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 Pew Pew Beams [Self Training]

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PostSubject: Pew Pew Beams [Self Training]   Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:05 am

Lance flew slowly, miles above the jungle of buildings and busy streets below. Even from here he could hear the faint sound of car horns honking from all the road rage prone citizens below. In his hand he held a common smart phone, navigating himself to where he wanted to go. He maneuvered till he was right above his destination, a comic book store that was quite popular. Lance himself had never been, but the customer reviews had spoken, and everything you hear on the Internet is true, or so they say.

As he levitated down, he could see pedestrians looking up and pointing. It was pretty exciting. To them, that is. Lance was so used to flying that it was as natural as walking. It always felt awkward to land in public places. And this public place was superhero obsession central. It could've been worse. He was glad he choose not to wear his 'Ghost' getup, else the hype of him, a super-powered vigilante visiting a small comic shop would give him attention he didn't need. That's why he wore nothing more than black sneakers, jeans, a black hoodie with a green shirt beneath. Shades were a must, since flying was hard on the eyes with all the bugs, dust, and wind resistance.

He landed on the sidewalk, but before he managed to set a foot on it, the onlookers had formulated a circle around the area he was bound to touch down. "Oh my god! Who is that!??! - It's probably just some mutant! - No! That's Super boy! - Mutant scum! Get outta New York!! - Sign my shirt! - Sign my comic! Please!" Those were among some of the many things he heard as he made the short distance to the door of the shop. He paid them no mind and casually proceeded on, ignoring them without saying a word. After he entered, Lance twisted the lock on the door behind him. He didn't need a cluster of violent and noisy stalkers disturbing him.

He looked over to the check-out counter, where the clerk that ran the register sat in a chair leaning back while he read a comic book. The guy broke away from his comic just for a second to shoot him a glance. It was like the clerk was used to seeing his kind in places like this. The super-powered kind. Lance remembered seeing some comments on the review page about so many other heroes by name visiting this place. He didn't bother memorizing anything further than that. His interest in that kind of information varied.

Without any more delays, Lance went into one of the many isles of comics, taking his pick of some good ones. A big variety. He was never a fan of comics in the past, but he thought maybe he could get some ideas for expanding his powers from this creative output factory of fiction.

He brought them over to the check out desk and tossed them down. Ten random comics, that came up to 26.23. "Expensive.." Lance said, staring at the price projected on the register monitor. "Before more people with powers like you came along, they were even more expensive, but now that they're popular that's as good as the prices have been. Paper or plastic?" The clerk responded. He was surprised how uninterested the man was in a mutant with powers being right in front of him. It was like he found the comic better than the real thing. Lance shrugged his shoulders and paid the man, which tacked him with a plastic bag labeled 'Stan's Comics'.

Without delay, Lance flew off, using his intangibility to pass right through the ceiling to avoid giving the crowds any more power eye candy. He disappeared into the skies and eventually landed on top of a random sky scraper to settle down and read. The first one was about a mutant with the power to shoot energy blasts from his hands. It seemed possible for him to do, what with his powers being surrounded by manipulating the unseen energy that a whole dimension overlapping their own was made from. Energy blasts were like the simplest technique out there; First you gathered the energy and then you tossed it.

He stood on the edge and prepared himself. He could feel all the excess energy in his body, and see it too with his astral sight. His body was constantly absorbing the ectoplasm, so he had no need to ever charge energy up from the outside in bulk for something so simple. He put his fingers into a gun shape and held it out pointed at the horizon. With a lot of concentration, he managed to create sparks at the tips of his fingers that started to shape into a ball. It was a process harder than it looked. First it was too dense and wouldn't go anywhere, then it was too fluid and wouldn't direct to where he wanted it to go. Hours passed, and eventually Lance managed to unleash a good beam of energy.

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Pew Pew Beams [Self Training]
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