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Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Thanatos Ladadedah

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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: Thanatos Ladadedah   Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:37 pm

The SHIELD helicopters would hover over New York, as Jessica stood towards the door looking down towards the city limits below, looking for the next contestant to Jesteria's show. Little did she know, she and the clown queen of crime was the same person. When your personality was basically split on all ends, that's what happened. Her keen eyes looked through the shades placed over her eyes until she finally noticed the subject. Hopping out of the moving helicopter, she would free fall towards the ground before shooting her grappling hook at a railing, and thus swinging to the sidewalk on the side of the street. Landing with a light step, she'd pocket her grappling hook and look towards the embodiment of Death. "It's your lucky day, son. You've been chosen for the Jester Games. Cue confetti and the rest of the nonsense. I'm supposed to bring you with me now." Her voice was riddled with boredom, as she put a hand on her hip with a grunt. The helicopter would land on the rooftop of a nearby building, and the woman would extend her arm with her grappling hook once again. Pointing it towards the edge of the building, she'd fire it across the street and get a firm grip onto the building itself. Extending her opposite hand to take the hand of the embodiment of Death, Jessica would stare with bored eyes. "Come on."
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PostSubject: Re: Thanatos Ladadedah   Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:07 pm

With the helicopters flying high over head, Thanatos felt it necessary to simply take a high vantage point. However before long it would appear that a person, arrived for him yet again. Turning to face the voice Thanatos found what could only be described as the most eccentric woman he had met since coming back. Talking about bringing her with him, she extended her arm after firing a hook at a passing building. Reaching her hand over too her, Thanatos not a care in the world for his life at the moment simply grabbed hold. Lets see what she meant by hrer words
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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: Re: Thanatos Ladadedah   Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:26 pm

Once he took her hand, both the woman and the embodiment of death, would be pulled towards the helicopter thanks to the grappling hook. Flipping once reaching the rooftop, she'd toss him into the helicopter before taking a nonchalant step in herself. With the cargo secured, she'd place two fingers against her ear. "I got the cargo. There should be only a few more to go." The Helicopter would take off and head towards the skies. Off to the next.
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PostSubject: Re: Thanatos Ladadedah   

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Thanatos Ladadedah
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