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 A black beetle

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PostSubject: A black beetle   Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:22 pm

Ahh. Such a beautiful day. Keith and Blake decided to play some football today as they had a big game coming up against some other schools in the league they were in. Reigning Division II champions of football aka futbol what Americans know as soccer. But they were both on the Americanalized football team aslo but that season so happened to be on hold for about 3 or more weeks indefinitely. "Uptop Blake!" said Keitha who headbutted the ball to Blake who would swiftly do a few foot movements as he kicked the ball back to Keith whom kicked it back at full strength. Blake smiled as he chased the ball down to where it wouldn't hurt for Blake to kick it back but by the time he reached it he found himself splashing in mud and touching the ball with his hands. Blake just put his head down as Keith spoke "Dude, You alright?" Blake continued to walk passed Keith heading back to his dorm "Yea, I'll be back later bro.". Blake had a look of anger on his face as he passed the cheerleaders who all screamed out in unison "H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y B-L-A-K-E" is what they'd say as they did a weird little dance number which didn't do anything for Blake. He went back to his room where he took his shirt off and then his pants grabbing his towel and toothbrush where he'd walk to the bathroom and turn the hotwater on. These giant bathrooms in college which were unisex made Blake kinda happy but still he was angry. He grew attached to the Macreedys and they forgot his birthday. This didn't sit to well with Blake. Now in the shwoer he'd watch the mud drip off his chest as he reflected on his old life.

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PostSubject: Re: A black beetle   Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:29 pm

Of course the Macreedy's didn't know his birthday. It's not like he told them straight up. They only recently learned he was related to Tara, but there were still thoughts that he was some form of clone. There were plenty of reasons why they thought this, from her mother dying when giving birth to her, and her father dying soon after aswell. He'd have to be some form of test tube baby. Luckily for him, Miss Flash, also known as Tara, was on her way to the school regardless. However, it was for another reason. Dashing into the school through the front door, and moving through the hallways as an invisible blur leaving only a gust in her wake, Tara would make it to his room. Vibrating through the door, she'd step through into his room and look around. She didn't have time to linger around for the big opening ceremony of a certain building. Placing a box in the center of the room, with a small letter attached to the top, the costumed woman would dash back towards the door, opening it, and running out the school the way she had came. Within the brown box would be a pair of goggles and the letter would read.

    Dear Slowpoke,

      We need you back in San Francisco for a very big day. Probably one of the most awesome days in the history of days. Wear your costume, and don't forget it. Also, I left you a pair of goggles in there aswell. They're nothing much but I practically got them for free. I already have a pair so no need to keep them around myself. Get there as fast as you can, even if you need to miss classes. This is VERY important.

      PS: Go by taco bell. Bring me five hard tacos. This is a life or death situation.


Goggles Given:
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PostSubject: Re: A black beetle   Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:20 pm

As Blake came out the shower he started rubbing his head as he reached for the towel "I feel so modded." before walking out of the bathroom right to his room where he found the door open. "This is odd.." said Blake who noticed a brown box on the middle of his floor and assumed it was a prank from his teammates until he noticed a note and the sender called him slowpoke. "Yep.. This is from Tara or May. Or maybe May touched Tara. Either way this was a letter from home." The letter read out how Blake was needed back in California for a big day which so got him stoked thinking it was about his birthday but NO!. It wasn't but he didn't know that. Yet. It said wear his costume and that she left him a pair of goggles to wear which she got practically free. And then a PS stamping said she wanted some damn tacos. Blake facepalmed as he grabbed his ring after putting his boxers on clicking it zooming around putting his clothing on as fast as possible before dashing out of the room and then the building heading into the direction of California.


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PostSubject: Re: A black beetle   

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A black beetle
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