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 Azazel's training (WIP)

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Azazel Steelwater


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PostSubject: Azazel's training (WIP)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:40 am

The day was unusually windy in the city of los angeles yet the people dd no seem to notice as the wind howled through their streets so noisily, the wind whipped up clothing, disheveled hair, made the eyes sting yet people went on. The streets were less occupied on Grove street this day in a slightly slum like area, walls painted with graffiti and windows covered with bars to keep out those who word dare to try and steal from them. Shifty youths hung out on the side walk like they owned the place, their nasty glares drove most to the other side of the street to walk. Yet the largest group of youths seemed to split apart as if Moses himself were splitting them with his divine abilities, though it was not Moses who split these youths easily it was Azazel a rather shady looking man. His hair slicked back and his eyes were a shocking blue that seemed unreal, his clothing seemed normal enough being a long sleeved t shirt and a pair of black jeans. But the youths eyed him like a smaller dog would a big dog when afraid they might be attacked, this was with good reason as this particular group of youths had once tried to rob Azazel.

Thirteen of them jumped him at night yet instead of backing down he had fought back and crushed them, he held back leaving them with broken noses at the worst since they were but children. Azazel's fighting ability was far above theirs and the best they managed to do was tear his shirt up when they grabbed him, they had yet to mess with him again though he suspected a few of them would like to drive a knife into his back if they got the chance to do so. But he welcomed the possibility of attack because he was somewhat of an adrenaline junky, the thought of being attacked was exciting to him as it would give him the chance to prove that he was strong to those who attacked him. Azazel lived here in the almost slums in a surprising little area, he walked right into a small dojo that most did not even know existed here in the center of the almost slums, the door shut behind him loudly and he took in the deep scent of the dojo. He could tell that his teacher was currently not in the dojo so he was alone to train however he pleased, though he called the older man who owned the dojo teacher he already surpassed the man in skill.

His ability gave him enhanced strength and speed compared to the average human and even a trained human such as his teacher could not keep up with Azazel anymore. His durability was also increased so he could take a beating far beyond the normal level of a human, yet even with all this at his disposal Azazel never thought himself to be the strongest or the best there was. He knew there were many people out there with abilities that rivaled his own or surpassed it but at the same time he wished to test himself against the people to become stronger and stronger so he could fight in more exciting battles. It was like a goal that he could never reach to be the strongest there was under the heavens, he would train and train until his addiction was satisfied by his strength. His flip flops were now off and he stood upon the floor of the dojo, the wood felt cool upon his flesh and he smiled slightly to himself as he moved fluidly and slowly, his hands moved as if in a dance as he did the kata of his martial art.

The 'facility' had given him karate as his style of hand to hand combat and through the years he had honed it to a deadly weapon that could be used to subdue, break, even kill his opponents if it ever came to that. Azazel had only ever resorted to killing his opponents once yet that one time was burned into his memory forever, even as he tried to calm his mind the flashes of red popped into his mind. The kata were slow yet fluid and some might even say beautiful as Azazel had turned them into an art of sorts with how long he had practiced and polished them.

His kata only took moments to finish and he let loose a deep breath to signal that he was finished even though there was no one here to see him. With that he stepped into the center of the room and closed his eyes before focusing on the animal within, he could feel his animal side begging to be let out to run free and do what it was made to do. His eyes snapped opened and suddenly Azazel's body expanded as if he was suddenly blown up like a balloon, yet he was not round like a balloon as he suddenly became far larger than normal. His muscles while strong and hard before were like solid concrete now as they rippled underneath the white fur that covered him from head to toe instantaneously. At six foot he was average size for a human but now Azazel was eleven feet tall dwarfing even the tallest of humans, the wooden floor groaned under the massive weight of his experimental form, he weighed in at almost one and a half tons of polar bear now.

Claws that could rend flesh from bone sprouted from his fingertips and teeth became fangs that could break bones or wood with ease now filled his mouth. The only thing recognizable about Azazel now was those shocking blue eyes that seemed to stare into people easily, he shifted his shoulders for a moment trying to get used to the feeling of his experimental form once again. It had been nearly two months since he last transformed, he had run into a person misusing their cloning ability so he dealt with him or well them quietly. Already he could feel the effects of his experimental form taking place as he could see the fly near the garbage can as if it were moving in slow motion and slowing the mass of muscle walked towards it yet it tried to fly away as soon as it saw him. His massive hand shot out with inhuman speed and the buzzing of the fly disappeared as Azazel caught it in his hand crushing it easily, his head tilted to the side as he dropped the crushed body into the garbage can. It fell as if it was a leaf in the air dancing for just a moment before it hit the bottom of the can, his head slowly went back to it's normal way and he sniffed at the air for just a bit to try and gather up the scents around him.

It was difficult to tell the different smells from one another yet as he closed his eyes to focus there was a little more sense to the tidal wave of smells that assaulted his nose now. The smell of too much cologne from a businessman who walked by the door, the smell of garbage as he garbage truck came down the street, the smell of cigarettes as the smoke wafted through the air. He sneezed as he smelled that and rubbed at his nose softly with his paw like hand, it would have been cute if Azazel didn't look like he could rip someone apart with just a touch. Azazel never had to deal with this in the arctic and he could still remember the first time he had gone into his experimental form when he came into the city, the smells and the sounds overwhelmed him almost right away and he went back to human form instantly. His nose twitched as the smell of hot dogs hit his nose and he licked at his lips for but a second losing himself to the animal hunger, soon enough he was back in control telling his stomach to calm down since he could eat later.

Azazel had found himself slacking lately, while he was training his human body he was not training his experiment form at all, he felt like he had become mentally disciplined more yet now weaker physically because of this. Now with his time alone it was time to train his body once again so that he could use it however it needed to be used, Azazel never wen out looking for fights but at the same time he never backed down from a fight seeing as they made him feel alive most of the time. Suddenly with inhuman speed the giant bipedal polar bear struck out at the air with a vicious uppercut slash with his claws, the sound was a sharp whistle as they tore through the air. Even with his large size Azazel's form moved effortlessly and quickly striking with the precision that was ingrained into his body from years of training, the claws retracted so that the paw like hand looked closer to normal.

His claws were quite useful since they could do that, it helped him do more than hurt things he could climb very well thanks to the claws and his powerful muscles, though one might find a giant polar bear climbing on something to be a bit odd. Of course if anyone saw a bipedal polar bear creature delivering a high kick to the air right now they might think that they had gone crazy, his kick had enough force behind it to break every bone in the body of a normal human. Azazel was deadly in human form but in his current form he was a monster that could destroy things that got in his way, he suddenly leaped forward suddenly clearing over twenty feet before hitting the wall which shook from the impact of his body. He leaped from the wall and slammed into the wooden floor which groaned at the impact, he rolled with the fall so he wouldn't go through the floor but even then it was probably on the verge of breaking underneath his weight.

He came to his feet within an instant and jumped sideways spinning at the same time to deliver a spinning heel kick to the air like it was his opponent, the screeching of a car filled his ears yet even that noise could not interrupt his concentration. His hearing was quite powerful, he could hear things that even animals could not because his hearing had been enhanced as well by the purple liquid that was injected into his body when he was still in the 'facility'. He always wondered who made the liquid that made him into a monster in the eyes of normal people, even now he had no idea what made him into what he was. The thought lasted for only a second as his fingers uncurled and his claws came back out to slash through the air with deadly force, usually Azazel would never use his claws but he had before and probably would again in the future. Using karate Azazel had learned to use every piece of his body to his advantage in a fight, he elbow thrust through the air as he sped forward at the same time. His speed was probably already three times that of a normal human yet he was still getting faster as he chained attacks together smoothly, Azazel's speed was reaching it's peak as he weaved about.

His shocking blue eyes kept the simple board that was in the center of the room in sight as he moved faster and faster, he weaved faster and faster he finally hit his limit of speed. The simple board sat there standing there as Azazel set it up to hit earlier, for humans it was a wooden board with the top wrapped in rope for them to punch over and over to toughen up their fists. Azazel's concrete block sized fist slammed into the rope wrapped wooden board and it snapped instantly, the wood splintered and the top of the board slammed into the wall with a clunking sound. He wasn't done yet as he let his claws come out once more and he slashed at the wood viciously, the wood didn't stand a chance still as it was ripped apart by the claws of Azazel suddenly. Even then Azazel was not done as he leaned down and snapped the wood like it was nothing more than a piece of paper between his teeth. He literally spit out chunks of the wood like it fuzz that slipped into his mouth, he had to reach in and pull a piece of the wood out from between his teeth as it was wedged in there stubbornly.

With the wood broken Azazel had nothing to focus his hand to hand combat on so instead he looked towards the weights that were in corned of the dojo. He remembered testing his strength when he was younger yet he had not done that in some time, he lumbered over slowly as if he had all the time in the world to do so. As he walked over he felt the hairs on the back of his neck suddenly raise and it was like a little shock ran through his large powerful form, he looked over his shoulder but of course there was nothing there to see. But Azazel wasn't looking for someone or something to be inside of the dojo he was just looking back, his animal senses had just told him that the weather was about to go from a windy day to a windy and rainy day. As he sniffed at the air he could tell that there was a slight difference now that he was looking out for it, Azazel was still sometimes surprised at what he could do in this form. Since he never truly mastered it he found out little things like this every now and then.

As he sniffed at the air he could also smell something tart and fruity like an orange or maybe a whole sack of oranges, he shook his head before turning his head back towards the weights in the corner. The weights all combined were about eight hundred pounds so Azazel just piled them up bit by bit seeing how much he could lift without really trying. First it was four hundred pounds and that was easy for him, he made it six hundred and he barely strained with his powerful form still, even at eight hundred pounds he lifted them up without pushing all the way. As he set down the weights he had to wonder what his current strength limit was in this form, eight hundred had been a bit harder but it wasn't like he had to strain his muscles all the way like he had done in human form before. While Azazel sat there and thought to himself about the limits of his strength the sky had darkened a bit more and now the sprinkling of rain could be heard as it fell from the heavens to the dirtied earth.

The sound of rain pounding against the ground was actually kind of soothing to Azazel who listened for people outside, the youths seemed to be running to their houses or wherever they were staying to get out of the rain. The rain was a bit of luck for Azazel because it would mean less people outside which meant he could go out to test his body out a little more than he could inside the moderately sized dojo. He slipped out the back and he could feel the cold rain hitting his fur soaking it rather quickly but he barely felt that as he was used to being far colder than that, he smiled a bit which actually made his intimidating form seem even more frightening. Being outside seemed to release his animals senses even more, he rushed toward the brick wall in front of him and he jumped up as high as he could. He cleared forty feet and slammed into the wall hard, usually one would just slip right down the brick wall but Azazel slammed his clawed fingers into the wall, the claws punched into the brick.

No one would ever suspect such a big thing could climb so quickly yet here it was, he climbed the brick wall easily though he did feel a bit bad for punching multiple holes into the wall just to climb. Once upon the roof Azazel began to run at full speed reaching speeds that humans wished they could compare to, at the edge he leaped up and out. He reached the other building easily clearing a thirty foot distance between them. Anyone that was staying in the building was sure to hear the loud sound of his landing but by the time they decided to investigate Azazel would be gone. He was leaping from building to building like it was nothing and it was quite fun for him, he knew he needed to let his animal side out more often because he felt so carefree when he was in this form. The rain seemed to come down harder and harder, the wind whipped through almost as if howling at the bipedal polar bear for daring to be out during such a storm. Yet Azazel cared not for he barely felt the sharp wind or cold water through his thick fur and the wall of muscles that was now his body, he leaped down from a building into an alley. Luckily the ground was made of concrete here so he could land without worrying about breaking it, he landed with full force and he was sure if there had been any cars in the vicinity the alarms would have been going off.

In this form Azazel could feel everything around him like it was supposed to be yet he was not expecting to find people in the alley at all. He could hear their heartbeats though, there were six in total and none of them seemed to know he was hear as they were still staying in their area, yet as Azazel turned to go his own way he heard a scream from around the corner where the six people were. That was the sound of a woman screaming and though there was the saying curiosity killed the cat there was no way that Azazel could just ignore that scream so now he walked towards the corner. As he looked around the corner through the rain he could see five men around a woman who looked absolutely terrified, one had a knife out and it did not look like anyone was being overly friendly. Azazel did not hesitate he just slowly walked through the rain as if he were still a normal looking human but as he neared he could see the looks from the entire group showing that he was indeed not normal looking anymore.

Yet even though the group of men was staring at a giant bipedal polar bear that was soaking to the bone they didn't move, it seemed they were trying to figure out whether or not this was really happening. The woman fell to her rear without a word but she was looking just as confused as the men were now, Azazel was a bit amused by their reactions to him in his experiment form. Though the amusement died when the man with the knife who also seemed to be the leader suddenly lashed out with the knife towards his chest like it would actually do anything to the giant bipedal polar bear that stood in front of him. Azazel simply swayed to the side and let the knife miss by inches before sighing lightly, there was no excitement in this so he would end it quickly he thought to himself a bit depressed. Yet Azazel temporarily forgot that he was in his experiment form so he forgot to hold back more, his left paw like hand shot out to the side slamming into the knife wielding man's face or more specifically his jaw. The sound of shattering bone was easily heard by Azazel even through the rain and the man flew to the side into the wall face first, the thud of his skull upon the brick was also easily heard and Azazel was now worried he could have really hurt that guy.

At the same time he had to think the guy deserved it since he was stupid enough to attack a polar bear who was nearly twice his size with just a knife, "the stupid shall be punished" he said softly to himself. Though he could see that his voice carried through the rain as the other four men seemed to back off right away, his voice was more a growl than a voice now yet he was still understandable apparently. Azazel took a simple step forward and that was all it took, the men took off without a word leaving their 'leader' behind without a second thought and Azazel didn't blame them for that. Azazel could see that the woman was just as terrified as the men had been yet it seemed that her legs were not working as well as the mens had been. "You should go home before your 'friends' come back" he said it calmly yet it seemed that he was barking out the order at her before turning his back on her. Before she could even think to ask a question he disappeared into the air, he latched onto the wall with his claws and leaped again to the top of the building. Azazel didn't need the recognition that might come with his daring rescue if it would even be positive, after all a giant polar bear beating up humans could be considered bad even if he did save someone in the process. Humans have such a narrow view of the world Azazel knew this from just living with them for a month when he was younger, the majority of them considered themselves superior to all else.

How silly because without technology they wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the food chain, they wouldn't be able to act as if nothing could touch them. As he thought to himself Azazel leaped across the roofs one by one just simply thinking about the arrogance of mankind, how could they believe they were worth more than animals when most people were terrible at heart, at least an animal wouldn't kill for a piece of paper or because the other animal said something nasty to them. He landed on a concrete roof and rolled with it before leaping off onto the wall clinging to it with those oh so sharp claws of his, he leaped from one wall to the other while shifting his thoughts to religion which baffled him even more than humans way of thinking. He had seen a lot in his time on this earth yet a shining omnipotent being was definitely not one of them so he could not understand how people would put their faith into such things, he landed upon the asphalt with a loud thump which he wished he could silence yet with his weight and size that was very unlikely. Each step he took shook the ground around him and as he stayed in this for longer and longer the more relaxed he became with allowing his animal side to be in charge, he felt strong as if nothing could touch him even though logically he knew that he was not invincible. His speed picked up as he began to jog which soon turned into a run, he burst out of the alley into the busy street the headlights of the cars on his body, the screeching of brakes the car that came close to hitting him.

Yet Azazel simply jumped forward through the street without worry leaping higher than the car could even touch and into the other alley, he could hear the people crying out and talking about what they just saw. Azazel broke into a run again and leaped forward again clearing nearly twenty feet before hitting the wall and climbing up with inhuman speed, already he was on the roof while people were just looking into the alley to try and get a second glimpse of what just burst through the street. The roof was creaking under he weight and he decided to jump a little earlier this time to reach the other and it was about this time that Azazel decided that it was time for him to head back to the dojo since he had been out longer than he planned to. So he turned towards the direction of the dojo and jumped from roof to roof not really hurrying yet he was still moving at a speed that most humans couldn't hope to achieve, the sound of the water seemed to drown out everything out as Azazel let it. The soft smell of the rain seemed to drown out every other smell as it began to smell clean once again, he knew once it stopped raining that he would be able to smell the stink of the city once again.

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Azazel's training (WIP)
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