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 Can He Walk the Walk? [Yuuka]

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PostSubject: Can He Walk the Walk? [Yuuka]   Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:53 pm

After a long week of studying people, and making more than a few devices and machines for his office, Grimshaw decided to go about town, as he needed some new fabric, as he was updating his battle cape. Although it was a liability to have a cape, as someone could grab it or something, he thought that the fail safe was good enough that it wouldn't cause him too much trouble, and besides that, it was incredibly cool looking. However, he wasn't in his battle dress today, as he was parading the town as a scientist, his white lab coat and slacks completely giving it away, however he was wearing his very expensive dress shoes, because he liked the way they shined. As he was walking, he was staring down at the shine on his shoes, looking at the reflection and was studying people, and saw all the pants he could ever want to see. He didn't really care for people most of the time, however he enjoyed studying the special people in the world. It doesn't really mean he enjoys or is interested in them specifically, but more about the traits and nuances that made them special. So, it was as if he was interested in them, but they were more like machines and such to him, because he was interested as the individual parts rather than the whole. As he was walking looking at only his feet, he bunped into a fair amount of people, and was studying each one. Looking at their body language out of the corner of his eyes, making sure that he wouldn't incite anger in anyone. As he was alking, he finally reached his destination, which was an upper end shopping district. The streets were much more kept than those of the lower income areas, and the people there were dressed nicer, as if it was a huge deal to simply get up and go shopping. these were the vain people that needed to look their best at all times.

And then there was Grimshaw. His wild and seemingly untamed hair flowing slightly in the breeze, not bound by a large amount of styling products like the others, which seemed like they were wearing wigs made of stone. His hair, although looking unkempt, was in fact planned perfectly, although it didn't take much time. His almost sinister eyes and scientist outfit made people sort of migrate to one side of him, his almost sadistic grin making people think that he was going to snap. As he walk through the streets, he looked into all of the clothing stores, his face right up onto the glass, looking at the nice fabric and such, but he needed a specific color, and maybe some sort of jewels to go with it, that he could sew into the cape to make it stand out in places, and draw the eye away from what Grimshaw himself was doing. This was all going to be on Shield's dime of course, as he had the infamous black credit card that seemingly had no limit. Ahh, even though Grimshaw was wealthy, he decided that the shadowy government agency that was attempting to strip people of their privacy deserved to buy his clothing for him. Grimshaw was in a bit of awe, however, at the prices of some of the clothing and thread that were in the stores. As he looked on, the clothing seemed to be normal, but steadily increased in price as he walked down the slightly crowded streets. The rich old men and their much younger arm candy parading the streets, the women were taking advantage of perversion, while the men with deep pockets couldn't be happier. It was a flawed system, and now Grimshaw knew why a lot of the super beings, being raised in poverty, could think that humans were bad and held contempt for them.
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PostSubject: Re: Can He Walk the Walk? [Yuuka]   Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:57 am

The midwinter cold washed over the bustling crowds out on their Saturday shopping sprees, covering them in biting breeze that signalled the arrival of a storm. Whether they were shopping out of impulse or merely scouring the shopfront displays for any deals worth paying attention to and there was quite a lot of happening down at the shopping complex. Consumerism and greed were at an all time high, humanity had typically spiraled into a spending spree once the international dollar had substantially increased in their was not an uncommon thing for the average American to spend more than what was needed. 24 carat gold toe rings, Gucci dog coats and the ridiculous Ab circle Pro were but a few examples of the embarrassing items on display that day. Although this excessive spending was rarely indulged by everyone, more often than not just the filthy rich 24 carat toe ring wearing crowd or the pitiful boyfriends trying to impress their girlfriends.

Arihyoshi Yuuka, the sassy acrobatic cat burglar was just another face in the crowd. Although if anyone were properly paying attention they would have noticed the girl's startling good looks and pristine dress she was just a very attractive teenager, not a professional acrobat, not a cat burgler nor a potential threat to that very shopping complex...but she was. Slipping through the bustling shoppers with unnatural grace and subtlety Yuuka had managed to snatch an iPhone, a wallet and rather pleasant emerald bracelet. She was swift in her theivery and if there was the chance that she was caught her uncanny skill of sweet-talking her way out of trouble always came in handy.

The girl was glancing into a shopfront window, admiring a pair of Prada heels that were just the right fit for her small slender feet. Of course she had marked the store as a possible place she would 'pop into' that night but there was always the very likely chance there were other pretty things currently on sale. Quickly gazing to her left the girl was met with the perverted gaze of a middle aged man, obviously wealthy from his choice of clothing but not nearly as impressive as the other cradle snatching millionaires on the stroll today, not a chance.. the girl thought to herself. Yuuka merely flashed him a wry grin and proceeded to fix her midnight emerald fringe in the reflection of the window, not caring whether the man continued to stare or not...that was when something caught her eye.

The reflection of the other side of the street showed a particularly awkwardly dressed young man shuffling his way through the bustling crowd. His behaviour was strange and yet it was his ridiculous outfit that caught her eyes. Unlike the pristine navy blue jacket, white scarf and waxy black leather leggings adorning her figure the strange boy looked exactly like someone attempting to look like an evil scientist, messy hair and all. His basic awkwardness was what prompted her to continue observing the big through the shopfront was like he was in a world of his own, distracted by his relatively passable footwear. Distraction meant easy targets..and Yuuka knew that this particular person was going to be a very fun target.

Swivelling on her heel with a flick of her glossy hair the girl proceeded to glide through the bustling crowds, staying several meters behind the awkward fellow. Sunglasses adorned her face and she easily flowed with the crowd without losing track of the strange bobbing head of his. When he came to a stop at a nearby store (Versace to be exact) she slowed down to observe him...apparently he had a good taste in clothing even though he looked like an evil scientist from some stupid comic.

The girl made a clicking noise with her tongue, biting her blood red lips before striding over to the Steven Hawkings fanboy. "Oh wow..look at that coat.." she cooed in a slightly exaggerated voice, making sure the boy caught sight of her body bending over just a bit as she inspected the dazzling clothing item in the store front display. Flicking her her head to him, she slinked back upwards giving him a grin as she did so. "I see you also like your Versace...buying something for your girlfriend?" she chimed, putting on an innocent pout as she gazed at him with her dazzling green eyes.

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Can He Walk the Walk? [Yuuka]
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