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 Blake Harolds [Wallrunner] [Updated]

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PostSubject: Blake Harolds [Wallrunner] [Updated]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:16 pm

Blake Harolds [Wallrunner]
“No, I’m not interested in you….Yeah, I said you’re hot cause you’re hot, doesn’t mean I wanna fuck.”

The Biography

Birth Name: Blake Harolds
Aliases: Wallrunner, Wall-Runner, Wall Runner, WallRunner
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birth Date: September 22, 1986 (BP: Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Class: Mutant

Blake Harold’s would often be depicted as a modern day “pretty boy”. His shimmering brown eyes are complimented by his aristocratic nose and strong jawline. His body is both lean and defined, due largely in part to his strict martial arts regiment. His thick brown hair is often styled with the front upwards or up and to the side, but occasionally left to hang down. It’s kept short and around the ears with the side occasionally trimmed down further. His attire consists of relatively common North American fashion: t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, flannel, jeans, leatherjackets, sneakers. He also wears a silver metal bracelet with a solid black design across the front, occasionally paired with a black and white diamond ring given to him by his mother. He’s by no means a short individual – reaching at about six feet, but he’s far from a giant. Typically has a clean shave or slight stubble.


To the simple observer, Blake’s personality would often be considered as “complex”. At first glance he comes of social, talkative and energetic; however, this, along with his looks and demeanour, are often misinterpreted for arrogance and untrustworthiness. Through his years of maturing as a young adult, Harold’s has become apathetic to many things that pop cultural and the social norm consider newsworthy. He recognizes that death will always exist, that relationships will always ends, that people can be dicks and as Patrick Dempsey once stated “life’s a bitch and then you die”. This, nevertheless, hasn’t hindered his understanding of issues nor has it harmed his sociability in anyway. If anything, it has allowed him to mature and appreciate life without the limitations of stress and occupancy on the things beyond his reach. As you delve farther into his psyche, it becomes apparent that he’s a very opinionative person, but his priority is always for others as opposed to himself. He’s caring, he’s understanding and he’s loyal, but he has no problem using his social skills to manipulate and lie to people (under the impression that it has no real harm to others). Although he’s always been more “artsy” and had a strong social appeal, his dedications growing up were always to his friends, which typically consisted of: science-advocates, video game geeks and the SOMEWHAT socially inept. At the core of it all, Blake’s only concerns in life is the happiness of himself and those around him, but that may not always be what you’d expect at first glance.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Physically Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Witty

Powers: Physical

    Main Power: Earth/Mineral Element Control
    Sub Power: (Leave Blank Until A-Rank)

Abilities:(1 Free C-Level ability at Creation)

    Name: Physical Earth Manipulation
    Rank: C
    Power: Earth Element Control
    Description: With anything from a simple hand motion to the flicker of a thought, Blake can physically manipulate anything that categorizes as either earth or a mineral (or contains such traces) (Rock, dirt, other composition of minerals, etc.). This could be anything from raising a slab of earth to double as a shield to hurling a boulder with the flick of a wrist. This is strictly limited to the physical manipulation and movement of objects and cannot change the properties of said objects (Meaning that the user is limited to levitating and moving the object in different directions). (Can only move a maximum of 2000 pounds at once)

    Name: Shaping the Earth
    Rank: C
    Power: Earth Element Control
    Description: With his newly enhanced control of the earth element, Blake can now go beyond simply manipulating the actions of earth/minerals and instead freely shape it. This means that he can change the physical form of an object, while retaining the same mass, denstiy, etc. (For example, a round stone could be morphed into a dagger as long as it retains the same original components of that stone). These earth and minerals can be reshaped simply by though; however, using hand motions will provide better control.

    Name: Molecular Disposition
    Rank: C
    Power: Earth Element Control
    Description: Through further mastery of his abilities, Blake now possesses the ability to change the molecular and physical structure of the objects he can control. This ability cannot change the properties to create a completely different earth element or mineral, nor can it change the physical state of that object (Solid to Liquid to Gas, etc). What it can do, however, is change that specific objects physical attributes. For example, a large boulder could be broken down into smaller rocks - Small rocks could be broken down into pebbles - Pebbles could be broken down into small pieces so fine that they resemble dust. This example also works in the opposite way, as particles of sand could be compacted and joint together to form a wall, etc.

    Name: Dense as a Rock
    Rank: C
    Power: Earth Element Control
    Description: Blake can now not only change the physical attribute and actions of the elements and minerals that he controls, but can change the density, mass and solidity of those objects. The user can adapt the components and molecules of objects to make them thicker, thinner, more transparent, denser, etc. A dirt wall could become as dense as concrete or steel and a boulder could become as dense as a grain of sand. This power has limitations however. An object can only have its density and mass manipulated (or weight by manipulating the gravitational force on that object) to a certain degree beyond it's original state. No object can have it's mass increased or decreased beyond 2000 pounds of it's original mass.

    Name: Nature's Skin
    Rank: C-S
    Power: Earth Element Control
    Description: Blake's increase control and manipulation of earth and minerals now provide him with the ability to form and mold a form of earth/mineral around his body like a layer of armor from head to toe. This armor can expand and withdraw at will, covering different parts of his body, his entire body or no part of his body instantly. The armor also protects highly against lightning/electric attacks by transferring and grounding the energy through the armor and to the ground below. (Abilities below also carry over previous ranks abilities).

    C-Rank: Moderate bludgeoning, piercing and melee protection + negates electricity/lightning at same rank or below.
    B-Rank: Small Firearms + negates electricity at same rank or below.
    A-Rank: Large caliber rounds + electricity at same rank or below.
    S-Rank: Energy blasts at half damage + electricity at same rank or below.


    Name: Speed Boost
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: C
    Description: Through his many years of stamina training, Blake’s speed and swiftness have become greater than that of the average individual. He gains a 10% speed boost.

    Name: Rock-Hard Bod’
    Specialty:Physical Prowess
    Rank: C
    Description: Through a very tentative and rigorous training regiment, Blake has the ability to withstand great deals of punishment. He now gains 10% damage reduction.

    Name: Copper Tongue
    Specialty: Witty
    Rank: D
    Description: Blake’s exquisite social skills and charm help mask his lies. He’s an expert liar. This skill increases success when: lying, negotiating, recognizing other’s lies, etc.

    Name: Chiseled Complexion
    Specialty: Witty
    Rank: D
    Description: Blake Harolds has the bridged nose, strong jawline and straight teeth that any man, woman or otherworldly creature attracted to the male gender would seek out. These looks are now further enhanced by this boyish charm, natural sociability and witty humor, poising him as a prime candidate for “repopulating the planet”.

    Name:(Leave blank until A-Level)

The Background

Blake Harold’s grew up in Eastern Canada. His parents were of Iranian and German descent. He grew up as the only child of a wealthy married couple in Toronto. Growing up Blake had always donned a smile upon his young face. As he reached the early stages of maturity to Elementary school, his increased weight and social flaws led him to be the direction of teasing and jokes from his fellow students and “friends”. This teasing led to a string of emotional problems and an inability to properly express himself both at home and socially. After a divorce between his father and mother at an early age, Blake became acquainted with the depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies of his mother. After returning to Iran to focus on her own life, Blake began living fulltime with his father. This peaceful setting helped him eventually break out within his third year of high-school. The unhygienic, unsociable, emotional and poorly groomed child that students had become accustomed to had begun to transition into a better kept, more expressive and likeable individual. It was also around this time that he began a rigorous training regimen in Kick Boxing, which eventually led to a transition to Brazilian Jit-Jutsu.

This, however, only helped him better recognize and appreciate those who befriended him prior to his metamorphosis. Girls were beginning to fane interest, his old friends were accompanied by new, his relationship with his father had grown exponentially and life was better. It was around this time that his mutations began, late into puberty (16).

A childhood friend of his, Jonathan, was being pestered by a couple students who had a reputation for picking fights. Rumors had it that their father was a member of the notorious biker gang: The Hell’s Angels. Jonathan was a short, chubby and socially inabled friend who mostly kept to himself. As he began to approach the two roughnecks from the distance, he stared in horror as the larger of the two boys wounded his fist for a strike. Almost instantly, a slab of earth broke through the hallway floor and absorbed the punch, breaking the miscreant’s hand in the process. At first, Blake was dumbfounded by his newly found abilities. After a few smaller incidents, it became clear that the young adult had discovered something unique amongst his genetic pool. There were no physical deformations or adaptations to his body and from the beginning he had a relatively firm grasp of his powers. For the remainder of High school his powers went on relatively unnoticed.

Following his graduation, Blake took some time away from education to focus on himself and his interests. He began working internships with both large and independent entertainment companies as a cinematographer. He kept his powers relatively concealed, using them only for his leisure and developing control, and his “distinct qualities” were a mystery to all but his closest friends. After several more years of “soul searching”, the entertainment industry began to lose his interests. It was around this time, fortunately, that he stumbled upon a character that would forever change Blake Harolds[/spoiler] and give birth to a “Wallrunner”.

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PostSubject: Re: Blake Harolds [Wallrunner] [Updated]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:21 pm

For your specialties click here to look at the eight specialties we use on here. For yours, most likely your specialty would be leadership and physical prowess but you might wanna choose another so just take a look at that and edit your specialties.

As for your Earth Manipulation, that one ability is a little too broad for just one ability. You might wanna limit to a smaller amount of actions, then register the others later and learning them.
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PostSubject: Re: Blake Harolds [Wallrunner] [Updated]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:40 pm

Ok Approved
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PostSubject: Re: Blake Harolds [Wallrunner] [Updated]   

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Blake Harolds [Wallrunner] [Updated]
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