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 Space Speeders (Training, Vader)

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PostSubject: Space Speeders (Training, Vader)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:37 pm

D.A.Z.E had just made it to planet Earth exactly a month ago. He was still getting used to everything that was going on in this dimension. First of all, their technology, while better then he expected, wasn't as advanced as his own people. The thing people were getting rich off of such as IPODs, D.A.Z.E was making while in diapers. However, he did like the changes. He loved living here and learning all these new things by all these people. He even encountered people with abilities that were advanced past the standard of normal humans similar to him. He enjoyed the new food, the new music, the new attractions, however there was one problem.

Back in his dimension, people didn't even bother doing crimes because they instantly were locked up for ever or executed, mattered the crime. There was no second chances back in his dimension, and the crime rate was at a minimal so they were all good. However, crime here was way more active then it was back in his dimension. It highly shocked him and also disgusted him. The people in this dimension however, had powers that also were much more advanced then the standard human here on the planet.

D.A.Z.E was able to protect some citizens from the threats, using his portal making and Aura constructs to fend them off pretty nice, however it has been times the people have gotten the upper hand on him and they proved that they were no push overs and that if he didn't improve, he would be getting his ass handed to him, or defeated, or killed. He would start off by focusing on some long distance combat. He had Aura constructs, but he wasn't the best swordsman, or the strongest. So, the constructs wouldn't be that good. He had to add more abilities to his arsenal.

He decided he would begin by focusing his aura in bursts and waves. He always wondered if he could even do it. He heard his ancestors were able to do it easily so he might as well try and attempt it. He could find it extremely useful in combat and various other purposes if he could at least use his battle tactics and intelligence.

He had created a portal to the planet Mars, and was given an oxygen mask by a friend he had there. The planet Mars was the most perfect terrain for him to train the abilities he had in mind. The power he was going to focus on at first was projectile energy blasts. He heard they were incredibly useful so he stood on the red dirt of Mars, and planted his feet in the ground and stood straight. He clapped his hands, and began to channel his aura into the center of his hands. He began to groan. "Damn this is hard!"
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PostSubject: Re: Space Speeders (Training, Vader)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:01 pm

Vader stood in the hangar bay of the star destroyer. He his mechanical breathing had filled the air and he had been waiting for his admiral. he was pacing to and fro before finally giving up and boarding his personal shuttle. Of course before he could get on board, his admiral finally showed up behind him and gave him what he wanted. A geographical map of Mars, he was here to scout for a location to place a sort of forward operating base for when he arrives on earth to fight against the so called “SHIELD” agency. After looking it over he stepped aboard his shuttle and off they went. The shuttle exited the hangar bay and started to fly towards the red planet. Though the extent of Vader's injuries remained concealed by his foreboding armor, it was known that he required an advanced life-support system to stay alive. He began thinking of ways to cope for his armor, his armor was made of a more sturdy durasteel platform which should have provided some small amount of protection against the basic hazards such as snow storms, and sandstorms, the armor almost limited his movement and could barely run before tiring out, his helmet had filtered out bad chemicals but otherwise made a very loud breathing sound, and next to that the damage he suffered to his lungs made it so that his actual voice was little more than a whisper with his helmet making his voice seem louder and deeper. His eardrums had all but melted and so to cope he had sound emitters placed inside his helmet to register sounds, he was constantly injected by needles to keep him alive and above all else he couldn’t eat or drink. Vader could take food through his mouth, but only when he was inside a hyperbaric chamber, since he had to remove his triangular respiratory vent. It was therefore easier for Vader to receive nourishment through liquids, intravenous and otherwise, and to rely on catheters, collection pouches, and recyclers to deal with liquid and solid waste. Though liquids were preferable, he still had the capacity to chew if he wished, though a nutrient feed provided Vader with all the nourishment he required. In public, claimed that he never ate or drank. On his belt, Vader wore two small system function boxes: the one on his right featured a temperature regulation system and the one on his left contained a respiratory sensor matrix. Vader's prosthetic limbs and all of the armor's functions were powered by dozens of rechargeable energy cells located throughout the suit that allowed Vader to travel for long stretches without recharging his armor. Even when the energy cells were depleted, he could maintain basic life-support functions through replaceable backup power cells. Vader's helmet was the center of the life-support system. It was fitted with an air pump, which was connected to a flat filter system worn on Vader's back. Together, the backpack and the air pump continuously cycled purified air through Vader's ravaged lungs. A small, back-up air-processing filter was located in his distinctive mouth grill, which also doubled as a respiratory intake system. Vader's life-support system also included a chest-worn, computerized control panel unit that regulated his respiratory functions. From this chest panel, a thick cable entered his torso, linking to a breathing apparatus and heartbeat regulator. The ventilator was implanted in his terribly scarred chest, along with tubes that ran directly into his damaged lungs, and others that entered his burned throat, so that should the chest plate or belt control panels develop a glitch, he could breathe unassisted air for a limited time out of his mouth, which had not been burned to the extent of his throat. He had suffered all of this to his battle against Liam.. and he was angry.. Very angry. When they landed he got off the shuttle and looked across the red field. He got more angry, angry that he was confined to this suit for his entire life, angry that he had not the skill he used to, angry that he of all people fell for such a trick like that and was left for dead, he lifted his hand and threw a massive rock across the hill before calming down and moving on. Alone.

716 words, training complete

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PostSubject: Re: Space Speeders (Training, Vader)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:35 pm

D.A.Z.E's friend had given him an entire space suit to protect him from the outside terrain of Mars. His body was used to tough gravity from his other dimension however and Mars wasn't much different hwoever it was much harder to breathe, and the lack of oxygen would cause him to go through alot of physical and internal problems rendering him dead pretty soon, so his martian friend Hulu had given him an entire suit to protect him and he could move easy in it. However, it was only temporary, it gave him no protection to anything but oxygen and for only a day.

D.A.Z.E also had exposed hands to focus on his new abilities he was working on doing. He was continuing to focus his Aura force into the center of his hands, and began to wave them around into the air. "My ancestors, please, help me channel my inner aura, and channel it. I want to control the power. I want to gain the power. I want to use the power to protect anyone and every one. I must do this for the sake of the entire galaxy. All of the dimensions. Existence itself, needs a Guardian, I want to be that guardian."

"I want to protect anything!" He shouted at the top of his lungs as he shot aura straight out of the palms of his hands. The energy blasts were fired and hit a boulder right across from him and collided into it, causing it to explode. "I will do it, I'll protect anything."

733 Words
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PostSubject: Re: Space Speeders (Training, Vader)   

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Space Speeders (Training, Vader)
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