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 Training Nameless

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PostSubject: Training Nameless   Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:46 pm

Hoping that would not be a trend, after she and her mother had gone to bed, Nameless found himself still wide awake, unable to sleep but not just because of the discovery, but because of other things which strangely came together in his mind. First off ws the meeting with the detective just a few days ago. Finding out Donovan knew his address had been something more then a touch frightening and he had let Jesse know almost immediately afterwards. They had talked about getting a second place and moving stuff there so they could go back and forth safely and now it loomed as a real possibility. The man had also mentioned he was looking for a killer known as Vendetta and had questioned Nameless on his knowledge of what had happened to him in the kidnapping. Bee was Dy's lifelong friend and he hadn't had a chance to warn her what was happening; Jesse had promised to drop by her school in the morning to talk with her, but she was in the file as well as one of his few contacts when he was an orphan.

Nameless still had a crush on her really, but she had already told him no to going out. It was clear they were the best of friends (although Nate stole far more of her attention some days), but he worried now that he had time to think everything through that she might also be a target if the man was looking for his niece and Nameless. In addition, somewhere out there was Max and his twin as well, neither knowing where the other was and his twin not even knowing about Dy's existence. Were they not in just as much danger if Donovan was that intent on following up? The responsibilities for people he cared about (well okay, he only kept tabs on Max since he was both a mystery and someone to fear) were beginning to weight on his shoulders really, the worry wart that he was. Even this house was too much to expect -- he had found traces of Donovan having been here before. Surely the man would think this was a possibility even if they might only be in transit. They would have to think of somewhere else to go as well to keep off the man's radar. The aunt he had never met? That would be certainly unexpected and he did have the money for the tickets.

On that odd thought he wondered if Rebbecca had a passport.

Nameless kept his in a secret pouch around his neck daily. With a father like Jesse, any second you might be harrowing off somewhere foreign at the drop of a hat. LA (which was pretty foreign to other people not on the West Coast), Italy, Hawaii were some examples of where he had found himself. Who knew what the next day would reveal? The house was silent around him, but the outside city noise continued unabated; traffic, dogs barking, sirens in the distance, brake squeals and horns blaring. a bit of streetlight covered the window curtain making it glow through onto the floor -- no moon would ever be seen inside a city really, not with all the lights at night. Sitting up (wearing his jeans basically and no shirt or shoes and socks) he stretched once and then walked over, standing outside the pool of light and looking through the material of the curtain. Nothing caught his eye, pinged his conscious that anyone was watching. Without revealing himself Nameless touch a finger from the side to the window and scanned for anyone near, seeing no one had checked out the house in the last few hours.

Relieved he went to the couch table and picked up the glass and went to refill it in the bathroom. Returning he sat and drank, realizing his jeans were too tight for sleeping in. He stripped down to his underwear and looked at the lines on his flesh from where they had been, feeling the painful button which had cut into him along the belt line. He drank and sat there cross legged, wondering if he should worry about anything else yet. Like, if Jesse disappeared or even Bee, would he leave Rebbecca here to be safe and rush back? How could he keep her safe and look for another as only his power could really track? What about Claude who knew nothing about this entire thing yet? He didn't have a way of reaching his teacher either. This whole situation was just showing how little he could do, could affect and that was really bad. Despite the fact he was still legally a kid at age seventeen, Dy (who mentally was around twenty and baby-faced enough to look sixteen) took on an adult's weight of responsibility and took it up seriously. Clearly he needed to make better plans for the future if stuff like this was going to happen. His bag had two sewn in pockets in the liner hiding his lockpicks and a few tools, part of his job of course. And he had another shirt, jacket, and hat (all reversible) as part of his power, but other then that he had little for an emergency.

Unforgivable. Especially when he had been telling Rebbecca about being prepared. Quietly he got up and went to the phone (Rebbecca's phone in it's charger on the counter) and took a picture of the couch back and the table. Sending it to Jesse's phone Nameless then dialed Jesse's number knowing his father would get the message in a few hours when he got up. Asking for the emergency pack in his room and a few changes (in exchange for the pack he had now sitting on the table), he told Jesse he loved him and that he had better damn well stay safe out there on his own, then hung up before he got fearful sounding. Replacing the phone he sat back down on the couch and feeling better for having donesomething even if it was three am, and took the items of clothing out of the pack putting them on his shoes before closing the pack and put it back on the table, obvious. Then he lay down and pulled the quilt back up over his full length on the couch (wrapping himself a bit like a mummy) and tried to relax his mind at least some. He slept soon and the nightmares got hold of him, causing him to tremble and struggle a bit in the quilt until someone silently laid an arm across his chest and whispered soothing words in his ear. He unconsciously recognized the voice and relaxed, falling into sleep for real for the first time that night.
Once the others went to bed, Nameless sat on the bed in the dark thinking, unable to get certain things out of his mind. Some of them were simple ones like the fact she had blushed when he stood as if sight of him made her think embarrassing things. The idea that a girl might be actually attracted to him was a wonderful and scary feeling both, more good then bad. He smiled to himself at that thought, pleased. Another one was that she had seen him in a bad situation and her first instinct had been to help him, get him out of it and then made the decision to stay and protect him further. He was sad he had missed the sensation of her lying against him, but the tingle in his hand when he had taken hers downstairs told him he certainly would not have been able to sleep once he had realized it. He had been careful not to touch her by accident or purpose either one since she knew his power, not wanting her to think he was reading too much out of her very clothes.

He was very careful about those same powers in this room as well. But a part of him wondered if he would see pictures of her as a child here... Hesitantly, he uncrossed his legs and put his feet flat on the floor and reached out, scanning back for her and found a memory of her in the room from before the accident, wrestling one of her brothers who was cheerfully laughing and trying not to be too quick to end it. For several minutes he sat there unmoving, witnessing what it was like to be siblings, feeling those memories touch a place deep inside him as a tear rolled down his face. So much lost, both Rebbecca and himself really. She had lost her brothers, he had been denied his childhood, separated from birth from the one family member he should have been kept near, his brother. While he couldn't put a face on his brother's image, the wrestling, good natured teasing, the feeling of belonging hit a deep deep spot in Nameless's soul, a desire for family he still felt very much denied. Even though Jesse was a wonder and he couldn't have wished for a better dad, the loss of his family had hurt him like most orphaned kids at an early age.

Learning he had a brother and his mother had not deserted him but died giving him life...well that just made the feelings of guilt even more huge, the loss all the greater. It was as if it had been his fault and his brother had been taken away in punishment. Dy could only hope he had had a better life, gotten a family to belong to, but the urge to find him grew deeper in his mind, a real need. Maybe when he got to meet his aunt it would help more, give him something to cling to for a past, but at this moment he felt nothing but an aching need. There was nothing else that could fill that urge, even if he and Rebbecca got much closer. Ah, Rebbecca! The look in her eyes said that she was quite pleased with him, needed his presence around. Nameless felt a good swelling of his heart for the thought of her needing him around. It gave him a sense of self worth that helped a lot with the empty feelings inside him. And now that his unconscious had apparently decided she was more then acceptable he had the feeling they were on the edge of something big, something huge. Was he in love? He thought he must be really; he had feelings of protecting her not just because she was a bystander or an innocent during a war. No, more like he wanted to protect her enough he would throw himself at Donovon while she escaped or let himself be killed to get her away safely from the monster which pursued.

Nameless wanted to lie on a sofa with her in his arms and just be comforted by her presence, feel the reassurance someone cared so much to let him into their life. Sure, she was a girl and pretty and therefore as a teenage boy with rampant testosterone she was more then just wanted and desired, but there was a part of Nameless who was different. Unlike most boys his age, he was very careful with another person's privacy, their personal space. it wasn't her obvious attraction which caught his eyes, but the life in her eyes to begin with. You could see the life in her, the wit and intelligence there and the animation alone was enough to convince Nameless the flutter in his stomach was purely because he had fallen for her without realizing it. Heck, she had dealt with the 'experiential' part of his biology very well, been angry at Dy's father on his behalf as well. And when there was trouble and she found herself with powers, she had come to him directly. In fact, Bee he had adored for years because of her personality and her looks. he had tried many times to advance the cause of sleeping with her through a sheer fascination with what a force of nature she was and he still cared very deeply for her, but now he was wondering if he had been kept from that cup for a much deeper relationship with Rebbecca, one which could last a lifetime.

"Face it," he told himself in the dark, unable to even consider sleeping, "she has power, smarts and intelligence which are two different things, talent, beauty, and even cool parents, but you are hooked because she cares about you. You might as well just give up and let yourself fall entirely for her, you've not got a chance if she decides the answer is yes." For some odd reasoning, this made him grin in the dark, tho he could detect a lightness around the curtain which suggested dawn was coming on strong. he closed his eyes as he sat there and looked again through the memories, his mind's eyes turned entirely on the little girl and noting not just how cute she was, but the lines in her face which she would show him today, the adult in her coming to the fore. it wasn't hard to see her personality in those moments, the joy in her face with her brothers and how much more serious she had become since then. Had he caused her to lighten up some or was that his imagination? In that moment Nameless decided to make sure he kept her as happy as he could to keep the worries out of her face so she could remain as perfect as he thought she was now, a flower toughened by the weather, sparkling in it's own radiance when given the right amount of sunshine.

He did not miss the fact he wanted her success more then he wanted his own. Being there for Rebbecca took on an entirely different meaning. When a soft knock came at his door later in the morning he was sitting there dressed for the day, all his things in his bag just in case, and he got up swiftly to open the door, the sun in his own eyes of a different kind them physical...
Nameless sat there on the couch in Rebecca's house waiting for the women to return, thinking about what he had just learned. It was heavy thinking, very heavy thinking. Nameless had just learned his father had found a girlfriend he sounded serious about. This wouldn't be normally an issue, but he had found out through the girlfriend rather then his father. She had been straightforward, not beating around the bush about it, but she hadn't really bragged or anything either. It was a good approach and she had treated his question with respect, tho one of them had been difficult for her.

Very interesting.

As an orphan Dy had often dreamed about what his mom and dad were like, how they would be found out one day. As a teenager he had eventually decided they were both dead and had been half right as well. Getting to know Jesse...well he had been cool, a young reporter bachelor, making his way along and using Dy has a information source on the neighborhood. When he had mentioned possibly adopting Nameless, it had been a surprise which had turned to joy fairly quickly. It was an affirmation on the fact Nameless was a worthy human being, someone worth spending time with. It had changed the way he looked at the world and the delight he felt when he thought about Jesse was like joy at seeing the sunshine after a winter of darkness. It had changed his life, literally.

Everything Jesse had done since then had been a good move for Nameless and it hadn't taken him long to feel real love for the man who probably could have been an older brother, but instead was becoming someone Nameless looked up to, learned from, and respected as well. Then when he got kidnapped and after that hour of agony on the couch strapped down by the evil Doctor who was hurting Nameless to learn how he ticked, the image of Jesse busting through the door would remain one of the few truly admirable images in his mind. Jesse was simply the best thing that had ever happened to Nameless's whole life and he felt very protective over what he thought of proudly now as 'my dad.'

He smiled again just thinking about him. He had no idea his eyes really lit up just thinking about him.

Courtney seemed smart and organized, willing to open her mind up and listen to you as if you really knew something, not like a lot of adults who only half paid attention to you. When Nameless told her something she didn't treat him like a kid, but a person and he liked that. Courtney and Jesse. Jesse and Courtney. If Jesse really was interested in her then so far from what he had seen Nameless approved. She might not have a power, but that was hardly necessary; the Special's family life could be easily opened up for someone who was special for other reasons. What would he have done if Rebecca had turned out to not have powers? Would he still feel the same way?

Oooo, good question. Rebecca was smart, organized, clear headed, very pretty and over all someone he wanted very much to see respect from in her eyes. The fact she had powers was just icing on the cake; the fact her uncle was insane and dangerous was unfortunate, but he never held that against her. She was someone worth being with, period. Would he marry her if he had a chance? It was a little early to think that way, but yeah, Nameless was beginning to think that she would make a h3ll of a partner, someone he could trust and love with all his heart. And she liked him, something he never thought a girl would ever do to be honest. Rebecca as a normal. Oh gosh yes, he would have felt even more protective over her; after all Nathan had focused on her more probably because of Nameless's interest.

He had little trouble believing that he had gotten others in danger because of who he was. Nameless's error was in thinking that he was the main problem and that he himself was someone others would feel protective about as well. He didn't see himself as anyone special, just another kid who had less then everyone else despite the fact Claude, Jesse, Bee, and now Rebecca all sought to tell him otherwise. Until he proved it to himself, he couldn't understand why they might think that to begin with. Dy shook his head at himself as these thoughts became his focus so he could get back on track.


If Jesse and Courtney became serious, could he see her as his mom? Even if she really would be a step-mom it would take time, experience to see what she was really like. But a small part of him felt that it if made Jesse happy then Nameless would manage even if he disliked her which so far he did not. For the first time in his life as well he could begin to appreciate what having family was like too as he thought of Jesse and him, then added Courtney and Rebecca. Then he of course had to add Rebecca's parents and heck, Bee was like the wild sister in his life which probably meant he had to accept even Nate the crazy psychedelic mushroom dressed like a boy. And of course Claude was like having a second father around or the traveling uncle you looked forward to seeing again each time he showed up... Then there was the aunt of his and somewhere out there his long lost twin brother.

Instead of having one or two people in his life he was starting to see a crowd, some you liked and some you put up with, but all of them becoming more precious to him over time. And all of them tied together in a way by love. Well, maybe some of it was just from Nameless's side of things, but still. Was this what other kids grew up with, taking for granted that there were people around who cared for them far beyond strangers or people you just met at school? How could you take that for granted, get used to it? Nameless found himself looking over each connection in a new light, seeing each person in a different light and liking what he saw. A crazy and bizarre family, some of whom would probably object to being included, but still there anyway.

Oh yeah. He could totally get used to this idea of family. A smile was still on his lips when he heard the door open and the light of his eyes came in with a smile for him as well....
The woman opened the door, her look one of guarded curiosity. Seeing a pair of teenagers on her front doorstep obviously took her back a bit as well as a gloved woman behind them with a baby who chose to sit on the porch in a chair, smiling back at her. "Um, hi there, Ma'am, My name's Nameless Bryan and this is Rebecca Donovan. We called about speaking to you for a little bit..." He waved at gemini, their cover story worked out in the car on the way. "Mrs Salinger is our transportation and little Isaac is a little fussy. Is it okay if she sits out here?" The woman nodded, a bit taken aback by the strangers descending on her like this. She motioned for them to come in making a few polite phrases and inside they met her boyfriend, a very friendly man named Henry Thackwood.

The couple had a hard time taking what happened after this once Nameless began to explain the whole story.

It was a long story starting with Nameless talking about his orphan days and then his adoption. They made pleased noises of course when he talked about Jesse; it was clear Nameless loved Jesse very much and it was a good match. Rebecca had given him a squeeze on the leg then as she sat beside him; she knew the hardest part was coming up. It was when he described their meeting with Max that the first signs of strain showed in her face as realization struck home. He described what Jesse had found out about his mother's death after the twins birth and all the movement and travel before that had happened which brought the woman to tears, her boyfriend quite concerned. All those years she had thought her parents and sister had dropped her, ignored her and instead it had been out of protection. She had always thought her sister had been getting all the trips to make her more special, never having been told about the kids.

And afterwards her father and sister were dead and she was left to put the pieces back together.

Finding out after all those years that she had nephews (one still missing of course) was mixed; she felt a need to make up for all the years and yet they were complete strangers to her. As Nameless asked questions about his mother, curious about who she was and what kind of person she had been to be taken in by Max and his tricks, she searched him for signs of her sister and, finding them, clung to them with her eyes. It was a very neccessary meeting with tough questions on both sides, but despite a lot of crying (tears of release and sorrow both) and a few hugs (which were very clingy) they all felt so much better afterwards as if a huge weight had been taken off their souls and minds. They exchanged addresses, found out a name from her she might have given his brother (Nameless was named after one of her best friends in high school; odds were good her other best bud was his brother's inspiration), and generally parted on much closer terms.

Life transforming? On both sides.

For the second time in a week, Nameless felt the odd feeling of realization he really did have family, ignoring Max's interference. He had an aunt, cousins he had seen pictures of (a picture of his aunt was in his pocket now and they had taken several of her and him together), and somewhere out there a brother to find as well! He could feel his heart swell and this time Rebecca sat in the back seat with him, holding him close while he wept with relief, not afraid in the slightest to show the emotions which leaked out of him. The fears and stress from his natural worry about the impression he would make, the one chance he had all came out now that it was over and he had succeeded. The few words he had were rambling and half-thought out, but just before they got back to the hotel that evening he had suddenly pulled himself up and given her a kiss of gratitude and thankfulness which had been quite intoxicating. He was on an emotional high as they had supper and kept repeating things like "You saw when I told her about the death" and "I think cousin Isa looks a lot like me" and other parts which didn't need an answer beyond yes.

He was just wrapped up in the joy of the evening and everything was beautiful, inside and out. It was one of those healing moments where so many mysteries and fears could finally be put to rest, no longer worries but transformed into potentials, no longer negative. Even Jesse's acceptance of him took on a new light as he really started to believe he had real worth, that people could love him just because of who he was (even tho people had been telling him this over and over, it somehow struck home all over again.

Aslan was an amazing...person. Nameless had seen too much with his touch on the couch to think of him as a creature or an animal. No. There was...he couldn't think of the right word, an almost majesty about the Lion while at the same time he was everyone's guardian, your best possible friend, the one person you knew you could trust with even your innermost thoughts. Nameless had never know anyone or anything he could do that with. He had never even had a stuffed animal to share thoughts with back in the orphanage! From a very early age he had learned he was different, his powers separating him from others automatically. There was no closest friends, there was no opening up -- Nameless had to learn how to deal with everything he thought on his own, by himself.

Listening to him, Aslan made no comment, letting him pour out his worries as if he knew Nameless just needed to talk more then anything else and let him talk till his throat was nearly sore from talking. His few responses showed Nameless he wasn't thinking through all of his situations carefully enough. He came to realize that he didn't need to confront his father to stop him. IN truth, Nameless only needed to be himself and he was sure to not fall into the trap of bringing his father's plans into action. The praise which was in Aslan's voice made Dy's ears burn over that point till he surrendered and admitted people had told him before he was a good person. He needed more confidence in himself, make his own decisions and stand up for what he wanted.

He wanted family, He wanted Rebecca. He wanted children. Everything else was secondary. If he had to follow Rebecca across the world, he would live in a slum in africa to be with her if she let him. Had she realized yet how special she was to him, how much he adored her inner strength? They could survive her uncle to build a life together and he would stop being scared. All her uncle could do was kill him; she could transform his very life into the dreams he had always hoped for. That was more then worth fighting for, it was necessary for him to be able to be his own self, to be a man. The monster her uncle was would be a temporary thing; people who lived on the dark side of things always reached sticky ends. And the pay off of out living him was a lifetime with someone he could truly respect and trust in.

There was so much potential for them, so many possible futures to rejoice in, to embrace if he could stop thinking about the bad stuff, turn it into an asset instead of allowing it to hamper him as he had been. The Nameless who stood up at the end of that hour was a different Nameless in several ways, more confidence in his eyes and more purpose in his mind. And to think, all of this because his girlfriend's (his smile increased a tad more just thinking that word) power increased and sent him into some random world, probably one she had been reading about. The land was....very different, but pleasant once you stopped freaking about animals talking. You just had to adjust to the fact that, for instance, the couch was made by someone with hooves instead of feet and the royals who had used it were little kids.


In some ways it was cool, as if someone decided to invert the normal fairy tales and go at things from another angle. On the other hand evil was very real power here and could literally freeze the world. Not such a happy thought to run across to be honest. Armor and swords were the way of power here when you didn't use magic and remembered there were no humans. Still, having a minotaur for a general and centaurs for soldiers out there was something he'd feel safer leaving behind in a book. Heck, if she kept developing power like this he was going to have to start asking her for a reading list! Which meant more homework, but was it really homework when he was doing it outside of school? Like, to help himself understand what she was talking about and doing more often? Was the book about a war between animals on both sides, evil versus good, or about something else and the war was the ending?

It was with these thoughts that he found himself waking up on a bed in a hotel room, next to a sobbing and probably panicked Rebecca who had no idea how to reverse what she had done. Rebecca, the woman who had already told him she thought he was a great person, who had told him she would love to date someone like him, who had told him she loved him... It was about time he returned that sentiment wasn't it? And not in words since those held only so much meaning; he needed to show her how much he loved her in his actions and how he cared for her. After all, she had already helped him with his own issues and had even accepted the fact she was dating a person created and developed by another human being for some purpose unknown. How amazing was that she didn't just get away from him, but then continued to grow closer?

Oh he was hooked but good...
There were many feelings mixed into Nameless's feelings about Rebecca. It would be hard to classify them all, but he had tried once or twice when he had awoken to a sleepy boy, awakened by a nightmare and in need of being held. There was fear, fear of the unknown not just being attacked or being more a target for death by her insane uncle. The idea of the future with her sounded wonderful, but he had the same qualms anyone else did about taking those steps into true adulthood. Second was anger, anger that someone as wonderful as she had proven to be had to live a life fearful of her uncle or always wary because of him. Having family was a good thing, a desirable thing and Donovan had ruined that for Rebecca, tried to destroy what family was supposed to be. Supportive, loving, guidance, and above all, close. Those were the people you were supposed to be able to trust with everything, hide in their arms from the world.

Another emotion was jealousy.

No matter she had lost her father early on for awhile, she had parents, a family life she could at least have as part of her life, the part her personality was set on, used as a comfortable base. She had history with that, something he was still learning how to build on, though he loved Jesse like he was his true father. Jealous because even up till recently she had known that network of family supporting each other without restriction, even if her uncle was scary motherfo. Greed, because he wanted her for himself, to keep for him and his family, have her at every gathering so people saw her as his and would brag about his catch to others, know he had been successful in finding a good and wonderful wife. Jesse would have no worries about Nameless's future or the boys with such a sensible, solid minded girl at his side. Greed that he would have such an awesome partner to raise his boys with side by side, give them what they deserved, a future free of domination and hideous politics like their future was.

Desire for her as the one person he trusted more then Jesse, would put his soul on the line for in an instant, a treasure beyond compare in his eyes to any dollar amount you could imagine. There was not enough gold on the planet to tempt him away form her. Desire for her scent was in his nose even when she wasn't there, her body in his mind's eyes. He wanted her, badly, to explore, learn about, to delve into like he had with no other female at any time. He wanted her and her future children to be his, to see her eyes in his children, know they had the most beautiful woman around as their mommy, his partner, his love. She was strength, she was love, she was trust, and she was without a doubt all he wanted in this world, more then anything else in this life.

And his kids picked up on his feelings about her and wanted her with their daddy too, for him to feel complete even if it wasn't their mommy originally. There was something compelling about your own progeny wanting to push a girl at you, even if they didn't realize what getting laid was really all about. But they did want you happy, whole, and all together there for them and knew when you weren't entirely. He needed Rebecca on that level as well, keeping him intact and balanced in life, a second set of thoughts to bounce things off of, someone else to care for on the level he needed to feel as if he really had a family of his own. He had gained parents and children, both sides of the whole, but not the middle. She would be the center of his life, his core, the glue that helped hold him together.

And top it all off, she was sexy as hell.

When she first began to think about and express the idea of getting that last step from dating to marriage, his heartbeat not just quickened, his entire body soared. The ultimate step, the ultimate goal! Nameless's desire for a family had always been deep in his mind, a needful step as for any orphan to feel that sense of being accepted by another for who you were, not just because you were their family. Their wedding night would bring many things together in his soul, give him the acceptance he needed to keep himself on track, to really live. And she would chose him because he made her happy. she knew he would give her what she needed too? Oh gods, he would give her everything he had, do anything he could to make her happy, slavishly attached to the girl who made his heart soar, his toes curl!

Another emotion was love, but then again he had been showing her that for some time now. He showed it in his acceptance of her, letting her into his life without pressure, no hurrying to become one with him. He let her see him with his kids, had let her know about them early on, shared with her his worries, his fears, his pain. There was no aspect of his life he kept her out of, even letting her fall asleep with him on the couch in her mother's place or his bed at home (with the boys there of course not realizing they were the chaperones in a way). Nameless made sure she saw all parts of his life, got the in depth view of who and what he is, was, partly because of her. She had changed his world by being Rebecca, given him an insight into what she could be for him and what he could be for her.

Finally there was sorrow.

Nameless knew his life had been extended, stretched by his genetic father, the old bastard with the plot for the future of humans, though he like everyone else did not realize how big that plan was. He felt sorrow because he didn't and could not trust the man, his evil not hidden from Nameless who saw the manipulation of the randomness of human potential in his blood-father's eyes. His time with Rebecca was precious, so much more because he believed he would out live her eventually, out pace what her body could manage. He sorrowed for the lost time already, the moments stolen from him by Death, the ultimate controller of all life. Death alone gave humans the spark which caused their drive, got them the impetus to live to the fullest. He needed every second he could with Rebecca whether married or not because they were all precious. He didn't tell her he saved every day with her in a memory, stashed in a precious silver ball in the floor of his room, hidden away.

It was the most precious thing he owned, this glimpse into the majesty which she was and brought to his life because she represented the most amazing emotion of all.

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