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 Old Flash and Substance [Training]

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PostSubject: Old Flash and Substance [Training]   Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:07 pm

There was a large crowd gathered infront of the Flash Museum. Apparently there was to be a large scale speech, or something along the lines, from Miss Flash herself. Though, that wasn't entirely true, nor was it entirely a lie. Pulse had pulled this together to finally drop the whole Miss Flash fiasco, and to inform Californa on who she was exactly. So as the fans stood infront of the Flash Museum conversing, wearing various Flash memorabilia, and wondering what exactly this get together was about; a golden blur would be making its way towards the Museum. Dipping and dodging through the crowd, the people would cheer thinking it was their beloved Miss Flash, but when the blur finally skidded to a stop up the stairs and infront of the stand, people would stop their cheers. Standing infront of them would be Tara, but not the Tara they were familiar with. Dressed in her modified costume originally given to her double by Nameless, the speedster would look out towards the crowd with a smug smile. "Good evening people of San Francisco! I bet you're all sitting there like 'Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Where's Miss Flash?! Does she know why children love cinnamon toast crunch? Very good questions, and I'm totally here with an answer!" The people mumbled amongst themselves, confused about what was going on here. It wasn't every day some random woman appeared out the blue talking about ridiculous things. Pulse would look at the group of people and raise a brow. The silence was awkward and unsettling. "So ummm..The Name's Pulse! The NEW Fastest Chick Alive! By the way, I have that name copyrighted. You take it, I totally sue!" The female speedster would begin to pace on the stage while taking the mic from the podium. "I'm not cocky enough to ask for a museum or anything, but I'm here to tell you all..I hope you let me be your friendly neighbourhood super heroine. So umm..Any questions?" Of course various flashes from cameras and news reporters would begin to flutter words out like doves at a funeral. Pulse looked at them all and tugged on her ear with a nervous gesture. "Pulse! Excuse me, Pulse! So where is Miss Flash now? Are you her official replacement?" "Miss Flash has given up her heroine days for good. So yes, in a way, I am her replacement! But don't think of me as just some top flight hero wanting to come in and take over. You all have been so great to Flash over the years, it really gets to me, ya know? I hope I always make you guys proud like she did. I'll really try my best!" The crowd seemed to give an "awwww" response to the young females proclamation on wanting to do good for the city. "Well thanks for your time, folks. Umm, that's all!" The young speedster waved her hands as she started to walk down the steps into the crowd. Tara would begin to converse with the people of the crowd, even shaking some hands. "How's it going? Hey, nice shirt! Oh sir, you look like a golfer. Wanna play Mini-Golf this Saturday? Oh hey miss, if you ever need help doing some chores just let me know! I can paint a fence in a second flat!" Pulse conversed with the crowd with a smug smile as she finally made it out towards the side walk. "Well see you all later!" The new heroine would give a wave to the people before she went to dash off. Little did she know, she was going to be in for a surprise before she got the chance.

"Freeze, Flash Lad!" Standing across the street would be a teenage dressed in a turtle costume. "I am Nega-Flash! Slowest Girl Alive! I challenge you, the successor of Flash, to a duel!" Pulse simply stared at the girl with wide eyes before laughing. The crowd would laugh aswell. The girl, dressed like a turtle, would wind up her throwing arm and launch a baseball towards the speedster. Pulse easily sidestepped, without the use of her abilities, and the people all ducked. The baseball shot right through the glass of the museum, and after a few explosion would occur within the building with enough power to destroy the displays. "Oh wow! A bomb disguised as a baseball. That's pretty clever!" Tara pinched her chin between her index finger and thumb with a few nods. The turtle dressed girl would begin to run across the sidewalk towards her. She wasn't kidding about being the slowest girl alive..It was like she was moving at all. How strange. "Ummmmmmmm...Okay then!" Pulse dashed towards the girl and sent one punch towards her nose that knocked her onto her butt. The total girl began to roll around crying. "No fair! No fair! Arg, foiled again!" Pulse stood there with a confused expression while scratching her head. "Miss Flash gets people like Dark Flash, The Minotaur, and Betty Poprocket, and all I get is a girl dressed like a turtle? Not twist, Hanna Brotanna. Not twist at all!" The cops came to grab the girl, and Pulse turned back towards the partially destroyed Museum. The people also looked at the Museum, seemingly upset about what happened. "The Museum.." A woman would mumble under her breath, as the reporters went back to Pulse. "Pulse, what will you do now? The Museum was destroyed from this attack..It was our monument to the heroes that protect our city." The reporter asked the young blonde, and Pulse simply smiled. "Oh that's okay. Museum's can be rebuilt! Also I like being on TV, so that's cool too! Maybe next time there can be a Pulse statue! Hahah!" The people laughed with her, as she gave a final wink towards the group. With that, the young female waved and dashed off in a golden blur.

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Old Flash and Substance [Training]
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