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 In the heart of Tianlong [Training]

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PostSubject: In the heart of Tianlong [Training]   Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:31 pm

The woman, dressed in an full black outfit that resembled the rest of the Assassins, would stand at the entrance of the main cave that would lead into the stronghold. Unlike usually, she wore no make up and had her raven locks down to her shoulders. Little did people know, Larah had multiple personalities going through her head. The Jesteria personality was subdued and replaced with the original Larah Sa'l Ghar before her mental breakdown. Though, this personality. This deranged clown could never be completely subdued. No, its impulses and maniacal ways were always there. Like the devil on Larah's shoulder, it tried to sway her judgment on more than one occasion. Even as she stood there, she was prone to talk to herself. "Come on, Black. Let me do something! Let me let me let me! This isn't fair! You let me have all the fun when we were kicked out, now let me have the same fun back in!" Larah spoke out loud, even though the voice didn't seem like her own. "You're a child I let out of her cage. At first just a coping personality, I see you've slowly became much more than that. It's surely my fault things went this far, but you're needed even if I wish to deny that fact. I'll let you out later, but for now let me handle this current situation. It needs a more delicate touch. Something you've lost long ago." Once again, Larah was speaking to herself, but this time with a more calm voice than before. A maniacal smile formed on the woman's lips from behind her face covering, as a deranged laugh filled the cave. Within that second, two Assassins appeared at the entrance with what appeared to be some materials for a dig. With them came two other people. Though these two weren't assassins, they were clowns aswell. Apparently they were still loyal to the Clown Queen of Crime, even after all this. "Boss you alright?" The goon looked confused, as Larah narrowed her eyes towards him. She had no idea who he was, but was sure her Jesteria side knew. In response, she'd simply nod her head. "I'm fine. Let's just get this over with. I've got work to do back in the states soon." She spoke with a confident tone, as the group would take a sharp turn and head towards an empty corridor of dancing flames. As the group headed deeper and deeper into the corridor, a loud ringing noise would make itself very present. Her vision would begin to blur, as she staggered through the corridor. Only muffled sounds would be heard until a tap on her shoulder would reveal two headphones for her to wear. Grabbing these, she'd place them over her ears to remedy the intense pain of the noise. Turning back towards the group, Larah would look with a raised brow and confused expression. "What's that high pitched noise in here? I felt like my brain was going to turn into jello." One of the Assassins would look towards her and take the lead. "It's a new material we found recently. A raw ore in this mountain base that gives off high frequency properties. It makes for the perfect weapon to be created for piercing power. But not only this, but it affects the minds of the enemy aswell. Not many know how to deal with such sounds, and when they finally learn, it is abit too late." The Assassin held a pick axe in his hand, as he came to the wall and began to start hammering away at the silver lights that shone through the darkness. Larah simply watched this, as the others did the same. Was this material really that incredible? Suddenly the woman would have a sharp pain in her head like a migraine, and would grasp her temple as she narrowed her eyes. "Oh cool cool! Get some Get some! That stuff looks dangerous! It would be a shame if it fell into the wrong hands and was used for ultimate destruction! Oh wait..No it wouldn't! HAHAHAHAAHAH!" Larah spoke allowed, in her Jesteria voice, and laugh manically through the corridor like a mad woman. It caused her two clown goons to look at her with rather large smiles. Apparently they enjoyed seeing that their boss was still in that stern woman who called herself Larah. The boss was just laying low, hiding behind a false personality. This false personality was actually the original personality that created the Jesteria persona. A personality that was forced into a corner and driven mad over years of abused and brainwash. Some could say Jesteria even saved Larah. Saved Larah from herself.

The Assassins and the clowns continued to mine the materials from the walls, and place them in what seemed like modified mine carts. This metal seemed rare and powerful. More rare than powerful. She had never heard of it till this day. Was it always hidden in the mountains of the Assassin stronghold? Back when she was training, she had never even been to this part of the mountain. Infact, it was never that large to begin with. The Order had grown over time, and that was a severe understatement. Larah knew she had the potential to organize these Assassins with her knowledge and way with words. She could revolutionize how they encountered situations and put the Order back on top. Assassinating a head official of the world would surely put them back in the sights of many. Well, not exactly. But leaving the signature black rose on a corpse would surely get people whispering in the dark. Did they really need that much attention? No, that was the last thing they needed. The world knowing they existed. Larah would give a silent nod to herself, as the Assassins would begin to haul the large mine cart back up the corridor that was filled with the frequency materials. Following behind them, the young woman would keep her arms crossed upon her chest. As they made it back to the main area, her attention would shift to a woman dressed in green. In her hand was a sheathed blade. Closing the distance between herself and Larah, the woman and grin would extend her arms to hand Larah the blade. "What is this?" A simple question with a simple answer. "Your greatest weapon." Larah's eyes would widen slightly at these words. Taking the sheathed blade in hand, she'd examine it before slowing pulling the blade from its resting place. As it came into the candle light, it would begin to resonate a high frequency that caused her ears to ring. However, her eyes couldn't help but focus on its beauty. Its magnificence. "I see. This is a remarkable weapon. Is this just a prototype of a final product? It looks and feels like it..But at the same time, it feels as though its ready for combat at its current stage." The woman took a few swings with the blade before doing a three sixty and cutting clean through a candle on the wall. It was a clean cut, and it didn't even appear as though the candle was cut until it slowly fell off the stem. Larah looked at the blade with a blank expression, but slowly a smile came across her face. "I guess I don't need my chainsaw anymore when I have this baby with me. I'll keep it here for safe keeping until I may need it again." The Assassin spun the blade on the palm of her hand before sheathing it. Removing the chainsaw from her back, she'd hand it to the woman and the woman would take it. "I'll place it with our other weapons until you come to claim it again. It's surprising. This is the first weapon you've ever entrusted to us." With a slight bow, the slightly older woman would leave Larah's presence, as the Assassin stood with her new weapon. This was going to change alot. The maniacal smile of the Jester even showcased this. Placing the blade on her back and making sure all was straight, the maniacal clown would head towards the exit of the cave. The assassins knew not to say a word to her when she had that smile on her face. That meant Larah was gone, and Jesteria had taken her place. Following close behind her were her clown goons who seemed to be celebrating to have their boss back for the time being.

1420 words training for Raw Materials and High Frequency Blade
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In the heart of Tianlong [Training]
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