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 Miss Flash beefed up ability training

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PostSubject: Miss Flash beefed up ability training   Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:08 am

A rank experiments get 25% reduction on words etc. So for an A rank move, it'd be 1125 words to train up to A rank. I am simply training these up to A rank. They are already approved

Name: Mobile Shield
Rank: C - S
Power: Mobile Shielding
When the user is in motion, she can create a golden shield around their body. This shield can either be visible or invisible, depending on the user's will. The energy shield itself can protect the user from outside damage and attacks that are its rank and below. Attacks that involve things such as brainwaves, special case soundwaves, etc, can bypass the shield with no problem as it attacks the brainwaves, not giving the body itself damage. The user can focus to remove the shield at any time.

Name: Infinite Mass Strike
Rank: A+
Power: Super Speed
By traveling at great speeds, the user can acquire the relativistic mass of such speed to land blows which can hit with tremendous force. Depending on the max speed the user is running will determine just how strong this attack will become. When dealing with obstacles, the user can use this ability to rip through brick [steel at atleast B rank] and other forms of durable matter. -2270

Name: Power Transferral
Rank: A
Power: Speed Conduit
If Tara makes physical contact with another speedster, she can temporarily take one of their abilities and add it to her own. She can only hold C - 1 Ability. B - 2 Abilities. A - 3 Abilities. S - 4 Abilities at a time. When these abilities are stolen, the other speedster can not use them temporarily. Ms. Flash will hold onto them for 4 posts before losing the power and allowing the speedster to regain their lost power. This ability can not be stacked. -1300
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PostSubject: Re: Miss Flash beefed up ability training   Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:36 am

the trainings look good doi approve trainings ??? hmm either way approved
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Miss Flash beefed up ability training
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