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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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The Flash Museum

    The Flash Museum is located in San Francisco and contains memorabilia in honor of those who have held the name Flash. The museum features various exhibits on the Flash Family, including their battles and their gallery of foes. In addition to the exhibits, the Flash Museum houses a vast storage of various artifacts and weaponry that the Flashes have encountered. Some of these weapons are actually part of public exhibits, and were occasionally used during a fight. Originally, the museum was founded to honor the achievements of Tara Strong, the first Flash. Now the museum welcomes any exhibits that regard the other members of the "Flash Family." When one first walks into the Flash Museum, there is a life like statue of Miss Flash that wears a replica of her original costume [with none of the added features]. When continuing further into the Museum, one can see various paintings, statues, and showcases that mark a moment of Miss Flash's time serving California. The Flash museum is 2x the size of the white house with only one floor.

    The Exhibits:

    The Gallery of Fiends - This section of the museum has life like mannequins of various significant enemies Ms. Flash has fought in her time as a hero. Currently there are three main exhibits.

      Dark Flash - A being specifically created to keep Ms. Flash in check that has gone rouge and killed its creators.

      Revel - A red symbiotic fiend that attacked Flash during the charity race that was held.

      Emelie Romskaug - A young female that openly murdered a child and a number of police officers during a brawl on the Golden Gate Bridge.

    The Attractions - Behind the museum is a small carnival with various rides and games that refer to Ms. Flash's moments in San Francisco. The main attraction being "Race to the Finish" which is a small go cart ride through various tunnels and down a race track that resembles the pier Ms. Flash raced the Formula 1 car down. There are chances to win stand ups, dolls, licensed candy, and various other items that follow the Flash Family theme.

    The Flash Hall - The Flash Hall is a long corridor of podiums. At the moment, there are only three statues that are in this corridor that stand on the stone podiums. These figures are of course, Ms. Flash - Tara Strong, Accel aka Kid Flash - Blake Strong, and Flash Prime - Kana. The remaining podiums are for any others who join the Flash Family name in the future. There are more than twenty podiums in this room.

    The Vault - The one area the public does not know about, nor have access too. The vault was built by a dying man Tara had saved during the charity incident. He was the original creator of the museum to thank his hero with his dying breath. The vault is an underground section of the base, that stretches more than 80 meters below the surface. In this vault, there are rooms, supplies, and computers for those who occupy it. Also in this vault is an extra room that is used to store the most important artifacts, such as souvenirs from missions that are too important to put up on the main level. This room is currently hidden behind a main computer. (Plan on purchasing a vault door in the future soon). To get to this underground vault, one needs to find the secret entrance beneath the second to the last podium in The Flash Hall. Once this podium is pushed back with more than 2000lbs of force it will move and reveal a stairway that leads down into the vault.

    The Souvenir room has a carpet with the Flash symbol and various stands and shelves people can put artifacts. As stated before, it is hidden behind a large basic computer. The computer can be moved if enough force is generated into its side to literally push it from blocking the doorway. [1000lbs]
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