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 Slipping Mind [Training]

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PostSubject: Slipping Mind [Training]   Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:45 pm

One would think being trapped in stasis in some sort of prison would make them rusty. The exact opposite was occurring for Tara Strong, as her connection to the Speed Force did nothing but grow thanks to the other impostor tapping into her supply aswell. Tara had a profound connection to her alternate self, and literally could see through the eyes of her double. At the moment, this imposter was no where near. This meant if there was any time for Tara to escape, it would certainly be now. Beginning to vibrate behind the glass, it would appear futile. "Come on, Tara..No..Come on..Miss Flash..?" A name she hadn't come up with herself. No, her imposter took the name of her favorite hero and used it for herself. Tara cursed under her breath. There would be no way in hell she would take up such a name after someone who had stolen her life. That anger began to tap into a different kind of power inside the girl. A cosmic power long hidden away. A power she shouldn't have had access too, seeing how the imposter was the one who had taken the red sphere during the Phoenix's reign, not herself. Somehow these flames would bathe the pod she was currently trapped within, not only tearing it down past the point of being ash, but spewing out the speedster herself. Tara would slide upon the ground face first. It took a few seconds, but she'd cough out all the nasty liquid out of her throat, while opening her eyes. "Taste..Like..Chicken.." The speedster mumbled as the alarms started to go off in the base, causing her to press herself to her feet. Her clothes were soaked, but luckily for her it seemed like the fake Miss Flash left some type of uniform behind. Little did Tara know, this was the same outfit Ms. Flash wore previously, but it seemed like recently it went through color modifications and body types. Spinning rapidly, the speedster would put on this outfit and replace her own. Placing the goggles on over her eyes, she'd turn towards the door. How did she know this was a door? Simple. With being connected to this imposter, she had some information the false Flash had. In this instance, the entire base was known like the back of her hand. However, before leaving the young speedster would turn to look at the other prisoner in the pod beside her. If memory served correctly, this woman was a villain, but she didn't deserve this. Tara would grab the pod and slowly open it, releasing the woman named Miss Frost. Hitting the ground with a thud, the Frost woman would immediately be covered in a plate of ice and point her hand towards the young girl. "Who are you?!" The woman was capable of sputtering out these words, as Tara waved her hands. Saying her name wasn't the right move here, and there was no way in hell she was going to call herself Ms. Flash. Naming yourself after an imposter was a joke. Clearing her throat, the young Tara would give an awkward smile. "Lower the holster, Hanna Brotanna! The name's Pulse. I'm here to help you. I was a victim too." Her words were rapid, like she couldn't control speaking absurdly fast. The woman simply raised a brow towards her, as she pushed herself to her feet and placed a hand on her hip. "So exactly where are we again?" She seemed to be sorta impatient, but it was surprising how she wasn't panicking. Pulse would pinch her chin between her index and thumb, something Miss Flash did alot and must have gotten from her, and would look up towards the ceiling. "If memory serves correctly, I think we're underground." Pulse would nod to herself, while leaning to stretch out her legs. She had a feeling she was going to be doing some running now that the alarms were run. And it would only be a matter of seconds before--

DASH! There are the exit was the figure of Miss Flash standing there. "What the hell are you two doing out of your pods? Get back in there, now." Pulse looked towards the frozen woman, and she would look back towards Pulse. "I don't like you, and you don't like me...but-" "Aww but I like you! Not cool!..Get it..Cool?!" The speedster snorted, and Miss Flash would begin to snort aswell. They really were the same person. Miss Frost took this opportunity to shoot a spike towards the imposter, which would be promptly dodged and counter attacked by a dash and a punch to the chin. Pulse would jump in surprise as the combat initiated, and would tackle Miss Flash from behind and roll around with her on the floor. The rolling would come to a stop, as she would straddle the imposter and begin to unleash a rapid amount of punches onto her face. The imposter would raise her arms to protect her face, and Miss Frost would stand and point a hand towards the two females. "Say hi to hell for me!" Releasing a blast of cold air towards the two, both Flashes would roll out the way and pop to their feet. "What the hell, Frost! I thought we were a team! Not cool, Han Brolo. Not cool!" "Yea you totally almost hit me! Watch it!" The two speedsters looked towards each other, and began to trade blows with rapid attacks to one another. "Arg, God Damn it this is going no where! It's time for a Frozone! AARRGGHGHH!!" The woman of ice would begin to drop the temperature of the immediate area, causing the place to begin to turn to Ice. Tara would see this, and point towards it. "Oh what's that?" The fake Flash, being just as gullible, would turn to look which the real Tara would take an advantage of and send a punch to the back of her head, knocking her into the frozone. She'd watch the fake Flash be Flash Frozen, before turning towards the exit and taking off in a mad dash. The frozone was on her tail, and was inches away from freezing her in place, before she would take off the burners and shoot off faster than forty thousand miles per hour. Leaving the base in her dust, she'd look over her shoulder to watch it turn into a complete iceberg in the center of the desert. Pulse would stop and look at iceberg, more than 89 miles away, and would let out a sigh of relief. "That was a close one. As long as that place is frozen, I won't have to worry about that fake coming back to haunt me. But now, there are going to be alot of people looking for Ms. Flash. What should I do?" The speedster would look towards the iceberg. She knew she had no family, and really no place to go. She had saw a memory of the Flash Museum, and what appeared to be a hidden bunker underneath the building. "It'll be safer if I keep up the rouse of being someone else, just incase people knew who Ms. Flash really was. This could become trouble for me in the future.. But at the same time, I can't lie and say her antics didn't rub off on me. I do want to help others..And now I have the power too." Pulse would take one final glance at the massive ice berg, before turning on her heels and taking off in a dash towards California. Her first stop would be the Flash Museum. The monument for the woman that stole her life for six long years. There was so much catching up to do. Leaving nothing behind, the newly found PULSE of life, was on her way to find her place.

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Slipping Mind [Training]
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