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 A Child of Mine

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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: A Child of Mine   Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:40 am

Jesteria sat in the office that previously belonged to the "Warden." Well she was the new Warden now, and that meant her word was law until a higher authority said otherwise. Though we all knew how she was when regarding those with higher authority than herself. The Clown Queen of Crime would doodle a few drawings while awaiting a certain visitor. It had been some time since they had met, so she was interested if the man..or rather..boy was still even alive. Last time they had met was the destruction. Previous to this meeting, the cameras were disabled in the room, and all outside view was shut out. This was to be exclusive to her, and her alone. Even the cameras in the hallway were disabled. Now the Jester awaited, humming a small tone to herself, as she began to scribble on a piece of paper.
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PostSubject: Re: A Child of Mine   Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:32 am

Barnes, a typical SHIELD agent, made his way down the hallway and towards the Warden's office. Opening the door, and closing it behind him, the man turned towards the woman. His face was plain, but suddenly gave a devious smile. His dark eyes turned into a green hue, as he shrunk in size and turned into the figure of the young boy. The young God of Mischief, and the embodiment of Chaos himself. "It's been too long since our last meeting. Though, I've been keeping a watchful eye on your most chaotic endeavours. You've been quite tamed recently, when it comes to being an agent of chaos. Preparing for something extravagant, aren't you now?" The male in green would simply hover in the air, as though he was laying upon a bed of air. "I've been getting rather tired posing as a SHIELD agent. I think it's time I moved onto something abit more inviting. Something where I can do some real damage. I was thinking, perhaps politics would be an interesting turn of events. Though, nothing too much..I've had my eye on the form of the president's son, however." The raven haired Asgardian child would float around the room making small sculptures with the use of sorcery.
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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: Re: A Child of Mine   Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:06 pm

Jesteria would grab the floating god and pull him down to the table top. Pinning him to the table, the jester would look him up and down. "It's impolite to keep an eye on people, you know? That's so stalkerish! I have a question though, little Mischievous one. How's a girl like me supposed to get to Asgard? I heard its lovely this time of year..Heheh.." She didn't particularly want to go to Asgard and stay, but infact wanted to go just to have some new competition to overcome. Jesteria's alternate personality, by the name of Larah, had read plenty of mythology on the gods of the old. After meeting Mischief, it gave her reason to believe they were actually real. Little did she know they were simply magical beings called Asgardians, and weren't so godly as one would have previously imagined. Jesteria would let the young god go, but will roll onto the table so she was sitting on him. He was a child, was she was able to do this without problem. "Oh, and another thing. It's been such a long time since we've had alittle chaos! Things have been so booooring around the world, it makes me want to cry!" Jesteria raised her hands as if she were actually crying. "Boo hoo Boo hooo...BUT!" The woman suddenly stopped and cupped Mischief's neck. "Let's rekindle the flames! And by rekindle, I mean lets burn something down! Remember New Jersteria? Huh huh? Those were the days..So much fun, yes sir. Who needs a plan? We should just show up somewhere, and make it go BOOOM!" The female yanked the boy by his collar, and pulled him up to eye contact. "You need to prepare the Jester games. That should make things interesting for you, for awhile." Jesteria's voice suddenly changed to a more calm, yet dark tone. The voice of Larah, the original personality in this deranged woman's head. "You have your own job to do, and the Jester Games is just the start. Once completing that, then you can think of something to do with yourself." The pale faced woman would shake her head like a child. "No No! But I wanna do it now! But But!..Ugh, Okay..MOM." Her voice was back to the wacky pitch it was before. Such a weird situation going on inside her divided mind. So many personalities in there yet barely any room to keep them all contained. It seemed like the Jesteria personality had forced its way into the driving seat most of the time, but the passengers were certainly Jessica Sterling, and Larah Sa'l Ghar. The benefits of this were simple. Though someone may understand what Jesteria may do, Larah's thought process was completely different. Same with Jessica's. If Jesteria wished to disappear, she could do it rather easily without leaving a trace behind her. Snapping back into reality, the clown would look towards Mischief once again. "The Jester Games will be amazing! But I need you to do me a favor!" The clown queen of crime would lean towards the boy's ear and begin to whisper words. Once finished, she'd pull away and place a kiss on his lips. "Now chop to it, my little chaotic god! We've gotta make things go boom boom booooom!" The woman would let the boy go, spinning back on her chair with wheels.
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PostSubject: Re: A Child of Mine   

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A Child of Mine
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