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 Skrull Secret Invasion : Who do you trust? [Coming Plot]

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Skrull Secret Invasion : Who do you trust? [Coming Plot]   Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:32 pm

It's about that time for a new plot to keep our members on their toes. Yes, by members I mean you, Guest. Without you specifically Guest we wouldn't be up and running still. So pat yourself on the back Guest, for you are amazing! : D. Anyway, onto the meat and bones of this plot. We're going to be dealing with an Alien Invasion this time from those cumbersome Skrulls. If you're familiar with Skrulls in the 616 Universe of Marvel, you shall know they believe in Secret Invasions. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it's quite simple. Skrulls will capture an unlucky person, hold them somewhere, and copy their genetics to shapeshift into a complete copy of them. This means they can blend in with their targets without them even knowing. And yes, you've guessed it. A number of our members are secretly Skrulls! We're not going to tell you who, that is your job, but be careful on who you trust. Each of these Skrulls are undercover, posing as PCs, with their own specific missions to accomplish. If they accomplish their missions, it brings them closer to a full scale invasion (And also nets them some beautiful prestige as an reward.) Oh don't worry Guest you'll have chances to get just as much prestige as they would! How, do you ask? Well let's take a look below. You all will have your own missions on getting prestige..

  • Discover who is a Skrull using inRP means - 20 prestige (This means your character must find out without metagaming. You may somehow find out someone is a Skrull through OoC means, but your characters must be the one to really make the discovery. This prestige reward stacks with each Skrull you find)

  • Capture a Skrull Dead or Alive - 15 prestige [Dead] - 30 prestige [Alive] (There's no use getting information from a dead corpse, but you could probably still make a device to locate other Skrulls if you can use their body for a basis on a device.)

  • Learn where the Skrulls are keeping their held prisoners - 40 prestige (This is a big one. If you get this information, then you could successfully locate their base, and break out those they have captured, which would pretty much tell you who is a Skrull imposter since all the real people would be in there.)

  • Prison Break the held Prisoners from the Skrull Base - 50 prestige (Self explanatory. This mission, however, is going to be a hard one. I recommend getting help for it.)

The plot is going to be separated into three parts this time. Below is a brief summary of each part and what they consist of:

  • The Secret Invasion - The initial part of the plot. The Skrulls in this part will be undercover PCs with missions they must accomplish for the next step of the plot. Unlike the next part, this section of the plot will be mostly for the users to use their witts to see who these undercover Skrull spies are. It can be anyone, so watch who you trust. They may backstab you.

  • Plan B - The second part of the plot. Once the Skrulls have gathered enough information, they will finally make their move. This is the part of the plot where the Super Skrulls come in. The main power behind the Skrull army, and the most formidable foes. Take note, those who have been captured will have their powers replicated into these Skrulls. Good luck.

  • War of the Worlds - The third and final part of the plot. This is the full scale invasion from enemy forces. Each major location (California, New York, DC, etc) will be attacked simultaneously by a war general, and their soldiers. No one person can be in all these locations at once, and when one city falls they all will fall. Team work will certainly be a must here. It's supposed to be hard. It's the End Game, after all.

I'm guessing you're thinking.."Pulse, what happens at the end of the plot? Is there any prizes?" I'm glad you asked that, Guest. The person with the most accomplishments throughout this plot (Through Missions, Actions, and Overall Participation) will get a nifty new weapon. The one who is worthy will get the Blue Biker's Bike.

Details on the Blue Biker's Bike:

  • Otherworldly Physics: The Blue Biker's bike allows the rider to literally ignore the physics of fast travel, space travel, and flight. In other terms, the rider of this bike will be able to travel at Mach 2 speeds without loss of perception, friction damage, G-Force resilience, and other negative effects of fast travel. This will also allow them to travel through space through vacuum adaption, and a fresh supply of oxygen.

  • Otherworldly Weapons: The Blue Biker's bike holds a plethora of alien type weaponry within. Once mounting the bike, the user is immediately coated in a matrix of blue lights and wires. This is the rider's suit that allows them to bond with the bike, and control it with simple thoughts. The bike itself has various devices, such as -

      Nemesis Cannon - A device that configures itself to meet the needs of the rider against a single opponent with supernatural powers. This gun will scan the opponent (takes three posts of constant scanning. Must be within thirty meters of opponent, and must have bike faced towards them) and analyse their powers. After this scan, the bike would launch a heap of what would appear to be spare parts. These parts will immediately pull themselves together to create a weapon that can be used to counteract one of the opponent's powers. For example, if one of someone's powers were to have homing projectiles, the device could turn into a transmitter that scrambles their homing signal, and thus makes them regular projectiles.

      Vector Shockwave - A device within the bike that takes two posts to charge, and uses a three posts cool down after use. Once charged, the user can unleash a shockwave that travels out 15 feet around the user that repels anything within the area. It can be projectiles or people, but the force behind it will send them flying twice the speed they were coming at the user. This has a downside, however. If a person was stationary and this is used, they will be unaffected, seeing how there is no force to redirect when it comes to them. Organic life that is repelled is flung more than 15 meters away.

      Omni Translator - The bike can translate any language from the Milky way Galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy with little to no problem.

  • Otherworldly Bond: The bike is bonded to its owner. This being, it will only follow the orders of its owner, even when attempting to be hacked or taken by someone else. The only way to break this bond is for the owner to willingly give the bike to someone else, or for the owner to become deceased. When it comes to the previous owner dying, the next to mount the bike will become the new owner.

  • Otherworldly Integration - The bike can integrate other weaponry into itself, and thus allow the user to use that weaponry with only a thought, once the bike is mounted. It has unlimited slots and can continuously be upgraded if the user wishes.

  • Otherworldly Awareness - The rider of the bike, once having a connection with the cosmic bike, will gain the ability of Uni-Vision. This allows them to have a sort of cosmic consciousness. Users can sense matters, specifically of peril, at a subatomic level or at great distances. This power can also force someone to tell the truth.

*Any Questions and concerns, simply ask me
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The Superior Spider


Posts : 1147
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PostSubject: Re: Skrull Secret Invasion : Who do you trust? [Coming Plot]   Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:10 pm

We'll be starting the "Plan B" section of the plot today at 6:00 PM so keep a look out for missions directed around the plot. Zooom!

Right now Mach is in the lead for the Blue Rider's Bike. Get your stuff together for the next two parts people. Dun want Nameless becoming even more of a God do you?

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PostSubject: Re: Skrull Secret Invasion : Who do you trust? [Coming Plot]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:22 am

Shak? Shak? Me? Shak? This guy? Shak? Since when am I being mentioned in posts? There's not another Shak is there? There can't be! I'm Shak......Well then......
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PostSubject: Re: Skrull Secret Invasion : Who do you trust? [Coming Plot]   

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Skrull Secret Invasion : Who do you trust? [Coming Plot]
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