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 The Jaded Island [Training]

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: The Jaded Island [Training]   Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:10 am

The world was vast, and some locations were more unknown than others. That was what the Jade Kingdom atleast knew, as they hadn't had any visitors to their humble island the entire time they had been their. Atleast from anyone coming from the modern world. Perhaps it was the fact they were basically in a volcano that appeared to be just another landmark to the outside world. Perhaps it was because it offered no immediate need for the modern world to seek them out. It was either that, or the fact the island seemed to cast an illusion of smoke if any boats sailed near. Whatever it was, the Kingdom was secure. Unknown to the growing world around it. Standing on the beaches of this mighty empire was the Empress herself. She sat in her carriage, as two horses were mounted at the front, and guards surrounded her. She simply looked out the silk red curtains to see her army doing regular training exercises. Upon her lap was a tulip that basked in the candle light of the carriage. Her amber eyes seemed to reflect the dancing flame, as her juicy red lips seemed ever so moist for conquest. Making the deal with a figure of another realm seemed like she was asking for trouble, but infact it did nothing but make her feel more confident in her ability to cleanse the world. The Empress had already used these abilities to cleanse her kingdom, and its entirety, of the crime and ignorance it once held. She simply wished to do the same to the world itself. Placing the flower across from her, she would reach for a glass of freshly squeezed grape wine. Moving the cup beneath her nose to get the scent of the craft, she would slowly lift the lip to her own. With small gulps, she would take the sweet mixture into her gullet. The sounds of footsteps made their self known, as they grew. Suddenly there would be a slight knocking on her carriage, where one of her young army men was bowing his head. He didn't dare speak before the Empress gave him the approval. With a slight nod of her head, that approval was given, and the young man would keep eye contact to a minimum while speaking to his queen. He had heard stories of her rage taking form, and literally purging those of impurity with just a simple glance. "My Empress, our blood boils for the act of war with you us at your command. The sun falls from the sky, bathing us in the darkness of the goddess of the moon. She cries for blood." The young man spoke with much enthusiasm, as his Empress stared down at him with dancing amber eyes. "Yes, the Goddess does bless us this night. But you foolish boy, I should be the only goddess you look to for blessing." The Empress was much younger than the man, yet she called him a child. The man simply looked towards the woman before bowing his head in fear. "I apologize my Empress! You are the only goddess I shall look for in the dead of night. Your grace, please forgive my ignorance." Raising a hand, the young Empress gave a slight chuckle at the man's words. "How unbecoming, young warrior. I am only pulling your chain. Please continue the routine. Your sword will taste the blood of my enemies very soon, my dear." The young man gave a nod to his queen before standing and returning back to the fellow troops. Blessing her lips with another sweet taste of wine, the Empress would raise a hand to signal she wished to return to the palace. And just like that, the horses would begin to trot along the cool sands, as the carriage began to head back towards the volcano. Empress Zalia had a meeting with the oracles on the upcoming wars. Her recon team was currently being put together, yet she knew she still needed an air force and a navy. The Empire had much work to do for the coming months. They were not ready to stage an attack on the modern, impure world, as of yet. But her generals were impressive. The growth of the Empire was truly a reality, and nothing could stop their quick advancement in such a small fraction of time.

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: The Jaded Island [Training]   Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:58 am

Once returning the to the palace, the Empress would take short strides to exit the carriage. The tulip was back in hand, as her people bowed to show their respect to the woman that had resurrected their hopes for the past few years. With her father's mysterious death, and the demon that claimed the souls of the guilty, the Empire did have its moments of being vulnerable. However, those moments were purged the moment Zalia had come to power. At her command was a demon of untold power. A fallen angel that could simply burn away impurity with a flick of the wrist. This fallen angel was delivered to her through the dead of night, but the angel himself. Metatron. An Archangel of the heavens. Atleast, this was what she was led to believe at the time. In reality, this was none other than a demon posing as an angel. She made a pact with this demon, and became a medium for the "Fallen Angel" that helped bring her Empire back to power. If she were to learn the truth about the origin of her power, would she be upset? Not at all. It gave her the power and control to save her Empire from its previous inevitable end. As the young Empress made her way through the front gates of her palace, she was immediately bombarded by her advisers. "My grace, the war meeting should begin soon. Shouldn't you sit in on your men, and their actions? Your presence is always welcomed." "My grace, the oracle wishes to see you in her chambers." So many requests at so little time. The woman simply lifted a hand to silence the men hovering about her. "I will see my oracle before any war meetings commence. Give me some light."
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PostSubject: Re: The Jaded Island [Training]   Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:24 pm

Time had passed, and Zalia did have a meeting with her oracle. The time of war was soon to be near, but there were still matters to attend to in her own kingdom. For one, apparently mythical beasts were terrorizing the villages of the land, and stealing away children in the night. That was a matter that would need to be dealt with now, rather than later. Simply because war made the Empire weary. Spirit would be lost if the Empress could not handle the situation on hand, before mixing in with other situations off home turf. So as Empress Zalia sat at her throne, with the flames dancing around her podium, she simply stared forward towards her scouts. They were dressed in black, and was numbered in the teens. Keeping their heads bowed, they didn't dare look upon the throne of Empress Zalia. The young woman simply sat with both arms down on the arm rests, with her leg folded over the other. "I suppose you've all heard the news. Apparently some monstrosity is attacking my villages at nightfall. Tell me, what am I supposed to suspect from this threat?" Her amber eyes looked at the scouts, and they continued to keep their eyes diverted. "Empress, they say the beast comes from the Earth itself. They say it is a creation from hell that looks to punish us of the Empire, for using a blessed angel as our savoir. I, however, believe it is an act of sorcery." Empress Zalia would tilt her head to the side. He spoke of sorcery. Though unknown to most, Magic was indeed her weakness. Well, the weakness of her intangibility. She wished to curse under her breath, yet she would. She would not. Instead, she would stand from her throne and make her way down the stair case towards her scouts. "Ready the mobile troops. Tonight we will ride upon this beast and see if it lives up to its reputation. I take it you know where it shall strike next?" The lead scout would nod and raise himself from the floor. His followers would do the same. "I see. Then let's make our move. You're dismissed General Rao." The man would nod and take off in a dash with his scouts behind him. Their footsteps were silent. Surely a skill they built up from years of training under the tutelage of her father. She had much to live up to, and she planned on taking long strides with her new found abilities. Though no one knew of her special abilities, and referred to the kingdom's savoir as the fallen angle. It was infact Empress Zalia herself, making sure to finish what her father had started. The world was to be united as one under the rule of the Jade Empire.

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PostSubject: Re: The Jaded Island [Training]   

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The Jaded Island [Training]
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