this person, he placed the cold class against the top of his lower lip and tilted his glass as the barrel-aged spirit trickled down his throat. After placing his now empty glass firmly on the counter, he once more perched over his stool in search. Just as his head at turned, an individual clad in black garments sat down at the front counter.

He released a faint sigh as he thought to himself, “he’s wearing black. Why do these people always wear black! They’re all so melodramatic and pitiful. How about some color for a change?” he continued to critique in his mind, as he glanced at his own apparel. His feet were snugged within the confines of his blue and green Nike sneakers. His mustard yellow shirt donned a faint and generic graphic, accompanied by his blue flannel shirt and dark-tinted blue jeans. “See, this is fashion sense!” he proclaimed as he continued his silent rant. “I really don’t understand why these ‘superheroes’ feel the need to dress like homeless men.” He recollected his thoughts as he turned his attention back to his drink, which had now been refilled, turning his head occasionally to mark the strange man. Blake’s patience was beginning to wear thin just as the black garbed specimen placed his money on the counter and sauntered out the door.

His posture was sloppy and slouched, far from what you’d expect from these ‘high and mighty superhero types’. Blake was still unfamiliar with common superhuman etiquette and his last encounter with a mutant was a little hostile to say the least. He thought it best to maintain some distance between him and his potential accomplice. As he slowly paced behind Caelus in the distance, the two abruptly stopped at the perimeter of a large open grass field. Blake had no intention of concealing himself from the individual; however, he had no impulse to make his presence felt until the other party made contact. He simply stood there, taking in his air, his thoughts and the land.
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PostSubject: Re: Supers in Wonderland   Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:59 pm

"Tie the lace, check the time. Dance and Dance in the sublime! Play along. Play the grounds! Don't stop me till the world turns round!" A young looking female in a blue dress would spin wildly around the streets of Texas. A knife was in her hand, and any person that breached within five feet of her, she made it a habit to lunge and stab them down into the ground. Though this looked like bloody murder to the average person, through this machine's eyes she was releasing them into Wonderland. The street lamps were trees. Cars were giant sized animals. People were pods ready to be struck and released. This was how Alice the Madness saw the world. Her dementia core forced this upon her circuits. Her creators never would have suspected a machine they were making for a theme park would go rogue. It was almost funny how that cycle went. The created would one day end the creators.
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PostSubject: Re: Supers in Wonderland   

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Supers in Wonderland
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