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 Paying a Visit (Training)

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Cyber Knight


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PostSubject: Paying a Visit (Training)   Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:58 pm

Black Magic had recently joined the Empire, and request personally the Empress assist him in training his magic. His magic really only relied on his Lightning and his Force fields which an opponent could quickly predict his movements and powers and dominate him. He figured he might as well learn some new spells to better himself as a Mystic Wizard. He decided to make his way back to his old master's house to train with him. His home was located near some woods in South Dakota. However, his actual home wasn't there, but a portal to his home was. I mean really, who would want to live in South Dakota?

Black Magic walked in front of the portal, and sighed. A dark voice began to erupt from it. "State the pass word." The voiced said, as Black Magic groaned. His old master was a little immature and did lots of childish things, despite his knowledge and intelligence of magic. "The password is...I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts." Black Magic said in a annoyed tone as he folded his arms and saw the portal began to expand wider and he stretched his arms. The portal opened large enough for him to entire and he walked forward and was taken to his old master's home.

Black Magic approached the home and instead of knocking he simply charged electricity in his fist and shoot a lightning bolt right through the door. He walked right in to his master sleeping on his couch. He was however awaken by the lightning bolt that was just shot through his front door. "Get the fuck up old man. We got work to do." Black Magic said, as he smirked and his master simply yawned and forced himself to get up. "Who the hell do you think you are shooting down the damn door like that. This is my house, you need to respect me." Black Magic began to laugh when he heard that. "Your password to get through a portal is "I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts." I can't respect you at all. So, your gonna train me to learn some new spells, give me your spell book."

His master groaned and grabbed a textbook and got up out of bed. He put his hand out and instantly repaired the door Black Magic destroyed, but it opened up and they both walked back outside. "What exactly do you wanna learn child." Black Magic sighed and took out a pick and began to comb his afro. "I don't give a flying fuck just any spell that has to do with my fields of magic. Some Mysticism or some Weather Control." His master raised an eyebrow and began to laugh. "What makes you think your some type of bad ass now Keith? Fine, how about flight? A spell called Soar."

Black nodded at the sound of that and crossed his arms. "Alright, how do we do that." Black raised an eyebrow as his old master began to look at the book. "Well, focus on the air, and becoming it. Focus on repelling your feet from the ground and flying up into the air. Imagine birds, airplanes, other stuff that flies." His master said with a sarcastic tone, as Black sighed and began to focus. "Also, when you have it down. Shout the words Soar." Black nodded and focused as he channeled the Mystical Energy in his body he sighed. Suddenly, his master sent his fist forward and shot a ball of fire straight at him. Black put his hand out and created a giant force field around him. "Defend!" He shouted as the fireball was simply absorbed by the force field.

"Hmph, you can't beat me old man. Especially with cheap shots like that." He said, as his master groaned. "I was trying to avenge my front door. Anyone just do the spell." He said to Black, as he smiled and pounded his fist together and started to focus again. "Soar!" He shouted into the air, as he started to fly into the air. As he ascended, he smiled and began to soar into the air, circling around the home that was below looking down at his master. "Thanks for the tips, now on to the next spell." His master sighed and nodded. "Alright, let's get it started."

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Cyber Knight


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PostSubject: Re: Paying a Visit (Training)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:18 pm

Black Magic descended right in front of his master, and groaned and shrugged his shoulders. "That was easy. Now, what's next?" He said, as his master began to scan through the book and nodded his head, approving of several of the spells inside of it. Hmm, they are all pretty damn cool. I'm gonna learn them all before the end of the day, and your not leaving until I learn them old man. You hear me?" He asked, as his Master looked at him and put his hands up. "Weapon!" His master shouted, and two blades were form in his palms. "I'm going back into the house now kid. Or do I have to beat your ass like I always used to back in the day."

Black Magic began to laugh as he looked at his opponent. "You only beat me once." Black Magic said, as he closed the book and put it down. As he started to fly again, his master disappeared and appeared in front of him and punched him in the chin. "Sike, that's the wrong number." Black Magic was sent flying into the air, but while he was flying, he sent a lightning bolt right down at the ground. His master disappeared right before it hit him and reappeared behind him and sent a kick to his side knocking him away.

Black Magic caught himself and stood straight, looking straight at his master. "You know what, I'm going to kill you. I'm going to take you the fuck out. I will blow you out the damn sky." He said, raising his eyebrow as he flew forward at his Master. His Master flew straight toward him also. Black Magic knew in a hand to hand fight, he was no match for his master. So, as soon as he approached, he braked and created a force field around himself to guard the incoming slash his master had sent to him. Black Magic dispersed it, and sent another lightning bolt at him. It made contact, however it didn't do that much damage.

Black Magic started to fly away from his master, speeding in the opposite way. He spun in circles as his Master followed right behind him. "What's wrong old man? Don't have enough gas left in the tank to come and catch me. Well, allow me to help you out." He said, smirking as he spun and sent two lightning bolts from his palms at his master. His master flew right under them dodging and sent a fire ball at Black Magic. He made another force field and it guarded against the incoming fireball but he was knocked downward by it.

His master was pursuing him, descending while homing in on him, as Black Magic looked up at him, he was then caught in the face with another kick in the face. He was again sent downward faster. He followed him closely and grabbed his arm and threw him back into the air and flew toward him yet again and sent him another punch knocking him into the air. He instantly teleported above him and use telekinesis to hold Black Magic in place, and start to spin him in the air.

"Let me down old ass man!" He shouted into the air, as he spun him faster and faster. "Ahhhh, no one can cast magic like I can. Another mage says he can and I'll push his face in the sand!" His master shouted, as he pulled Black closer. He raised his fist and sent it forward to Black's face but stopped right before he struck him and smacked him across the face. He let go of his telekinesis and push Black Magic and put his hands again. "I'm not done yet kid, now let's continue fighting."

His master then smiled, and sent another fist forward. Black Magic then instantly remembered the spell he wanted to learn from the book. It was called Phase, that allowed him to become intangible and phase through solid surfaces. Black Magic smiled, and flew right through it, and stood behind his opponent and smiled. "No, I'm the one here who is bad." He whispered, and sent an elbow to his master's neck. His master was knocked a little to the side and grabbed his neck. "Oh nice. Alright, let's get serious."
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Paying a Visit (Training)
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