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 The Jester Games!

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PostSubject: The Jester Games!    Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:16 pm

Every television in the nation had their connections. Whether it by cable or satellite, it was all the same. These connections were easy to manipulate when you had the technological prowess of SHIELD backing you. Though, maybe they wouldn't be so pleased with what this woman was doing. She had recently moved into the SHIELD prison as Warden, and now here she was about to give a world wide broadcast of it. Every television would begin to display static before being replaced with the image of a pale skinned, Jesterized female. She sat on a desk with a mic in her hand, and a warden's hat on her head that was promptly tilted to the side. This was no other than the Jesteria herself, with her usual wide maniacal smile, and odd fashion sense. The female clown would press the mic to her lips and give a childish giggle. "Hello world! My name's Jesteria, but you can call me the..." The woman paused as a man dressed like a clown began to throw ice cream sprinkles behind her for dramatic effect. "WARDEN! HAHAHA!" There would be an applause in the background, as the young woman cleared her throat. The scene would suddenly cut to the clown woman standing on the beaches of the island and looking out towards the sunset with her hands wrapped behind her back. "Ever since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do around the new exotic people...and then kill them." The woman spoke with a soothing voice, even though what she was saying was very..odd. Deranged, even! Turning towards the camera, the pale faced woman would have her usual grin. "That's why I became an Assassin! But wait, there's more! I'm much more than an Assassin now..I'm..A GAME SHOW HOST!" The scene would explode, and an overly annoying theme would play on the TV screens of all in the nation. "And now a word from our sponsors!"

"The Jester Games are brought you by SUCKUMS! tm. Have a bloody mess you need cleaned up? A dead body you need to get rid of? A pesky neighbor who keeps stealing your newspaper that you want to disappear? Well, not anymore! With SUCKUMS! all it takes is a press of a button and our trained monkey assassins will clean up any messes you may need fixed! Caution: Monkeys contain poop and may throw."

"Now for our main attraction, you are tuning in to THE JESTER GAMES! With your host..JESTERIA!"

The clown woman ran out onto the colourful stage with the SHIELD prison being broadcast behind her. "Hello viewers! Welcome to the Jester Show; the only show where our contestants run and fear for their lives! Now remember viewers, your loving host is always looking for work! I'm good for bachelor parties, birthdays, and funerals all in that order!" The female clown would pull at her revealing corset, and would begin to pace back and forth upon. "For our first episode, we're going to have some exciting people participating on the Jester Games! These people will try their hardest! They will crawl! They will jump! They will..probably crap their pants alittle! I bet you've already guessed who our first stars will be..Yes! YES, YOU'VE GUESSED IT! IT IS TOTALLY...!" The clown dressed woman would suddenly stop and pull her hat off her head. Shovelling her hand through the hat, she'd pull out a thin piece of paper and give a maniacal laugh. "YES! Our first contestant will totally be Guest! GIVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR OUR LUCKY CONTESTANT!" The sound of clapping could be heard on the screen, and Jesteria would give a lovely bow. "Oh, don't worry contestant! I bet you're wondering.."Oh how am I supposed to find this place? How can I fear for my life if I can't make it there? Oh wooo woooo as meeee!" The Jester would rub her eyes as if she were really crying. She'd suddenly stop and give a wide smile. "Don't worry. My people will talk to your people..and we will find you. We will find you..and we will bring you here for participation. FREE OF CHARGE! So don't be worried..We're already on our way.." Jesteria would burst into a fit of laughter as the program would suddenly cut off, and return to the original program the person was watching.

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The Jester Games!
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