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 Remembrance [Training]

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PostSubject: Remembrance [Training]   Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:02 pm

The golden blur would arrive at the Flash Museum. A monument created for the impostor that went by the name of Miss Flash. The impostor that not only stole Tara's name and face, but her life aswell. Pulse honestly despised everything about the woman, and she had half a mind of destroying the Museum that cherished the false hero. As Pulse stood infront of the museum, she looked up towards the statue of the woman. Her eyes were narrowed in hate, however all the other people seemed to cherish the figure. The museum itself was closed, but that wouldn't stop Tara from vibrating through the wall and entering the museum like it was completely nothing. Once entering, she would begin to walk around the inside while looking at all the exhibits. It showed a rogue gallery and even showed some events Miss Flash had done in her life. Even though the woman did something unforgivable to Tara, the young blonde couldn't deny she was a good hero. When people began to question what happened to the false heroine, what would Pulse tell them? Would it be her job to tell them anything? The young girl would begin to tear up, as she fell to her knees and crawled against a wall of the museum. She did so little in her life. She disappeared for six years and no one even came looking for her. She had no one, yet this Miss Flash woman had everything. She had fans. Family. Everything Tara wanted but never had the chance to get because she was stuck in some pod. "Dad..Mom..What should I do? I want to help people, but I don't want to be like her..I don't want to follow in the footsteps of someone who stole my life, but I want a family. I want friends. I want love too." The young speedster did let silent tears fall down her cheeks, as she pulled her knees into her chest and let her head hang low.

It had been some weeks since Ms. Flash's disappearance, and the Macreedys were more than worried what may have happened to her. She was like their daughter, technically, and when a child was missing who did you call? The police. Well, Mr. Macreedy didn't want to risk getting unneeded attention onto Tara, so that would be the last option at this point. Instead the two sat at their couch listening to what appeared to be a radio receiver. They were hoping to catch some type of broadcast of where Tara may have went. Tonight was the last night they were to try before calling the cops. Lucky for them, this would be the night they'd get news of seeing a golden blur shooting through the streets. News of this same blur running into the Flash Museum. Mr. Macreedy would rise from the cough and immediately head off to grab his coat from the coat rack. His wife would stand, reaching for the keys herself. "No, I'll bring her home myself. Stay here, just incase Blake comes running home. Or May." The man looked towards his wife with stern eyes, before walking to the door and grabbing his own pair of keys. Leaving the house, Mrs. Macreedy could only stand there with wide eyes. "Be careful."

Across the street from the museum, there would be a running blue van. The windows were tinted, and the lights were off. In other words, it was sitting idle in the darkness. However, this all changed as the back doors of the van would open, and four armed thugs would step out. Behind them would be an older fellow, wearing what appeared to be a cracked mask. He'd step down from the back of the van, and point towards the jewelery store that was just a twenty meters down through the alley way. The armed men would make their way down the alley way alittle before Mr. Macreedy's car would pull up infront of the Museum. He hadn't noticed the men running into the alley. No, his main focus was finding Tara. When he opened the door, he would grab his flash light and make his way up the steps towards the doors. Pulling at the handle, they wouldn't open. However, pressing his ear against the glass, he could hear what appeared to be a young girl crying. Gareth would begin to knock on the door. "T, is that you? It's me, Gareth!" The man continued to knock, and the young speedster within the museum looked up towards the door with swollen eyes. Wiping the tears away, she'd make her way to the door to see the man she had seen in her dreams. Well, they weren't really dreams. More like the visions provided to her from her connection to the fake Miss Flash. He was her 'Father' in a sense. "Leave me alone, impostor. I'll do to you, what you helped do to me!" Pulse yelled towards the male, and he simply looked at her with wide eyes. "..Tara, what happened to you?" His voice was low to protect her secret identity from eavesdropping ears. "We've been looking for you, for weeks. You look..different..Not just in the costume, but the look aswell. Are you okay?" The man looked extremely worried, yet Tara simply stood on the other side of the glass without bothering to make eye contact. "It doesn't matter. Not like you care. I won't give you the chance to lock me back up in that pod. Not again." Gareth looked completely confused. Who wouldn't? He had no idea what she was talking about. Before he could utter another word, the sound of broken glass and a loud alarm would take his attention. He turned towards the direction of the alley way where the men had ran earlier, and the sound of footsteps go louder and louder. "Tara, are you going to keep hiding away, or are you going to stop these people?" The man spoke in a calm tone, as he looked towards the alley way with wide open eyes. Pulse kept her arms crossed, as she turned her nose away. "Why? I don't have any reason to help, or stop anyone. I'm not her. I'm not Miss Flash, and I never will be. I hate her." Though confused, Gareth turned and faced the glass. "Tara, you don't NEED a reason to help people! I've taught you better than this. I don't understand what you mean by 'her', but I know you're a good person. I know you don't like to see people hurt. I know you know this aswell. Put aside this selfish behavior and use your gifts to help those that can't help themselves!" The man looked towards his daughter, who stood behind the glass with her arms still crossed. "You're not my father. You can't tell me what to do." Gareth's expression dropped at these words, and he simply shook his head. "You're right. I'm not your father. You have no reason to listen to me. So if you're not going to do anything, then I will." The man turned and jumped down the steps towards his car. The armed men were throwing bags of jewelry into the back of the van as one of them went towards the front door to get in. Tara simply watched behind the glass, not attempting to make eye contact, as she looked towards Gareth. "He won't do anything dangerous. He knows he'll die if he does. There's no way he can stop them all himself." She thought this herself, and yet the man slide across his car and launched at the first armed man trying to get in the doorway of the van. He'd send a hard right punch to his temple and slam his head into the glass, knocking him out but alerting the others. Pulse watched it all with wide eyes, as she pressed her hands against the glass. "NO! STOP! THEY'LL KILL YOU!" She yelled as Gareth charged another armed man, successfully knocking him to the ground. The leader of the group would blind side Gareth, however. And send a powerful kick to his skull, rolling him off his goon and onto his back. The man with the cracked mask would raise a gun, and point it directly towards Gareth's head. Pulse yelled at this point! She shot through the doorway of the museum, breaking it entirely, and charged directly towards the goons. Her body moved on its own, and her mind seemed lost, as she tackled the man with the cracked mask into the wall and heard his gun fire off.

Pulse thought nothing of this, as the rest of the man's goons went to attack her. Being absurdly fast had its advantages, as she easily handled the goons with well placed blows and dodges. Soon, they would be all down and out, and Pulse would run to the side of Mr. Macreedy. Kneeling down, the girl would raise her goggles and look towards the man with worried eyes. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Gareth! You were right. You were right about everything!" The girl spoke in a higher active tone, as Gareth laid on his back and looked up to her. Raising his hand, he'd touch her face, and reveal a bit of blood on his chest. Tara's eyes would widen. The bullet had still found him. She was too slow to stop the man from sending a round into his chest. And although he was down, Gareth smiled towards the young woman. "It's okay, Tara. It's okay. You did..the right thing.." The man muttered the words, as his eyes slowly began to close. "You were like a daughter to me." Pulse's eyes would widen, as she felt the man's hand go limp and fall off her face. "No..NO! I won't let another person I love die!" She yelled this, as she grabbed the man in an embrace, and dashed off towards the nearest hospital. His body was frail in her arms, and his blood trickled down her chest. She could hardly see with the amount of tears in her eyes. When they finally made it to the hospital, she shot through the doors and slid to a stop in the center of the ER. "Someone please help! Please!" The young blonde begged, as the doctors looked at her in surprise. It took them a second to register what had happened, but when they did, they immediately began to move. They pulled Gareth onto a stretcher and spoke amongst themselves. Pulse remained on the ground on her knees. Only faint words made it in. "No Pulse." "Lost alot of blood." It didn't sound good..If he died, it would be her fault.

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PostSubject: Re: Remembrance [Training]   Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:32 am

It had been a few days since Mr. Macreedy, also known as Gareth, had been a patient at the hospital. Apparently he had gone into shock and was in bad condition, but was still fighting for his life. Pulse made sure to check in on him everyday, however she made sure to leave before any signs of his family arrived. She couldn't face them after what happened. This particular night, she sat on the rooftop of the hospital looking up towards the full moon. This was entirely her fault. If she would have stopped those men, he wouldn't have gotten hurt. He was right about her being selfish. Even if she wasn't Miss Flash, that didn't mean she couldn't continue to help people. Every day there was a crime, and without someone to counter act it, innocent people got hurt. Mr. Gareth saw her as a daughter, and she turned her back to him. If he died, the last memory he'd have of her would be such a harsh thing. "I'm such an idiot.." The girl thought to herself as she pulled her legs into her chest and let out a heavy sigh. News of her continuing to check up on the man had spread, and tonight she'd get a very special visit from a woman her alter ego had a few run ins with. A young mercenary named Trigger that flipped up onto the rooftop after using a grappling hook to defy gravity itself. Once landing, the mercenary would stab her sword into the ground and look towards Tara. Tara would simply look back towards the woman with a wide eyed look. "W-what do you want? I'm busy." Pulse knew who the woman was, and she wanted nothing to do with her. However, Trigger would walk up next to the speedster and take a seat beside her. Pulse wouldn't turn to look at the woman. Instead, she continued to look straight with narrowed eyes. "You shouldn't beat yourself up over this, kid. I know you blame yourself for what happened. I heard the whole story. Hell, you put quite a beating on Pacino and his men. I've never seen him so pissed in all my life. It was pretty fucking awesome." Her language was vulgar, just like May's. May. Tara had forgotten all about her would be sister. She wondered how she took it. Her father being in the hospital because her older "sister" was too selfish to help him fast enough. She had almost forgotten there was a world around her, and that crime would surely be on the rise now that Miss Flash was no more. California needed a hero. She needed to protect those she cared about, and she had the power too. Was this what her mother would have wanted? You don't need a reason to help someone. That was what Mr. Gareth told her before he went to stop those people. That was the code she should inspire to live by. "Awesome or not, my selfishness almost got Mr. Gareth killed. I'm not the heroine this city needs right now..but I need to become it." Trigger blinked and looked at the young speedster. Standing up, she'd stretch her arms into the air and smile. "Well then come with me. There's supposed to be this big drop off down at the harbor. It's time you show California has a new heroine. Also it looks like you could use the stress relief, if you don't mind me adding that to the equation." Trigger would grab the handle of her sword and throw it over her shoulder before winking towards Tara. The young speedster would stand and pat herself off. Why shouldn't she go and do this? It would be fighting crime, relieving stress, and showing people there was a new hero in town. "Whatever you say. Feel free to lead the way." And with this words said, the two females would jump from the building and begin on their way towards the drop off point.

Jumping along rooftops at super speed, Pulse would run parallel to the mercenary that was using her grappling hook and acrobatics to swing through the city streets like it was nothing. Trigger would look towards the speedster while twisting in the air and firing another cable from her grappling hook. "By the way, I'm digging the new suit. Does it chafe?" Tara's face would turn red before she turned forward and dashed slightly ahead of the swinging female. "You'll never know, that's for sure!" The two women would look towards each other and share a laugh before making their way towards the harbor. It only took a few minutes but they arrived, and would both lay on a warehouse rooftop over looking the scene. Below them, a few thugs were piling some barrels onto what appeared to be some sort of boat. Pulse looked towards trigger with a raised brow. "What's going on here? What's in those barrels?" Trigger propped her head up with both her hands, watching the thugs like they were the television. "No idea. Let's go find the fuck out, yeah?" Trigger launched off the warehouse rooftop and down towards the thugs with her sword drawn. "Hey boys, let's have some fun!" The mercenary exclaimed, as she came down with a flying kick into a thug's jaw sending him flying into the water of the harbor. "Shit! It's that bitch from the other night! Waste her!" Before they got the chance, a golden blur would shoot past them, and before they knew it all their pants were down to their ankles. Pulse would skid to a stop and spin an arm to send a mighty gust of air towards them that would not only lift them up, but send them spinning into the harbor with their friend. "Way to ruin our element of surprise, Trigger! That's totally irresponsible!" The dark haired woman faced towards Tara and shook her head. "You need to loosen up. You make it seem like the world is on your shoulders. Who said you couldn't do hero work, but at the same time have fun with it? Being a stick in the mud doesn't sound too appealing to me unless the stick was on fire." Pulse simply stared at the female. Maybe she had a point? Shaking the thoughts from her head, she'd turn towards the barrels the thugs were loading into the car. Trigger would use her sword to cut one open and show the contents. It appeared to be some sort of toxic waste of some kind. Why would these random thugs need something like this? "Obviously someone must of hired these losers to transport this stuff. Looks dangerous to get near. We should call someone to come handle it." Pulse looked at the waste as she spoke, but soon looked back towards Trigger to see that she had mysteriously disappeared. Almost as if she just teleported away after all that 'fun' they had just had together. "Or you can live me here to clean up the mess..great. Now I need to go beg people for change to use a stupid payphone." The speedster scoffed under her breath, as she brushed her blond locks out of her eyes and crossed her arms in slight irritation. Was Trigger always like this? Pulse would watch a thug climbing out of the water, attempting to make it back to land. Walking over to the man, she'd kneel down as he extended an arm hoping for her to help him up. Instead, she'd reach past his arm and into his coat pocket to remove his wallet. "Thanks Han Brolo. I'm going to need this. Tonight's been one hella weird fiasco, but things are looking up now!" The speedster smiled and opened the wallet to see it was completely empty, and the picture on the main sleeve was of a toilet. Of all things, a toilet. "What the hell did I just open.."

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PostSubject: Re: Remembrance [Training]   Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:56 pm

"We've got a pulse. I think he's going to make it." The doctor spoke as Pulse, also known as Tara Strong, stood in the lobby without her costume for once. She held her shoulder, while rubbing her arm nervously, awaiting more details. Walking over to a seat, the young blonde would take a seat and take a deep breath. He was going to make it. He was actually going to make it. She felt relieved, but almost lost someone close to her, simply because her selfish vendetta against Miss Flash. As she in that chair, thinking about what happened, the doors to the hospital would open and the Macreedys would enter on the scene. Tara's eyes would flicker up towards the red headed woman, and the little red headed girl. If information served correctly, this was Mrs. Macreedy, and the young May "Mayday" Macreedy. Tara had never met them herself, but her fake copy not only lived with them, but called them family. When the Macreedys saw her, they rushed over to her. Tara stood, ready to explain herself, but she didn't need too. Mrs. Macreedy gave her a hug and nuzzled her neck in a deep embrace. "I'm so glad you're okay. If I lost Gareth and you, things would be so hard for me." Tara would simply stand there, being embraced by the woman, before slowly returning the hug and closing her eyes. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Macreedy." The woman patted her head and pulled back to look at her daughter. "Please, Tara. You can call me Mom." The young blonde would look in surprise before closing her eyes and letting a feint smile come across her face. "Okay..Mom.." Throughout this, Mayday stood with her arms crossed and watching the two. "Enough of this crappy love fest stuff. It's starting to make my stomach turn..So much." Tara looked towards the little girl with a raised brow. Mrs. Macreedy, on the other hand, would place a glove on her hand before grasping her daughter's ear and pinching it. "What did I say in the car? Mouth young lady!" May clenched her eyes together while pushing her head towards her ear. "Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch! Mom, stop! I'm sorry! I can't control it! It's trigger talking, not me!" Tara watched the two while keeping a hand over her heart, and the other slightly touching her lips. Even in times like this, they could smile through the pain. It caused the young heroine to give a soft smile before closing her eyes. "Thank you for this.." The female speedster whispered to herself, as May and her mother continued their funny little act. Time would pass, and Tara would look up towards the clock. They had heard the good news a few hours ago, and now they were just getting some paper work situated for the family. Sitting beside Tara, May would be kicking her legs to the ticking of the clock, looking slightly annoyed. "Where's Blake? He should have been here by now. What's the point of being able to run fast when you can never be on time?" Little did she know her brother had met an untimely circumstance his last moments after he left her. The mother would look towards her two daughters with a raised brow. "You know how he is. That boy can hardly sit still." Tara had a turning feel in her stomach. Something didn't seem right here. Tara could tell May was thinking the same thing, as her eyes narrowed. "I have to go..use the bathroom. I'll be right back." The little girl pressed herself from her seat and began to whistle innocently. Walking around the corner, Mayday took off into a small sprint towards a window. Using her agility, she would open the window and roll out into the dark night. Launching over to a tree, she would shimmy down to the ground and dust herself off. "This is a job for the spectacular Mayday. Avengers fucking assemble!" The little girl began to pull off her clothes, revealing her Mayday outfit underneath. A janitor, cleaning the floors of the hospital, would look out to see the little girl changing outside, and simply shake his head. "Those damn kids these days. I blame the rap music." The old man put his head phones on and continued to wash the floors. Mayday, now being dressed in her outfit, would begin on her way down the sidewalk. She had once touched Blake, so his thought process as in her head aswell. There was no way he would be gone for so long without checking in. "Hrm, Blake's probably feeling the mode. There's no way he'd do something so crash without checking in first. He's like a little boy scout. Annoying, but still a little boy scout."

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PostSubject: Re: Remembrance [Training]   

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Remembrance [Training]
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