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 Calm [Open]

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PostSubject: Calm [Open]   Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:58 pm

Gau had not been keeping up with just how long he sat in the frigid cave. He had come here on his own accord to get away from these creatures known that he later dubbed "parasites" despite being told that their race was known as humans. He had landed on the planet in hopes of escape so that he could return to the sky's where he would get revenge for the death of his entire crew and destruction of his only ship. However, his near death experience caused the anger in him to cloud his judgement and so he went on a rampage destroying whatever crossed his path. It was only then did he learn that the parasites had a few big fish amongst them as they came to put an end to the titan's rampage. It would be his own judgement that led Gau to getting away from civilization until he was at least able to think more rationally. This brought him to his current situation. The space pirate had travelled far to the north to the point that all things that were once green and beautiful soon become a white wasteland. He figured it was likely the coldest place on this planet and judging from the uninhabited appearance of the region, the parasites could not come here or avoided it. He found a small cave and killed the rather aggressive creature living within, a snack for later.

With his mind finally clear, Gau was able to properly assess this situation he was in. Discretion was no longer an option at this point since he was sure the world likely knew he was here, on the planet anyways. It would be difficult to decide where to even begin which served to irritate him as he tried to think of an idea of whats next. He could not return to space just yet since he had no ship and if he did he would still need a crew if he had any hopes of getting the revenge he wanted. He needed to earn some form of trust from any of these parasites, leaving his best bet to simply try to fit in. An idea that made the large man spit on the ground at the thought of being one of these inferior creatures. He stood up and walked to the entrance of his cave and looked out upon the white wasteland once again. He would rest here for tonight and then make his way back to the nearest city, hopefully he could get lucky and find some means to get this ball rolling. After starting a small fire and cooking the polar bear he had killed upon entering the cave, Gau moved further to the back of the cave and found him a place to rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Calm [Open]   Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:28 pm

The sky was a deep set indigo, splashed with a vibrant orange red as the sun dipped it's glowing face under the horizon. Soon the silvery tendrils of the moon would light the way for the locals an hopefully guide the man home, not that there was anything to worry about. He was a member of a super powerful alien race, one of the most epic in the galaxy, and possibly one of the most powerful as well...not that he really cared. Power was but a subjective ideal, there was power in humility as there is in violence and the Caelus always chose the latter, believing it to be more fulfilling. He could not however escape the glaring truth about his power within the human world. He had access to the Dark Force, the essence that existed in a completely different dimension and it only made sense that a man who possesses such a rare gift was highly regarded by normal beings.

The soft autumn breeze whispered through the city, muttering incoherent songs of nature as it made it's final flight across the coastal area. The wind brought a sense of nostalgia to the man, the sights, smells and nature of the city blossomed ancient memories that were once buried beneath his ever thinking mind. The lights of the city erupted into a warm yellow glow, setting the concrete jungle into an electrical haze of unnatural lights and sounds. He was close, the forest scoured the edges of the packed city, it's exclusive area only accessible to those capable of understanding it's ancient lore and secrets. Caelus disappeared into the woods leaving the busy city behind as he continued his stroll through the quiet path. This was merely him being the curious being that he was and setting off to perhaps get some alone time as well after being among the humans so much. The cloaked figure waded through the dense undergrowth where he eventually came to what seemed like a cave in a winter white wasteland. He hadn't even noticed the greenery fade or paid much attention to the subtle crunch of snow under his feet as he walked closer to get a better view. It was a good thing he was wearing something warm but that still didn't stop the cold from trying to penetrate through to his core.

Caelus now stood at the entrance of the cave peering into his depths to make sure that nothing would be jumping out at him if he wanted to explore a little deeper. A fire in the back of the cavern caught his attention with its soft glow and promises of warmth if he ventured just a tad further into the cave. Smiling to himself the man crept closer to the flames but stopped as soon as he got within distance to see the humanoid figure that laid next to them. "Is he dead?" He thought to himself. He wasn't sure if the man was lost and sought refuge within the cave or whether he was just here for fun but regardless of anything else Caelus was curious to know if he had stumbled upon a corpse or something. "Hey buddy you're not dead are you?" His voice seemed to echo off the walls with a booming bass that couldn't have been ignored unless the individual laying next to the fire was dead.
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Calm [Open]
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