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 An Unexpected Appointment[Dotta]

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PostSubject: An Unexpected Appointment[Dotta]   Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:50 pm

Grimshaw was simply in his office, tinkering with a few things, simply studying the genetic code of another of his test subjects, when he came across a strange find, but instead of delving quickly into the matter at hand, he decided to just take a break from looking through the miles of code that made up a person's dna, and instead, he would walk through to the recreational area of the new Hammer building. There wasn't anyone there, so he had the whole room to himself. He grabbed a small cup of coffee from the table in there, which had some donuts and other random snack foods such as muffins, and he sat down on the couch. He would stare up into the ceiling, and sip his coffee a few times before thinking.

He hadn't really done much with his career there, and even though Shield was taken over, probably with extreme hostility and underhanded tactics, he didn't really even care. He was starting to get obsessed over getting himself stronger, and conducting whatever experiments to do so, even those that are considered dangerous, risky, or even horrible. He was starting to get too anxious about his experiments, and he knew this would eventually lead to a form of madness. He didn't truly worry about madness, as long as he was sound enough to continue his experiments, because soon he would start to experiment on himself, on a greater scale than he had done previously.

He simply kept looking up at the ceiling, in his white lab coat, letting out a sigh every now and then, wondering what he should do next. He was rather bored of being the shut in doctor that people only went to when they needed something. He sort of wanted a friend, and just that thought sounded funny to him.
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PostSubject: Re: An Unexpected Appointment[Dotta]   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:24 pm

A lone demoness stood at the closed door which separated her from the future. Passing faces gave the woman an odd glance before resuming their walk. It wasn't her appearance which alerted them, but the aura she seeped. The woman stood at the door as if she'd meet a grave fate if the door knob where to be handled.

It was evident that walking in plain sight with her...current state was foolish. So, Cain had instructed that she come and see this doctor. Somehow he was going to alter her exterior appearance to something more suitable. Yes, Cain gave her enough knowledge to realize that changing one's appearance wasn't reserved to Go-...deities, but the thought was still strange to her. This world still seemed strange. Tutua took a deep breath and wrapped warm fingers around cold metal. After another few moments, she turned the handle to enter the office.

"Are you the one I seek?" she asked the man at the desk.
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An Unexpected Appointment[Dotta]
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