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 Demon Lieutenant (NPC)

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PostSubject: Demon Lieutenant (NPC)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:02 pm

Character Name Here
Quote/ETC. Here

The Biography

Birth Name:Unknown
Aliases:Demon Lieutenant
Birth Date:Unknown

Appearance:Left, regular form. Right, Dark Form

Personality:The Demon Luetenant, is the meaning of darkness. Though he isn't as strong as the Dark Lord, he is twice as evil and devious. He loves death, destruction, pain, and evil. Especially in his Dark Form, he is even more corrupt. He can't go a day with out killing someone. He loves to see pain, he will even befriend you, or even make you fall in love with him, just to betray you and tear you to pieces. He can easily not be trusted, and he can't trust anyone. Only people he dares not to betray is the Demon Lord and Hades himself.

The Capability



    Main Specialty:N/A
    Sub Specialty:[/b[N/A


    Main Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Sub Power:Dark Arts
    Sub Power:Dark Form


    Name:Dark Constructs
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:The user can create various objects, structures, weapons, and tools out of dark matter.

    Name:Volatile Constructs
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:The user can create several bombs made of dark matter, and can toss them at opponents that explode causing burns, some temporary sight loss if they explode in front of opponents eyes, and temporary hearing loss if bombs explode near ears.

    Name:Dark Blasts
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:The user is able to launch Dark matter in the forms of bursts, blasts, waves, and various projectiles.

    Name:Dark Lightning
    Power:Dark Force Manipulation
    Description:The user is able to expel dark Lightning out at opponents to eletroucte opponents, causing burns, stunning them, and various effects from being struck by electricity.

    Power:Dark Force Manipulation
    Description:The user is able to ride Dark Matter to allow them to fly into the air at at least 300 MPH

    Name:Dark Force Field
    Power:Dark Force Manipulation
    Description:The user is able to create a dark Force Field to shield against attacks. It can withstand an infinte amount of C rank attacks as long as he keeps it up, resist up to 4 B rank attacks before breaking.

    Power:Dark Force Manipulation
    Description:The user can teleport up to 5 miles from their current position in a current battle, and can carry up to 200lbs if teleporting someone or something else.

    Name:Darkness Mimicry
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:The user can turn literary into darkness. It causes him to phase through solid objects and can move across solid surfaces sticking to them until he turns back into his original form.

    Name:Total Darkness
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:The user can surround a room in darkness for two turns causing targets to not be able to see through it. They would need some type of light source, such as a flashlight to see through it.

    Name:Night Vision
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:The user is able to see naturally in darkness normally.

    Name:Darkside View
    Power:Darkforce Manipulation
    Description:If he looks an opponent in right in their eyes face to face, he can get into their mind, and help them see the evil side of their soul, and try and convert them to become evil themselves. Or if they are notoriously good, can put them in a mental struggle about their alignment.

    Name:Elemental Manipulation
    Power:Dark Arts
    Description:The user is able to control Lightning, Fire, Darkness, Water, and Earth. The Fire can be shot out in bursts from his hands, his feet, his mouth, and nose. The water can be controlled if by a body of water and can help him create huge waves or constructs of water. He can control the earth by creating pillars from the ground to shield him , or pillars under himself or others to shoot them in the air.

    Name:Dark Transformation
    Power:Dark Form
    Description:The user can let darkness take over them and go into a dark trance, increasing the strength, speed, and durability. They can lift up to 2,000 lbs, 180 MPH, and withstand small arms fire.


    Name:Enhanced Combat
    Description:The user is incredibly advanced and excels in various forms of combat including hand to hand and armed.


    Name:Dark Amulet
    Appearance:A piece of jewelry that hangs around the neck with a purple jewel in it.
    Description:An amulet that hangs around the user's neck , it is forged by the demon blacksmiths in the underworld. It is a symbol of the Demon Lieutenant's status and power.
    Origin:It was given to him the day he became the Demon Lieutenant, and its unique only to him. It shows his power, and can be taken as loot if he is defeated.

The Background

History:The Demon Lieutenant, was once a regular man wandering on Earth before one day he was abducted by a dark spirit. The spirit bonded with him and spawned the Demon Lieutenant. He has yet to go by a name, and is simply addressed as the Lieutenant. He traveled to the underworld, and proved himself to Hades by killing thousands of his soldiers, and was recruited to the army as his Lieutenant.

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PostSubject: Re: Demon Lieutenant (NPC)   Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:46 pm

Approved for NPC use
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Demon Lieutenant (NPC)
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