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 Character Creation Guide

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guide   Thu May 24, 2012 3:58 am

So, you wanna make a character? This is your bible on how to do it, we will show you each step for your simple little mind so you can be off and ready to RP in no time. Be creative I know I’ve said this in other places but yeah creativity is kinda the soul of RPing so I’m gonna hammer it into that head of yours until your stuff is creative as a jackalope.

Character Name Here(2)
Quote/ETC. Here (3)

Well right her we got our Name, our picture, and a little quote about our super creature. Let’s break this down for you so you can ya know understand it.
  1. Okay so I know that there’s nothing here, that’s because you need to make it so something is here! You put a picture here, a picture of your character a cool one, one that will make people go, I don’t wanna mess with that dude.
  2. Next up we got the name, here you put your age! If you believed that you are fired. You put the character name here (the one your character is known by).
  3. Alright Quote/ETC. a little bit more complicated than the other stuff. Here we can put a quote or something that describes your character or maybe something your character would say it should help us to get a better idea about how he is and stuff.

Quote :

The Biography

Birth Name: (1)
Aliases: (2)
Gender: (3)
Age: (4)
Birth Date: (5)
Class: (6)

Appearance: (7)

Personality: (8)

So now we’re getting fancy, we’re gonna find out about your character’s basics, such as their secret identity and such.
  1. Here we put the character’s given name, the one their puny mortal parents gave them.
  2. Here’s where the cool superhero names go and the names they make up for themselves, as cool as Peter Parker is Spiderman is a way more awesome name.
  3. Gender, pick one: Male, Female, None, Canadian.
  4. Age, is well how long your miserable character’s life has been going on for. Make it reasonable, I mean being a 5 year old superhero would be retarded your best power would be how hard they laugh when they see a 5 year old trying to stop a robbery.
  5. Birthday, is the day you were expelled from your mother or other incubation device.
  6. Class, what are you? Are you a mutant? Are you a super cool human? Were you blessed by the gods? So yeah there’s a list of classes elsewhere and that’s what you put here. Your class can have a big impact on your character so put some thought into it.
  7. Appearance, what do you look like? What color is the underwear you wear on the outside? I mean you got your picture up there but give us more so we can get a better picture in our minds but make it cool and such.
  8. Personality is how much of a douche your character is. Whale douche? No douche? Shower? Make it cool, I mean a lot of people are gonna try to be Batman and stuff and be all heroic or evil or something but be creative, are you your average hero? Are you an anti-hero? One who does good but is not a good person?

Quote :

The Capability



    Main Specialty:(a)
    Sub Specialty:(b)


    Main Power:(a)
    Sub Power:(b)







So here we’re gonna start with what makes your character awesome his powers his skills, his stuff that makes a superhuman, superhuman. And his rank which is ya know how you rate his general abilities. Let’s start breaking it down!
  1. Rank, we kinda went over this but here’s a refresher for those with serious memory issues, here you put the rank of your character so we know how much he should be able to do. There are 5 ranks starting at D, the lowest of the ranks. The ranks go in expected order until you reach A, at which point we teleport to S, which is the highest!
  2. Specialties, what does your character specialize in? There is two categories, main and sub, your main is like you’d think the main thing your character specializes in sub being something else they’re good at but just not as good.
    1. Here you put your main specialty, what you want your character to be best at.
    2. and here is the sub specialty, something you’re good at but not as good at. But still not bad at.

  3. Alright, so powers. Who doesn’t like having super powers, they are like specialities in that you get more than one, you get a main power which is like it says, your main one. And you get sub powers which are like lesser powers.
    1. Alright here we are, the main power. Like it has been said this is your main power, the power you started out with as a wee sidekick, make it cool and make sure you like it. It’s your main one. It’s also powerful, think like manipulation of Magnetism.
    2. This is where your sub power goes, it’s not as prominent as your main power but still you can use it, and you can use it pretty well. These powers also aren’t as powerful think like flight.

  4. Abilities, these are cool things you can do that make you a super being, it’s what you can do with those powers. Like if you can control time, one of your abilities would be to stop time.
    1. Here you put the name of your ability, so we can get a good idea of what it does, or not. You can make the name have nothing to do with it we have a section for what it does!
    2. Alright sooooooooo we got rank, what rank do you think your ability belongs to? Make it make sense don't be foolish, the ability to pull all the iron out of a body is not a C rank ability.
    3. Power goes here meaning what power does your ability belong to, for instance your ability to make the toaster burn dat toast crispy would belong to Technopathy.
    4. That is here. Here you tell us what your ability does, so tell us; what does Flubbygabber do for you?

  5. Skills are what make you different than the other guys who have the same powers and whatnot as you. So yeah make them creative, while you can have stat boosts these are kinda not as fun as other cool things you can make like the ability to think like a walrus.
    1. First up we got name, it’s like the other names in that it’s a name. Treat it like one.
    2. Specialty, what specialty does this correspond to? Make it make sense! Your super strength skill isn’t related to your ability to use weapons.
    3. Rank, is well what rank is this skill. The ability to throw whales across the world with one arm isn’t C rank, so yeah rank them appropriately.
    4. Describe the thing for us so we can know what your skill does! It’s like most description make it descriptive and of course use your creativity as always.

  6. Weapons/devices are what they sound like, things that you use to do cool stuff, like stab people or protect your mind from being read. They’re for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have super powers. And sometimes for those of us who are.
    1. Name, AGAIN!?!?!? I’m not telling you what it’s for again. I lied, it’s for giving your stuff a name. Do it again but for other stuff.
    2. Here’s one we haven’t visited in a while, appearance, describe your device or weapon maybe give us a picture if you can find one that fits your creative tastes so we know what the sharp thingy going into our eye looks like.
    3. Well, here we go again! Describe your item of awesome to us, be creative, tell us what it does, tell us what makes it special, how stabby is your stabber? How metal is your bat? How deflecty is your helmet?
    4. Origin, here’s one we haven’t seen, okay this may be crazy but here you put the origin of your item, how did you get it? How was it made? Who made it? How many are there? Once again, be creative!!!!

Quote :

The Background


Here, we put the history of your character, try not to be a clone of everyone, I’ll never stop asking you so just deal with it, BE CREATIVE! It’s fun when you aren’t the norm it makes you feel all nice inside and it looks cool for other people to see how awesome your mind can be.
There you have it, your walk through for your character app now if you followed the rules and such you should be done and only an approval from a mod away from joining the fun. Hope it was awesome! Oh yeah one more time, just because I can. BE CREATIVE!
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Character Creation Guide
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