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 Mr.Red wants some weapons

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Lone Star

Lone Star

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PostSubject: Mr.Red wants some weapons   Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:18 pm

Claiming the prestige of Kon-El and Damocles for my character Red Bug.

91Prestige + 45Prestige = 136Prestige/3 = 45 Prestige.

(Character in Question)

Things Purchasing: List the things out of said topic, if there are multiple things and you one want some, and their rank here.

Name: Super Strength
Rank: C
Power: Powered Exoskeleton
Description: Being from an enhanced Alien Race, Tegorum uses the power of his suit to gain increased strength reaching to that of 1000 pounds.

    Name: Flight
    Rank: C
    Power: Powered Exoskeleton
    Description: This ability allows for the beetle on Tegorums back to launch some energy from the area launching Tegorum into flight emitting a neon green light moving at 150MPH.


    Name: Enhanced Durability
    Rank: C
    Power: Powered Exoskeleton
    Description: Because of his suit Tegorum gains a special level of durability being able to Withstand moderate bludgeoning and melee and nothing more at his current rank.

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Ford Perfect

Ford Perfect

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PostSubject: Re: Mr.Red wants some weapons   Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:09 pm

Strength and Dura purchased.
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Mr.Red wants some weapons
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