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 Hades' Gatekeeper #2 - Aidoneus

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PostSubject: Hades' Gatekeeper #2 - Aidoneus   Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:22 pm

Aidoneus, Destroyer of Many

The Biography

Birth Name: Aidoneus
Aliases: Right Hand of Hades
Gender: Male
Age: 12000+
Birth Date: No Month
Class: Deity Touched


Personality: Aidoneus doesn't quite have a personality, as he is simply a being of pure rage and power. Created by Hades himself for the task of one day conquering the earth, he simply screeches or makes other ungodly noises, although his actions are usually violent. The great being of power doesn't toy with the enemies, doesn't torture, and doesn't even care about anything other than destroying them and every trace of them. That being said, he has great power and skill in combat.

The Capability



    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess


    Main Power: Demonic Force Manipulation
    Main Power: Hell Fire Manipulation
    Sub Power: Soul Absorption
    Sub Power: Demon Summoning


Demonic Force Manipulation:

Hell Fire:

Soul Absorption:

Demon Summoning:


    Name: Fight King of Hell
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: S
    Description: The user is the undisputed master of physical combat within the depths of Hell or the Underworld, and there is good reason. He has a combat perception, allowing him to see what a close range fighter is going to do based on even the slightest muscle movement. This allows the user to compensate for whatever lack of speed they have, to precisely strike a target, interrupting whatever movement they might have had. An equal unpredictable skill would off set this, but the skills are still there.

    Name: Hell Fire Imbue
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: S
    Description: This skill allows the user to passively imbue the fires of Hell into each physical strike. This makes their physical strikes extremely deadly for most, because even blocking would set the target ablaze with unquenchable fire, threatening to devour them to nothingness, not even ashes remaining.

The Background


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PostSubject: Re: Hades' Gatekeeper #2 - Aidoneus   Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:42 pm

Approved for NPC use remember to downgrade your attacks to A-rank id dealing with C-rank peepz.
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Hades' Gatekeeper #2 - Aidoneus
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