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 ellycrys (Dracalis) (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: ellycrys (Dracalis) (W.I.P)   Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:37 am

Ellycrys Saren

I will make this as clear as day. Co-operate with me. Or I will kill you.

The Biography

Birth Name: Ellycrys Saren
Gender: Male
Age: 37 (Appears to be early 20's. Considered Adulthood for his Race)
Birth Date: Mid December
Class: Otherworldy (Nameless approved)

Ellycrys's hair is a long dark purple, the gentle almost amythest shade trails down his lower back about mid way in a sort of pony tail. The perfect Amethyst color shines lightly in the sun in a light purple shade as the rest when normal is darkened. The sides at the front of his head are down in sort of bangs as his fringe and top remain slightly scruffed about, almost keeping it's perfection even through tough blowing winds. His eyes are a hypnotic topaz gold, though dark around the center and almost lifeless at the very core. His right eye is covered by a stylish leather eye-patch after being blinded in one eye from a slashing wound from a small blade, his eyes tend to stare off into the distance like a lifeless monster. Ellycrys's skin is a light cream color, though slightly pale it remains a light cream. His skin is almost silk soft to the touch not hot, but standard body-heat warm, always warm no matter the weather thanks to his recent experimental operations. Though this does not keep him from freezing. His skin is always warm though his organs under-neath can still freeze in cold weather.

Ellycrys's body is very toned and lightly Muscular. Though he is an average sized male he is still very toned, not muscular completely but mostly around his stomach, shoulders, legs and arms keeping his body in a rugged V tone, allowing him to show off his body without being criticized. His body though firmly toned is still very soft to the touch unless tensed. His muscles are more like granite when tightened and tensed but when he is relaxed, his body is more natural, smoother, thinner, less marble and more meat. Determined, sharp, defined. With a small scar on his lip from a knife that just scraped his face, and the scar on his right cheek to eyebrow from where he was slashed, he has a very defined and sharp facial tone. With the scars on his lip and face, adding to his rugged handsome looks, he has a very determined look about him constantly. As a former soldier, Ellycrys wears a dark purple-black 'samurai' styled robe that has a steel plated chest-piece, leather shoulder-guards, Leather gloves and vambraces, Steel Front thigh-guards, Steel greaves and Steel boots. Standing five foot nine, he is a rather tall male, with a sturdy stance and a toned body his height seems usually somewhat taller than he actually is.

Personality: Soldier, Warrior, seasoned killer. An assassin for hire. A mad scientist. Ellycrys is a cold-hearted mad scientist soldier. Mixed together, mad potions brewer and a brawler he is a recipe for destruction, mayhem and absolute insanity. Incredibly intelligent, sarcastic, sadistic. You can get any more loco than Ellycrys. Though clinically insane, he is also a master-mind in alchemy and all fields of science. Ranging from experimental potions and concoctions, right down to the dangerous field of weapons design and development to cause havoc among humanity. With a quick wit and a hell of a temper to go with it, he makes for a good companion, though not really a good lover or how humans say 'boyfriend/Husband' material. As a soldier to the core he's a brute, force, ignorance and destruction is the way he sees things work best, and for the most part it does.

It's not very often that Ellycrys really involves himself with humans. After being caught in a war on his home-world due to a traitor. He had become somewhat of a very cold-hearted person. Those who didn't co-operate with him met their untimely fate. Using his victims as puppets and experimental Guinea-pigs he's found that he prefers to lead a life of genetic alteration in his victims to create the most unnatural and hideous creatures to fight aside him. Besides being an absolutely insane basket-case. He's still quite the gentleman from time to time, in the way he's not willing to kill his partner right away. Not saying that he wont eventually try, but that he just won't do it right at the very start.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Professor (Mad Scientist)
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess



    Main Power: Dragon Physiology/Shape-changing; The power to change form into a dragon as well as share properties of dragon-kind. His dragon form is currently 27 feet long from nose to tail, with a 31foot wing span This is something that all of the Dracalis can do from birth, but the length of time being able to hold the dragon form increases with age. Along these same lines, the physiology linkage to dragons increases through the years, but it is possible to learn some of the dragon powers through sheer will and training and, very rarely, even by accident when in very stressful situations. Some of these include, but are not limited to, hypnosis, flight, advanced camouflage, and mastery over elements outside their natural affinity. A few passive effects of this power are mainly anatomical differences when in natural human form. For instance, the 'dragon heart' which is a smaller, second heart located a bit above the heart and connected to the esophagus by a small hole. To sum it up, this is a small Electric charge that is the source of life for the housing creature. If this Charge is Pushed too hard (like a fuse box over-charged), or goes out due to lack of fuel, then the creature will die. This electric charge is fed By having high Iron and electric charged things such as batteries, to the extent of even the odd power-box/Fuze-Box and/or car. The charge can go a maximum of 94-98 hours without fuel if it's power is not tapped in to. If the normal human heart is damaged, it's possible for one with the ability to heal to live through their dragon-heart unless it goes out.

    Main Power: Advanced Electrokinesis; The power to control, absorb, and generate electricity. The ability to control, absorb and generate electrical currents from within his draconian heritage. Being born of lightning dragon blood, this extensive power allows him to manipulate the currents from anything around him that has even a flicker of electrical energy. With his pure-blooded heritage he is able to allow it to consume around his body without harming himself. Extensive years of practice have allowed him to harness the ability to control it somewhat far better than the average electro-kenetic. With this power, Electricity/Lightning can be used to enhance strength, speed, stamina. Create weapons and armor. Walkways and paths. And at the highest level of control, create storms.

    Main Power: ~
    Sub Power: ~
    Sub Power: ~


    Name: Scaled Armour
    Rank: C
    Power: Dragon Physiology/Shape-changing
    Description: With long hours of practice, Ellycrys has made himself almost a walking tank in his human form. With the ability to control his shape changing and physiology, he has found a way to give his human form small draconic scales on his skin from head to toe to help protect himself against grazes and small cuts from knives, blades or sharp edged objects.

    Name: Static Discharge
    Rank: C
    Power: Advanced Electrokinesis
    Description: With the power of his dragon's heart, Ellycys has managed to find a way to control his electrokenisis. Thus allowing him to wield it fluently. With this, he is able to drain electrical currents from around him, to either enhance his Speed and strength by 10%, give him the ability to throw electricity around, or tear up the ground around him within 5 meters with pure electricity. Wether used to enhance his body's abilities, throw around electricity. Or just cause a massive Discharge of pure electrical force to tear up the ground, he has conquered his ability to perform in many fields with this ability.


    Name: Advanced Concoctions
    Specialty: Professor (Mad Scientist)
    Rank: C
    Description: Your common mad scientist. Mixing potions, making drugs, what ever you can think of. With his high talent in making these random concoctions he has become very fluent, being able to make stuff from almost anything he can find. Though not always does it have the desired effect.

The Background


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ellycrys (Dracalis) (W.I.P)
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