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 Immortal Demon Bridge [Sub Plot]

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PostSubject: Immortal Demon Bridge [Sub Plot]   Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:51 pm

The scent of rotting fleshing and smoldering ash lingered in the dark atmosphere. The cries of the damned were unyielding as they resounded in the empty void. Pillars of his greatness could be seen standing strong throughout the void. The grounds were cracked and splintered, revealing a light of interchanging red and blue hues in their eternal dance. This was the place of abandonment, a place of regret ruled by one soul: Hades.

The God still harbored hatred toward his brother and the other Olympians for this forced assignment. So, in retaliation, he would take away what the Gods loved most: Earth. Zeus was a be cruel God and left a mirror to this world in his realm. Hades could watch as passing time brought wars' beginnings and endings, civilizations rises and falls, but could never reach the tear into the human's world. The portal was far beyond his world. Like, a star which he craved to touch. Such touch was unattainable until now.

The sound of careful footsteps was drowned out by the unending wails as he proceeded to the edge of the Underworld. His movements ceased a few feet from the edge and raised both hands mid-waist, as if he was grasping for something. That was when the ground pulsated before giving way to an orb melded to a dainty stand. This orb slipped into his cold palms as if it belonged. Long fingers hooked around the glowing ball and immediately the object held fast to him. Veins throbbed wildly and biceps bulged. Perspiration he didn't realize he had tricked down his sharp features. This orb fed off of his energy in a wild frenzy, growing ever brighter with each indulgence.

When the ball had its full, a beam of light shot from its being and began crafting out a bridge to the portal into Earth. Fire so hot even Zeus himself would swelter, whipped, danced and mended until it solidified. When the flames subsided a bridge of bone was left in its wake.

A weary Hades peeled her dainty fingers from the now dull orb. Strong muscular arms were replaced with lean limbs; a straight form had transformed into supple flesh. Hades let out a satisfied sigh. The voice sounded unmistakably female. It had taken the God a thousand years to gather enough energy for this moment and now that she had, her time of revenge had come.
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PostSubject: Re: Immortal Demon Bridge [Sub Plot]   Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:30 pm

Vader stood perfectly still with his arms crossed. His mechanical breathing had filled the air and so he wasn't exactly hidden. His saber was clipped straight to his belt and he was waiting for his so called 'partner'. He didn't care who this so called 'God' was because he didn't believe in any form of god or diety. Only the warriors way and thats it, his mask was filtering out the horrid smell but he could still hear random shouting voices. After he started to get impatient and proceeded to walk forward. Today? Defiantly not a good day, the invasion of Earth was no longer going to happen. Instead he would stick to other planets instead. He started walking forward until he reached some form of life.

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PostSubject: Re: Immortal Demon Bridge [Sub Plot]   Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:34 pm

Washington DC was a nice enough place, with some ancient buildings and pristine views. Being a fan of aesthetics and beauty, Merri could enjoy such sceneries. Which was why when some odd, ugly bridge had appeared, she was not very pleased to see it there. The sight of it was unnerving to a degree. First of all, it seemed to be made of bone. And maybe it was just her, but there seemed to be some freaky wails coming from around that point. Already, most of the inhabitants of Washington had cleared the area, so it was quite out of place to see a girl in her late teens sprinting for all she was worth towards the point where the bridge connected with the earth.

She could already see bizarre looking creatures on the bridge. Most likely demons, but since she had never really had any experiences with the 'afterlife', she could only venture a guess. Fortunately for her, the moment the crisis had come up, and she had sought to do something about it, she had been able to join forces with someone, in a manner of speaking. With any luck, he would be on the bridge already. If that was the case, she didn't want to keep him waiting.

In a short while, she saw a strange figure, standing at the point where the bridge met the earth. He seemed calm and his arms were folded. She frowned slightly. It was obvious he wasn't a demon, but then, he didn't seem very human. He seemed a little more robotic. Maybe he was one of those Japanese prototypes... Regardless, that was probably her ally that she was supposed to meet up with on the bridge. Her partner began to walk forward, obviously impatient at waiting around. Merri groaned slightly. She would have to quicken her pace if she was to catch up, but then again, she had to make sure she wasn't out of breath by the time the battle started.

She took a deep breath, and almost threw up. By now, the air was foul, but that could not deter her from moving forward. She stepped onto the bridge and ran the remaining distance until she was at her partner's side. "Hello... sir. I'm Merri. We're supposed to evict these guys and stuff..." she said, once she had caught her breath. Just in case he did not assume she was his ally. "Well, let's give them hell, whether they come from there or not. Feel free to give me any ideas you got, or cover me."

With that, she began walking briskly towards the demons that were there to withstand them, rolling up her sleeves as she did so.

[10% covered...]
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PostSubject: Re: Immortal Demon Bridge [Sub Plot]   

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Immortal Demon Bridge [Sub Plot]
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