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 World is Free [Training]

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PostSubject: World is Free [Training]   Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:15 pm

Crack! Whap! Slam! The woman in the red vest, known as Jessica Sterling, was kicking the side of what appeared to be a punching bag. Each kick became more and more fierce, as beads of sweat trickled down her forehead. After landing two more kicks to its side, she'd begin to unleash a furry of quick time blows like a seasoned boxer. Right hook. Left jab. Left hook. Right jab. Left uppercut. Her arms were moving faster than they ever had before, and for the finishing touch she'd flip her body around to send a dragon kick directly into the center of the bag to send it flying back into the wall. "..Hum." Was the woman's only words to the situation, as she walked to the next punching bag in the room. One would now notice there were a number of busted bags littering the floor. One again the woman started up for her next routine of kicks and blows. Something had been on her mind recently. There had been recent gaps in the time she woke up, to the time she went back to bed in the night. Almost as if she'd black out during the day but continue to operate somehow. These thoughts lead her to worry quite abit. Who wouldn't, after all? Jessica Sterling wasn't the type to show such distress through emotional pathways such as facial expressions, but she did show when she was upset when it came to actual actions. This complete physical beat down to the punching bags of the training room showed testament to this. As she destroyed the next one, the loud speakers of the training room would soon be directed towards her. "Ms. Sterling, can we see you in the conference room?" The voice belonged to one of the higher ups of the organization. The black haired woman would walk towards the exit, grabbing a rag, and tapping it on her forehead to remove beads of sweat. Making herself out of the training room and up towards the conference room, Jessica made sure to keep to herself. Why? Well because something in the far corners of her mind said not to get personal with anyone or anything. Entering the conference room, Jessica Sterling would keep her hands crossed upon her chest, looking at the older man staring at what appeared to be a folder. "Legend tells us one thing; history another. But every now and then we find something that regards both accounts." The man would slide the folder towards Jessica, and she'd press a finger down to stop it from sliding off the clean metal table. The pictures seemed to be of some type of emerald, or stone. She had recently heard about this on the news. Apparently it warranted enough attention from SHIELD, especially since the last mystical items that showed itself had enough power to cause the world to be destroyed. SHIELD wasn't taking any chances with this one. "Interesting. So what does this have to do with my, exactly?" The man gave her a stern look, but she didn't falter in her resolve. "We're assigning you to keep this power out of the wrong hands. I don't believe I need to remind you of what happened before with the spheres. It's our job to keep people calm, even if we have to plunge our hands in the filth to keep others clean. You'll soon learn SHIELD calls for this." Jessica picked the files up from the table and began to shift through the documentation. The information was very varied, and some even more inconsistent than the next. Perhaps this was what the man meant by legends and history combining into one. "Alright, I'm interested. Anything else I should know?" The older man lifted an eyebrow towards the woman. "Funny you would ask such a thing." Pressing a button, the center of the table would open and reveal a board and two boots. "These are yours now. They're prototypes to our final product, but essential for your coming mission." Jessica Sterling wouldn't break indifference, as she looked at the two items infront of her. Did this man expect her to go snowboarding anytime soon? "And what are these pretty toys? Trying to flatter a girl huh? These will need to be much bigger to tickle my fancy." She pinched her chin between her thumb and index finger, as her eyes examined the tech infront of her. The older man would reach into his suit and remove another parchment. This being an envelope. Tossing the envelope to the woman, she'd catch it in her hand with precision. "All the details on this new technology is right there. You've got plenty of homework, so don't waste anymore time, Ms. Sterling. You're dismissed." The man crossed his arms behind his back and looked out towards a screen on the wall. The woman in the red vest would grab the supplies and documents before reluctantly heading out the door. There was one thing she despised and that was homework. However, there was something deep within her skull that had another hatred. That hatred being orders. Luckily for Jessica Sterling, she was the one in control, not the clown. Well, the one in control for now. Unbeknownst to the female, she was nothing but a fabricated illusion created by Larah. Those gaps in her memories were because they weren't fabricated in yet. Infact, every time she tried to think back on exactly when she joined SHIELD in becomes very blank.

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World is Free [Training]
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